Quick catch up

Oh HI! Talk about crazy times over here. I am busier than a blue-arsed fly here at the moment and I have a spare 7 minutes so thought I’d drop in for a quick catch up. Sheesh.

You see it’s Rob’s 40th next week and we are hosting a party here for him on Saturday (lunch, 70 odd people) and I am pretty much away all next week for work (Tues-Thurs night) so I am pretty much running, as in running, whenever Maggie is asleep trying to maximise the time to get all my chores done. There are lists, master lists, lists on phone and bits of paper and Rob and I keep having to have staff meetings to check in where we are. He’s away now for work for a few days so it’s solo parenting, planning and work somewhere. Can you tell I’m manic? I’M MANIC. Nothing like an event and deadline as well as life to get the blood pumping is there?

So apologies for my lack of attention over here in the next week or so, I’ll do my best!

Friday morning we woke up and our TV blew up. Well, nothing as dramatic as a full on explosion, but it stopped working. Broken back lights and sound and something else. Then the ride on mower died late Friday arvo (broken blades) then I thought I best check out if Mercury was in retrograde and you know what?! IT IS. Until 22nd May. So help me god.


If you don’t believe me, read this article. I dead set find it tricky EVERY TIME. It’s also expensive.

How good has all the media been from Kensington palace of late?! First George in his ROBE WITH MATCHING GINGHAM TRIM WORKING BACK TO HIS GINGHAM PYJAMAS. Then Old Liz’s birthday. Then this.



Then this!


A year! Already! Since that blow dry and those nude pumps and pantihose! Too much Windsors…just too much goodness. I thank you. Charlotte has superior locks like her Mother does she not?

Speaking of cute and hair, Mags’ hair is coming along nicely.


Photo taken by Beth in her Southern Highlands home in May 2016.

We are currently in PICK ME UP PHASE or if you sit, CRAWL ALL OVER YOU PHASE. If I happen to dare leave her side, it’s trouble. It’s adorable and suffocating and very unproductive but also ADORABLE. This baby is fast growing so if she wants to crawl all over me, that’s fine by me. Better then rolling her eyes at me like some other, ahem, ladies in this house.


We escaped on the weekend up to Sydney for some real life adult socialising. Frank went to the kennel for the night (he loves it there).


We went to Sydney to stay at my brother and sister in laws new house which is SWEET AS.


We got dressed up, put the baby to bed and trotted off to a birthday party and left Maggie for the first time EVER. I mean really, the kid is almost 1 and has never been left. Such is life without family close by (so different from the other two kids).



I knew there was trouble on the home front when I kept sending text messages to see how things were going back home and there was no answer. I think I had a lovely time for about 2 hours, then started to wonder, then worry then panic. And when we got home and I saw that she had indeed been hysterical for them for a few hours, well, I was happy that we got those 2 hours. Mags passed out, as did my brother who had had to hold her on the couch while she dozed in and out of hysteria and I wasn’t long behind. Not the best result, but by no means a disaster. I’ll take those 2 hours thank you VERY much!

So that’s about that, 7 minutes is well and truly up. Time to hit the car and town with my master list in tow before hitting the garden again when Mags is down for her arvo sleep. Then school pick up, and hockey and home work and more hockey and dance tomorrow. You know that saying if you want something done, ask a busy person? That is SO true. When I am like this, there’s NOTHING I can’t have a crack at.

Except perhaps regularly blogging.

How are YOU?
What’s going on?!


  1. Lol your blogging today made me read it manically too haha!!! I hear ya…manic after the school holidays – on total catchup!!

  2. Whoa, you are one busy lady! And the Mercury in retrograde thing? Eep.

  3. merilyn says

    go beth! you always do it well!
    you must have your mojo back hun!
    adorable mags! her hair will be gorgeous!
    you all have thick hair!
    no over doing it! hope you have a little rest too! …
    no one will notice if it’s not all perfect hun! … love m:)X

  4. Maggie is growing up way to fast Beth, she is such a character. Good luck getting ready for the party. We all know you will put on a cracker xx

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Just keep on top of that list Beth ,don’t worry about blogging we can wait Xx

  6. I’m 40 next week too! Happy birthday to Rob! You got this Beth. I could sense the coffee buzz in this one…. Love coffee! Made me laugh.

    • And to you Regan! What do you have planned? x

      • Thank you! A festival of events seems fitting! No party …. just multiple excuses for drinks and food and cake ! Kicking off with my closest girlfriends and their hubbies on Friday night, my first fun run on Sunday, 2 days off child free next week to eat, drink and shop, a family do in a few weeks and a holiday a little later in the year! … So far 🙂

  7. What are you doing writing to us when you’re so freaking busy?? This is going to sound weird, but you were in my dream last night! I think it was because I saw your buddy Eden across the way at the library yesterday (my daughter’s name is Eden, not related at all though). Anyways, I had slept over at your house and we baked muffins. Maggie was baby size but actually 17. It was all very strange. Putting the strangeness down to waking up God knows how many times thanks to my little dude.
    Hope solo parenting is going okay.

  8. Classic Beth! You always put a smile on my dial 🙂 !! XO

  9. Superwoman alert… I bet you still manage to punch out a blog post every day you amazing lady. Just a lunch for 70 – no biggie. I always love to read about your lunches and see the gorgeous photos. It will be such fun and of course perfect! Good luck with the preps.

    • Ha! Not quite no biggie this one is FREAKING me out. It’s going to be a great day – catching up with lots of old friends many we haven’t seen since our wedding or moving down here. Can’t wait!

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