Monday Meal Ideas: sweet lunchbox baking

Last week I helped you guys with some savoury baking for the lunchbox and this week it’s time to look to some sweet classics. All of these are so quick and easy to make (you will likely have all the ingredients already in your pantry or fruit bowl and a whole cake will definitely last a week of School lunches (if you can not be tempted to get stuck in.

Banana Bread
Lemon Syrup Cake
Date Loaf

How’s your week looking? We have a birthday here tomorrow! Our Valentine turns 10. TEN. How can it be? So we will be celebrating that with friends and family tomorrow evening, then on Friday backing up with a party for some of her friends. It’s going to be a fun week….and how is the cool weather this morning? Well for us in the bottom half of NSW at least. Hope you can get some relief where you are, and are safe from fires. They were very close to Rob’s Dad’s farm which was a worry…everyone be safe!

Have a great week friends!

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