It’s Christmas time in the city

Yesterday afternoon I hot footed it up the highway to head into the city for the night. I had an extra spring in my step: I was seeing my Brother who lives in Melbourne who I hadn’t seen in months, and of course my little sis who I hasn’t seen since, oh, Sunday. But the real thing that had me excited, besides the family time, besides the sleeping in a fancy hotel room, was seeing Christmas Vacation, the original family favourite of ours from 1989 on the big screen (well little screen) at the Golden Age Cinema in Surry Hills. This is the old screening room in Paramount House – a taste of time gone by in the most fabulous late Art Deco building just down near the Hollywood Hotel and opposite Longrain.

We caught up for a quick bite before hand – Prosecco and pizza anyone? Then a pre movie cocktail: The Chevy Chaser (beer with a Christmassy and on fire shot!) then afterwards caught up with some other friends for dinner at Porteno for some slow cooked meat goodness. I had the BEST time…hoping to make this an annual tradition – a family Christmas party if you will. Now I have to take some more Panadol because I have to say that the silly season saw me being well and truly silly. If you can’t do it with family, then who can you do it with?

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Do you love Christmas Vacation too?
Have you been to this fabulous little cinema in Sydney? Worth a visit!


  1. Ready to back up again Pooks? x

  2. GourmetGirlfriend says

    OMG those wedges!

  3. Blah – this post makes me miss my family (my brother and sister in particular) and our Christmas traditions! We are doing Christmas Day in Canberra this year with my husband’s family (but I can’t wait for Christmas Day with my siblings next year in Sydney).

  4. Love that movie. I try to get my hubby to put Christmas lights all over the silos, in a similar manner to Clarke Griswald, but so far no luck.

  5. Julijana Griffiths says

    Know Porteno well! Best meat on the planet and I don’t mean the staff!

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love this post ,I love the city at Christmas time and yes I do like Christmas Vacation,your pics are lovely i love catching up with my Sis too xx

  7. Love it all! great post 🙂 As for the movie, so many great one liners! Hard to choose a fave but I’ll go with poor Clarke’s desperate tantrum- “We’re gonna have the Hap Hap Happiest Christmas, since Bing Crosby danced with Danny f***ing Kaye!!” PS i have an in-law who is just like cousin Eddy, cracks me up every time i see this movie. Cheers! Liz x

  8. shoppegirls says

    Wow! Looks like you all had a fabulous time. Thank you for letting us now about the special cinema. Great movie and how special to go and see it agin in a cinema.


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