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Today felt like the first normal home day I have had in weeks. And I guess it has been – with me getting sick and then recovering and then going away. The sun was shining. I had a long list of stuff to get done and I’m happy to report as the sun slips down over the trees in the yard that I got ALL of it done!

Wood chopping.

And some fresh jonquils on the dresser. Look at that afternoon light would you? And the mopped floors! And DUST FREE SURFACES. Soothing…

The last of my get well flowers on the kitchen bench.

A wee bunch of forget-me-nots in my favourite blue and white jug near the fruit bowl.

Those tulips are still going.

A few last ice berg roses for the season clinging onto dear life…pink and all.

Some of my hellebore’s popping their heads up for the winter!

My three (yes I’m greedy) Daphne bushes in bud, ready to flower in the next few weeks.

And a mountain of fresh, clean, crunchy washing in from the line ready to fold and put away.

Sometimes a normal, boring day is the very best kind of day of all.


  1. YAY for the fucken Daphne xo

  2. Anonymous says

    Yay boring days at home
    Fresh wash and a cuppa as a reward

  3. That’s my perfect day too! I especially love laundry hung outside! Now if only these sport teams would give mum’s a break over holidays re practice, I could then say it has been perfect school holidays! (have been even better if husband was not working overseas as well!) . Gorgeous garden too Beth!

  4. Dying for a day like this! So many chores are long overdue. There’s no place like home!

  5. Sounds like an awesome day Beth. So good for the soul to get that shit done.

  6. All feels right with the world again.

  7. I’ve been on a flower buying frenzy for our *new* cottage garden – i looove the look of helebores are they easy to grow? xsx

  8. What a lovely house you have…and the fresh cut flowers are beautiful.
    There is nothing better then sitting back with a cup of tea…or maybe something stronger at this hour…and enjoying just looking at your clean and tidy house.
    Glad you had a productive day!

  9. I have been so busy in England that this morning it is nice to catch up on washing and important reading (other than your blog) and take my time traveling into the city this afternoon.
    Glad you’re feeling better. Your house is beautiful

  10. You are a girl after my own heart. Right down to the jonquils. This is me tomorrow. To-do list being put together as we speak. I’m going to tick every little thing off it tomorrow!

  11. All looks totally lovely lady. The light, the flowers, those clean surfaces, ahhh!
    And a word of warning, don’t let those little forget-me-not’s go to seed, they’re a mongrel to get off everything, stick like glue they do… but such a pretty little flower xo

  12. Anonymous says

    Your home always looks so pretty and happy. Love Georgia

  13. Flickster says

    Ooh I cleaned the ceiling fans today – how satisfying washing that icky foul fabulous dust down the drain. Also just sent my big girl (8) down your way to stay with her cousins for a few nights. My first time letting her go longer than 2 nights…..big breath.

    Glad your cleaning frenzy gave you the same satisfaction mine gave me…. now I’m onto sorting out that storage room.

  14. I love days like this SO MUCH. That feeling of satisfaction is so comforting.

    Like Malene Birger, Danish designer to the stars, I don’t get people who can live in filth squalor and mess.

    I wrote a really long post about the sponsored post but I think Blogger ate it. Damn you to Hell Blogger and your impossible to fathom ways.

    I think you should Do as You Please when it comes to sponsored posts, because this blog is not a democracy, it’s a Dictatorship and you make the rules.

    If people are Emotionally Confronted they should click away.

    Mr FF longs for me to make money from my blog….or at least a little something to take the edge off my internet shopping. Or the electricity bill.


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  16. You have such a talent for photography Beth. If I took photo’s like that they would just look like stupid photo’s of nothing. Yours are beautiful xx

  17. I love a good home day. Sounds like yours was far more productive than mine though x

  18. I feel you need to do a post on your cleaning routine… like where you start first, the step by step. I find housework TEDIOUS and unrewarding and frankly overwhelming because I dont know where to start… so I just dont do it… and then resent every single waking moment that I have to stare at the crap. It’s a vicious cycle. I love it when I finally (albeit rarely) get my shit together and have a nice clean house (monday was an example), but it lasts about 20 mins. It’s now Thursday and you would not have thought its ever been clean!!!!

    I need to get inside your head!!!

  19. Look at you bringing your pegs inside lol.

    Please dont ever come to my house OK? I NEVER dust & I’d hate for you to have a heart attack upon entering. The only time dusting is ever done is when Tim has a cleaning attack & does all those “man”cleaning things, you know all the stuff I never do like dusting, vacuuming UNDER the couch ( who looks there for god’s sake!), cleaning light fittings & AC vents. He then looks at me all smug like & I wanna punch him because WHOOP DEE FRICKIN DO!!! you cleaned something. I’ve told him those things don’t matter to me so if he wants them clean he has to do it. He also does the windows ( outside only) which then FORCES me to clean the inside of them because you cant just do one side. We make such a good team lol

  20. Anonymous says

    Your house is immaculate Beth! Even your basket of washing looks stylish in it’s funky basket; you set the bar high lady. *sigh*…oh, AND I love this blog of yours, keep on keeping on, I for one, will read every post, sponsored or not! Bec x

  21. I’m about to embark on a normal boring day here myself, but I will hold this post in my mind as I do and hope it inspires me to greatness. Now just to get off the net and get to it…

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