Grandma’s and good light

My Mum came down for a visit earlier in the week to catch up with us all before she heads overseas for a month (lucky thing is off to Croatia and Italy). We went for an afternoon walk, had a comforting dinner, sat by the fire and drank prosecco, went shopping and had coffee and cake together. It was a near perfect 24 hours. This time in 2 years we will all be heading off to Croatia with them (my sister in law’s family live over there and we have a huge 40th planned for my brother and brother in law with my entire family for a few weeks). Is it even possible to be excited about a trip years out from it?

You know what I love most about taking photos on manual now? They look exactly like they do with your eyes. That soft wintry light. The colours of the grass. The late afternoon. I’m so glad I took it off auto. Thanks Tim.

Last night I was up again for most of it with more fucking heartburn. I was only saying the day before how I hadn’t even had a niggle and felt amazing. I made the girls pizza last night and cheated using Bakers Delight bases. Old habits die hard and when I was clearing up I ate a leftover piece off Harper’s plate – one lousy, measly piece and hours later in was in agony from that doughy base – up until after 3am. I wish I had some self control! Time to get serious (really serious) this time and cut our bread completely. I love my bread so…it’s going to be tough.

We are waiting on a cold change about to hit here in a few hours. Rain and cold weather, and maybe even some snow forecast. Fire is on, kettle boiled, couch at the ready, I think it’s going to be a slow old day…


  1. Great photos. You will have to pass on some tips for me.

  2. Gorgeous. The time with your mum and the pics. That pic of Harper running across the grass and the one of Dais on the gate – GORG.

    That heartburn is a bastard. I’m trying to eradicate as much gluten as I can (apparently v.good to do so w/the dodgy dead thyroid) but just.can’ Maybe we need to mentor each other.

  3. Anonymous says

    Okay, so when did Daisy get such a big, grown up girl? How is that possible?
    Beautiful light and beautiful pictures…


    • Anonymous says

      Sorry, meant “become such a big, grown up girl”… Will I ever learn the false friends?


    • Oh I know. You don’t notice someone growing when you see them day in, day out but lately I look at her and think “Oh my word. She’s a big kid now.” Blows my mind.

  4. How are you going to to in New York NOT EATING BREAD!!! Pizza, pretzels, hotdogs etc… Oh dear lord Betty!

  5. Anonymous says

    Oh wow, my husband is Croatian and Croatia is a gorgeous place. I loved it!!! You will love it too!!! Hope your heart burn is feeling better this morning.
    Rebecca Simunic

  6. Those photos are just divine! You’ve got a talent Mrs Macdonald.
    And hell yes, Croatia in 2 years sounds amazing. You’ve always got to have something to look forward to.
    Stay warm. xx

  7. Love the halo of light on Harper in the second pic.

    And mate, so sorry for your bread loss! Sucks .. can you get all the gluten-free shit?


    PS Every time I light my fire I send out a silent “snap” to you.

  8. Oh gosh bread is the biggest weakness! I love ciabatta it always makes me bloated and I get hiccups for literally 20mins straight so painful how can something so perfect be such a devil haha! Love your pics what camera do you use? I’ve got a Nikon I wanna get a new lense but have no idea what’s good! Any hints 🙂

  9. Beautiful pics Beth. I love the one of your Mum’s hand on Daisy from behind. It reminds me so much of how my Mum is with my boys (your mum looks a bit like mine too). It’s such a special bond the grandparent-grandchild bond and you’ve captured it so well in these tender pics.
    All I can say about the bread thing is: good luck with that.

  10. These photos are delightful!
    I’m trying to cut out gluten too, have been living on zantac the past couple of weeks because it’s SO freaking hard.
    I’ve never been to Croatia, however I have heard it’s just beautiful.

  11. Mr FF wants to go to some golf thing in the US next year and I want to go too and am already excited. I luff a family o/s trip 11/10. Some people loathe them but it is my preferred mode of holiday.

    Your little girl’s cardy skirt and tights are just so cute. It makes me want a little girl and I feel like climbing up a rusty old fence Just Because I Can. Isn’t the joy children find in the mundane so precious?

    Don’t you worry about showing their faces though? I am Obsessed with Security because of my and Mr FF’s jobs. Just a thought.

    Cannot think stright because the Baden Clay bail hearing is on as I type.


  12. Such gorgeous photos! When I was pregnant and suffering constant, shocking heartburn, my doctor gave me prescription strength Zantac that you dissolve in water like an asprin, and take once a day, everyday.It worked a treat. You’ve probably heard every cure under the sun, but thought I’d add my 2 cents worth. x

  13. why does it always have to be the things we love most?

    Why can’t it be brussel sprouts or sauerkraut, I can avoid that shit in a heartbeat.

  14. Casey ann says

    I just purchased the Acid Reflux Solution by Jorge E Rodriguez after seeing him on ze telly. He makes it sound so simple really, no …
    -saturated fat
    -processed meat
    -deep fried anything
    -carbonated drinks
    and the biggest one is portion control!
    well duh. why is it just so hard to implememt. i was hopeing for a miracle cure. but seeing as NOTHING works for me, be it over the counter or prescription i really have to give it a go. I even bought a bloody big foam wedge to sleep on as he suggested. My husband is looking at me like WTF have i married, im 26, im embarrassed.

  15. Oh the heartburn.. it is indeed a killer! Drove me to near insanity! On some happy pills that are keeping it at bay til I get a delightful camera shoved down my gob.

    LOVE the photos, you inspired me to learn about those ‘other’ buttons!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend x

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  17. Dude, that patootie in the cardy is to. die. for. Her sweet little face, Harps hurts my ovaries.

  18. Oh and heartburn blows. Fellow sufferer over here, I find caffeine is my trigger, and chocolate…I’m okay with giving up chocolate but caffeine, well, just call me a glutton for punishment.

  19. I LOVE this scene lady. Your Mama and your gals and that incredible landscape, just stunning photography, you clever thing. The Nana/Grandma time is seriously the most heart-warming stuff.
    My Mama looked after the boys last night while we went to Lady Gaga and just listening to them interacting here as I was getting ready to leave, made me smile. We’re lucky ladies my friend.
    Oh and you should SO be excited about that impending holiday, enjoy every bit of the build up to it xo

  20. Oh i only got heart burn while pregnant (like many) & yes grandmothers-out-there it was ‘a boy’ finally. Horrible, really feel for you, although mine was only when i bent over (like hanging out washing, not adventurous sex.) Anyway, loving the shots, the Winter light is a hard one to capture.
    You can totally get excited about a trip & Croatia is beautiful, stunning water & everyone is so thin!! They are super friendly & helpful too. Did you watch “Missing” with Ashley Judd (on recently) as they did some shots around Europe with Croatia & Italy, true to form, the visitor spots like the Old City in Dubrovnik were perfection. Happy planning, so easy with the internet especially when you have to factor in children – so many hotels don’t like more than 1 or 2 children. Argh, love Posie
    PS i’m giving up bread for carb reasons, so i smell the children’s sandwiches, with gusto!!

  21. christine says

    Hi Beth
    If you want to try some gluten free bread this is the place I recommend , you can even have toast that tastes pretty normal !

  22. ok so on the bread issue, have you tried Brauer Allergy Relief? If you cut back, and take tabs and the nasal spray before and after you have bread, could it ease the deep burn? Helps Hubs, who has crohns disease when he has pizza.

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