Sunny Sunday celebrations

Yesterday we celebrated my dear Step father’s 70th birthday. Saturday night I was sitting on the couch and shared a few words about how important he is to me, and to all of us and I was amazed at the response it had. Here’s what I shared with a simple snap on Instagram…

“My Mum met my Step dad almost 21 years ago, freshly single after a long marriage with 4 kids, hurt and sad and desperately trying to find her compass after her world had titled. I was 19, and cool (or so I thought) and angry about so many things. The very last thing I wanted in our lives was a man, especially one that fancied my Mum (eeeew) and I took great joy in telling this man who cooked (!) and smoked (?) and who appeared to adore my Mother that “you’re not my Father!”. This quiet, patient man (who never finished his cutlets “are you done with those ?“) came into our lives and surely but slowly won all our hearts with his plain goodness. He became my Step Dad 1 year later, marrying my beautiful Mum in her friend’s gorgeous garden & home, a truly happy occasion for so many of us and his own extended family & friends to see their bachelor Finally married! With 4 grown up Step children and a noisy dog nonetheless! As far as Step fathers go, you couldn’t get a better one (no ties, no kids, no exs) just a lovely man (who never finished his cutlets ??) with an open heart and unending patience. Watching him love my mother has been the biggest gift he’s given every one of us, mending her heart, making her smile and laugh, steadfast in his commitment. This man who knew no children of his own has been a wonderful male figure to us all, showing that quietness, patience, kindness are the ying to our loudness and fieryness yang. I’m so proud to call him my Step Dad, an amazing husband and devoted grandfather to his 11 Grandchildren. Happy 70th birthday to you beautiful Milton. We all love you so much and hope the next 21 years are just as good! Like I always say, thank goodness for Milton ♥️

Boy did this strike a chord with so many of you. It reached over 71,000 people! And so many beautiful comments and messages from people about their own step Dad’s, or single mums who hope to meet their own Milton’s one day…it has warmed my heart and not to mention that of my gorgeous step dad who was completely blown away by it all!

Yesterday we celebrated his 70th with a long lunch at Mums. My favourite! The sun was shining, the table was set beautifully and we got to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal with happy kids and a few members of the family (deadly missing my sister and her kids in Melbs).

And best of all was the cake made by my brother in law (the ex-chef now gardener) who whipped up the birthday boys favourite of all time…profiteroles…and a complete surprise to him too!

Hence the screen while we lit the candles.

He looked as delighted as a 7 year old!

We went home on a cold night with full tummies, and happy hearts, a beautiful celebration for a truly wonderful person. Happy Birthday Milts! x

How was your weekend?
What did you get up to?


  1. Cassie Webster says

    Such a beautiful post, Beth xx

  2. Thankyou, loved reading this. So grateful how you share so much of your private life with us. We are very lucky indeed. Happy Birthday Milton.

  3. Oh what a beautiful man. So many big celebrations this year x

  4. Those green tinged, fried morsels look divine. Even my kids would eat them! Do you have the recipe?

  5. What a TRULY beautiful post Beth – Uncle Milton is so incredibly blessed and lucky to have found your mum and all your clan gorgeous – sounds like the festival of Milton was a resounding success! Cake looks ace BTW xx

  6. Oh Beth what a wonderful tribute! I share your joy as will shortly be celebrating my Step Dad’s 70th too. A wonderful man who is truly wise, kind and generous. Unfortunately my Mum died just over a year ago so this birthday is also tinged with sadness that she can’t be here to tell him just how fabulous he is, but I will do that for her. Step Dads are fab! (and i was lucky enough to get the bonus fab step-siblings too!). Glad to see you had a lovely celebration.

  7. A touch of Milton Magic ✨

  8. what a lovely celebration beth!
    he sounds like an absolute sweetie, just meant for your mum!
    hygge happening there hun!
    fabulous croquembouche! your brother-in-law is very multi talented!
    love the antics of mags and archie! … soo funny!
    much love m:)X

  9. So lovely that you have the words to express those feelings and to let him know. You’ve made me quite weepy sitting in my office this morning.

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