You know what beats the shit out of some vegemite and butter whacked onto a piece of white bread for lunch and eaten in 3.4 seconds? THIS.

I took some good sourdough, toasted it. You know, like in a toaster.
I cut up some mushrooms and threw then into a hot pan with a shitload of butter and fried them.
I added in some salt and pepper.
Then I chucked in a big tablespoon of pesto that I made yesterday into that hot pan.
I stirred that through, and took it off the heat.
I got some ricotta and spread on a BIG FAT DOLLOP on each piece of toast.
I artistically placed a few bits of rocket. Not really, I shoved them on. I was hungry.
I poured those mushies over the back of that ricotta toast.
I cracked on lots of pepper.
I went and ate it in the sun.
And it was good. Really good. Make it.

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What did you have for lunch today?


  1. Jen Clark says


  2. michelle says

    Twisties. I know so bad but yet so good!

  3. This is a little Thug Kitchen-esq. I like!
    I had grilled fish and salad. My current MO.

  4. crazyspeedylove says

    Left over grilled lemon pepper chicken with NOTHING! No salad. No sauce. No anything healthy – just plain old chicken heated on a plate (with a huge amount of “recipe for death” amount of salt.) Bit barbaric really! x

  5. Christine says

    Toasted Cibatta with vegemite!!! Not going to admit how many slices either!! C x

  6. Leftover roast lamb, cheddar, spinach and 2 types of condiments. It is all about the condiments.

  7. Caramel pop corn and sour cream pringles. Not. Good.

  8. carohutchison says

    I actually made an effort today for the first time in ages and made Shashuska (no idea if that’s the right spelling). You know, the harissa/tomatoey goodness with a couple of eggs baked in? Was delicious and filled me up way better than the piece of toast I was planning to have.

  9. Reannon Hope says

    I am OBSESSED with garlic butter mushrooms on toast right now! Can’t get enough of them! Except today when I had no mushrooms – THE HORROR- so I had dumplings I made last week & had chucked in the freezer. They were good too 🙂

  10. MotherDownUnder says

    The days that I am home my lunch is always some combination of toasted sourdough, avocado, marinated feta, tomato and rocket or basil.
    So easy and SO good.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I discovered last weekend that fetta and smashed avocado is the work of HEAVEN. Embracing, completely.

  11. Umm … today for lunch I opened a tin of baked beans. Then I ate them straight from the tin in order to save on washing up. I feel very ashamed.

  12. Arrjaydub says

    make it for me? I’m cold and don’t have a mummy.

  13. Lisa Mckenzie says

    It looks great Beth,I hope you enjoyed it sitting in the sun x


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