An adventure to the beautiful Maldives

I am here as a (very lucky) guest of Club Med Kani and was flown here by Scoot Airways. This trip was organised by Sam & David from the Good Funny Smart Collective.

When you get asked if you would like to take a trip to the Maldives to check out one of their resorts and an affordable way for people to fly there for a few days the answer will most always be DER right? I was lucky enough to get that email a few months ago, and that’s how I found myself on Wednesday morning leaving Coolangatta Airport enroute to the Maldives with a group of bloggers from the agency that I am work with.

We left from the Gold Coast airport Wednesday morning on Scoot Airways (Singapore Airlines low cost long haul carrier that merged with Tiger Air in July 2017).

The flight to Singapore was 7 hrs 45 mins and then from Singapore a further 4.5 hours. I nailed my seat getting one at the front with lots of leg room, and given that the flight wasn’t full there was lots of space. Their fleet are all new 787 dream liners so are modern and new, just without any frills. I uploaded a whole lot of episodes of Outlander, my book and before I knew it we were landing in Singapore. I always get such a thrill at how you can hurtle through the sky and be in a whole other country within a few hours! And can we take a moment to discuss Outlander…I know I am late to the party but HEAVENS. I can see why the ladies are keen on watching it…

A quick stop over in Singapore for some dumplings, a little shopping and a recharge of the devices and we were back on board heading towards the beautiful Maldives. We arrived very late Australian time, around 3am so it was hard to see just where we were…but when the morning came and we opened the windows the true natural beauty of this place blew me away. I mean you kind of know what to expect, but still! THAT WATER!

We spent the first day checking out all the Club Med resort has to offer including their fancy over water bungalows. This is my first ever experience of a Club Med all inclusive resort so it’s been really interesting to see how they work.

After lots of swimming, perhaps too many cocktails and a little sunburn we were lucky enough to enjoy cocktails in their exclusive lounge area for the adults only over water part of the resort as the sun set on our first day. What a truly stunning place this is.

I pinched myself a few times over the past few days. How did I get so lucky to be able to enjoy this experience? How amazing to discover a whole other part of the world…travel truly fuels my soul to experience the sights, tastes and smells of a whole different part of the globe…couldn’t be further from my little corner in Australia. It’s amazing. What a dead set thrill.

I’ll be sharing some more of our adventures…the wifi is slow and in and out so bear with me as I try to upload my photos.

Have you ever been to the Maldives before?
Flown on Scoot?
Or a fan of the Club Med experience?
I’d love to hear!


  1. Sandra Scott says

    Never heard of Scoot but would love to go to the Maldives

    • Keep a watch on some flights – you may be able to grab a bargain and make that dream come true! Pinching myself I got to go – it’s better than you could even imagine.

  2. A few years ago we went to Club Med in Bin Tan. It was our first ever time in a resort and we were a bit freaked out – we felt like we’d stepped into a cult. We arrived on a Friday evening and everyone was in white. We later learned that each day has a colour for the dinner theme, but we seriously thought we’d come to some new age Christian commune – which was quite hilarious. Once we got to the bar and had a few GnTs we relaxed, of course! Once we got used to the way it worked it was amazing – we had our three kids with us and it was the first time in a long long time that we felt like we’d actually had a proper holiday!

  3. I dream of traveling the world. Not on my cards though I don’t think 🙁 enjoy Beth xx

  4. Looks beautiful but i will have to say being an older person(57) i thought i would be out if place there expecting it to be for the younger set, maybe i am wrong. The water, wow. So glad you are all having a fantastic time. Enjoy.x

  5. We were at Kani in October last year, also flying with scoot. The Maldives is so beautiful and right up there as one of my favourite places on earth. Also the best transfers from airport to accommodation – heaps of fun even in the dark. There’s actually heaps to explore on and around Kani but it can be like digging for gold to get the info. Apart from the things you’ve highlighted here and on Insta there’s a little wreck just off the end of the main jetty you can snorkel around, you can jump on a (sailing) armada around surrounding island, take a cat out for a sail yourself (there’s always a breeze) and snorkel off the back of the island ( a good option if your kids are under 11 and too young for the organised trips) to name just a few. My kids are pretty adventurous and sporty so loved trying lots of things out and often talk about wanting to go back (one wants to for the mango ice cream) and I don’t think I’ve ever been to a place I’ve slept so deeply (maybe all those negative ions from being surrounded by sea on such a tiny dot of land). We didn’t go to any of the shows or things that are staple in club meds (I think you take the bits of club med that are your style and leave the rest) – plus we were all looking forward to our beds after active days on and under the water. I think the clincher is you will love this place if being in a tiny place where the pace is slow gives you a deep sense of peace. For some this style of holiday away from any hustle and bustle is hell – albeit an undeniably beautiful hell. Foe me it’s a perfect antidote to our usually hectic life and really helps me to recalibrate. I did however come back with a serious daily Margarita habit … (once I sussed out which bar staff could get the mix right).

  6. Yay for you Beth!
    I’m so glad that you have FINALLY met Jamie Fraser!!!!

  7. That looks hard to take hun!
    Ab/fab! … Enjoy the difference!
    Much love m x

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