Full heart, tired head

I thought that the jet lag was going to much worse than it really has been. Between never really properly sleeping when we were away (I think I got about 4 or 5 hours tops most nights) in between LOTS of walking, I was just in a constant state of adrenalin, and a little anxiety and excitement and YEARS of sleep deprivation that when we got home I totally got through the first day from 4am until 9pm on 3 hours sleep and I was OK. I am really trained well in the area of sleep deprivation it would seem.

So we are home. And everything is the same, and everything different.

The girls were SO happy to see us. We got in after a very long and delayed flight (our connecting flight from LA to Syd was delayed and then cancelled and then delayed which meant that instead of getting in 6am Friday morning, we got in 10.30pm Friday night). Frank was waiting at the door for us, thrilled that we were finally home and he could relax again. You could almost feel the collective sigh from everyone (not that they weren’t happy or perfectly looked after) but everyone could relax, we were all back together again. Ourselves included. I woke both big girls up for a kiss and cuddle and through their sleepiness I could feel how happy they were we were back.

Frank has galloped a lot.

As for Miss Maggie, well it’s taken her a little longer to warm up. I am still being called Grandma, and I am trying to get my head around being her Mum again, everything has changed, nothing has. She has grown SO much. She talks now. Like, TALKS. All the time. ALL THE WORDS. It’s been a huge adjustment getting my head around that. And hearing her little voice! She has been definitely letting us know what she wants and what she doesn’t…the terrible twos are here with a vengeance. Apparently she doesn’t like most of the things that she used to do, and all the things she does like I don’t know about, which is most frustrating for her (and me). We’ll get back into the swing of it all soon enough.

With each passing load of washing, normality is returning. Nothing changed, and yet nothing the same.

Autumn is here with all the leaves on the trees in the yard and village turning magnificent shades of deep, deep red this year. Maybe all the rain? The heat? Our gardens have had a complete seeing to by Chris which has been such a joy to come home to. No jobs hanging over our head, just the gorgeous mulched trees and stripy, green lawns.

We had a lovely visit from my brother and his family at Mum’s and my sister’s on the weekend. A beautiful lunch at Mum’s followed by drinks at Lucy’s place and a few extra kids here Saturday night. We hadn’t seen them since we left our Christmas holiday together. And now it’s Easter? How does that happen?

So for now, we will slowly get back into the swing of things. I’ll keep washing, because what else is there to do? I’ll collect kindling and light the fire, I’ll close the blinds on the cooler, darker evenings, I’ll pull those girls in and snuggle them tight and ride this wave of extra patience and tolerance I have for them all and their fights, because 12 days away from your kids will do that.

And in between all that sameness, I will allow my thoughts to drift back to packed subways filled with people and stories, freshly made hotel beds, drinks and chats with Rob, no plans, no expectations and try to remember that even though it’s all the same, a little part of my heart, and (tired) mind are changed forever. I’ll hold Rob’s hand and give it a squeeze to remind us that yes! We did do all those things. And look at what we’ve got.

How lucky we all are.

I know it, I really do.

A huge shout out to both our Mums who did the most amazing job with the girls while we were gone. They cuddled and cooked and tucked in and jumped on the trampoline and nursed 3 sick girls and kept the home fires literally burning. We are both eternally grateful for allowing us this time. Knowing that everything was COMPLETELY and UTTERLY FINE with the kids, helped us relax and enjoy it all the more. I can’t thank you both enough.

And now, well, now we wait for a new baby that is so close to being here with us all. An easter chick. I just about can’t wait to get my mitts on that child. You can come now little one, we’re all ready and waiting x

Now tell me EVERYTHING.
What have I missed?
What have you been up to?!


  1. You know why I love reading your blog? Your stories always leaving with a warm feeling in my heart. And I like that. x

  2. Laurie-anne says

    I love how you write Beth and I enjoyed following your travels. My husband and I are about to have two of our grandchildren for a week while my daughter & son in law go to Hawaii. We are really looking forward to it.

  3. I’ve got big plans to hit NY for my 30th (in two years time mind you!) and reading your posts of your most recent trip and your trip with Mrs Woog just makes me ACHE to get there. I’m heading to the states for the first time this year as a delayed honeymoon (wedding in t-minus 2 weeks.. EEEEEK!!!) but we’re sticking to the west coast, and promises of east coast for my 30th have been made and i CANNOT wait to experience everything you’ve pointed out and all those little tips & tricks – I’m sure there was nothing quite like getting home to those 3 girls (and Frank) after being a temporary New Yorker. Dorothy was right, there really is no place like home!

  4. Here’s to your renewed patience after time to yourself. Such a great trip that you had and so great that you were able to do it. God I had fun in NYC with you, thanks for taking us all.

  5. Seriously, tears in my eyes after reading that post, thanks once again for sharing what you’re feeling. I’m feeling grateful for family and friends, for holidays, for precious time spent with the people I care about. Can’t quite believe we are already in April, wish sometimes I could slow time down but our days are full and happy. There’s nothing more I want than that.

  6. Such a beautiful post, so warm and happy. You really do have it all Beth. I am so glad your girls have their wonderful parents back, and what a fabulous thing your Mum and Robs Mum did for you. You made beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. xx

  7. lovely! … and how true is that quote beth!
    I see your little maggie is singing and jumping on the trampoline!
    isn’t she just gorgeous! I had to replay! too adorable with those facial expressions and singing! … too much!! and love how she is calling you grandma! … because they are adaptable and shows she was perfectly taken care of!
    hope you and rob have many special moments of special memories!
    thankyou for sharing it all hun! I had a great ride!
    much love m:)X

  8. I loved MY time in NY with you. I loved reading everything you wrote and the pictures were amazing. I felt your heartache on being delayed. Not because you were having such a terrible time, but you wanted to see your babies. I read with absolute joy on arriving home with Frank at the door and giving your 2 big girls a snuggle. I also felt sad that Maggie has changed or grown up a tad while you were away. I love how you always acknowledge just how lucky you are to be living in the most gorgeous village with wonderful family all around you. You are living most peoples dreams and that is why I just love following you. So where are we travelling to next? x

  9. troonorth says

    I love how cosy and inviting your home always looks

  10. Lovely to have you home. I loved reading your adventures in New York, but I also love reading everything that happens on the homefront. Hope you can catch up on some sleep. Happy Easter Beth. xx

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