Harper turned 8!

Harper Lucy Macdonald has turned 8 years old. It’s true.

She woke on Friday morning, and just like that, she was a year older. I said to Rob “How can she be 8 already? Look how quick it has gone!” when he reminded me that it’s actually been a really long time, and we are actually just very tired. He might be right. But here she is, 8 years old.

We spent the morning piled into bed, giving presents, placating Maggie who was pretty sure that it was actually HER birthday and not sure why she wasn’t allowed to open the presents? That was fun!

Then it was a family breakfast at the cafe before school, and afterwards a catch up and drink at Miss Rabbit’s fancy new shed set up (coming soon to AirBnb)…how good does it look?!

And then dinner at the Bowlo…Birthday Girl’s request of course!

Yesterday she went zip lining with 3 of her friends before finishing off with the Duelin Piano concert that was at School of Arts that is the best! She really just had the very best time…bless her world.

This (not so) little person lights up any room she is in. She is smart beyond her years, a deep thinker with an even bigger heart, who will always think of everyone else before herself. She has driven us mad with sleep issues and stubbornness which is proving that that determination will serve her well in other areas of her life.

We talked about her 8th year of life and how far she has come. This time last year we were in a pretty bad place with her and her sleep. But she’s come through it. She’s won awards for writing and other areas of school. She’s won awards for dancing, has decided that she actually likes being a big sister and has really stepped up and bonded with Maggie. She has just grown so much in the past year.

Harper is a very special soul, I cannot wait to see the person she will become. I am SO proud of how far she has come in a year…there will be no stopping this kid, I just know it.

Happy Birthday sweet girl, how loved you are by everyone that knows you! x


  1. She is a precious soul indeed. Go Harps!

  2. happy birthday harper
    I love a sensitive determined soul!!! … because!
    anyhoo my sister’s birthday was the next day and dad turns 92 on Wednesday!
    enjoy … love m:)X

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