Long weekends filled with kids & sunshine & School holidays

We have escaped the Highlands this long weekend for the final (PROMISE, I really mean it this time) bit of my birthday with my sister from Melbourne and Brother in Sydney and their kids. The sun has been shining and we have been happy to have a few days in each other’s company again. It’s pretty rare for us all to be together…we were all together at Christmas but this time we even managed to get in some time with my Dad and Step Mum who live up here too.

There’s been time at the beach and time to sit and hang out and chat. The cousins fall naturally back into their time together, picking up where they left off last time. For us and the Melbourne cousins, this was just last school holidays.

There’s been potentially a little too much fun with my siblings…last night we gave it a bit of a nudge as we worked our way through a nineties play list reliving our teenage and early adult years. Lucky there were some medicinal potato scallops close by.

This has been one hell of a long birthday celebration for me…longer it seems than a festival in fact. Everyone (mostly me) is relieved that its over and done with. Finishing with all my family together, which for me is my favourite thing of al time.

Here’s us, the original 6 of us. All grown up.

And here’s the lot of us. All 22 together at the same time in a very long time.

For me, family is where its at. The love, the learnings, the connections we make are the very most important and precious to me. I feel very lucky indeed.

How has your long weekend been?
Medicinal fried food required at any stage too?


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend.
    I saw the pic of the bottle and immediately thought – have you tried the new orange spritzer Prosecco? Heaven in a bottle and perfect for those upcoming summer afternoons.

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