Monday meal ideas: Lunchbox savoury baking

So here we are at week 2 of the term. My interest in the lunch boxes is already wavering. but I’ve got some ideas for baking some things for them – especially some savoury things. My girls are not huge sambo eaters, but they will tuck into crackers and cheese and olives, or any kind of home made bread. Why not have a crack at some savoury scrolls? I know it sounds tricky, but I promise you it’s not! Or some homemade crisp bread (Maggie loves this) or the ye olde mini quiche – always a hit!

Mini quiches
Homemade crispbread
Homemade pita bread
Homemade bread rolls/scrolls aka “Chadd’s bread”

I hope you all have a great week. It’s time to buckle down into #febulous keeping up the good eating, exercise and no drinking. How are you going with it all? I’m happy the weekend is over! Have a great week x


  1. Sorry to say Beth I’ve fallen off the wagon already! The weekend I have already admitted is my problem area but Friday was surprisingly easy. Then a friend came over Saturday to pick up her kids with a bottle of bubbles under her arm – it was more of a gleeful leap off that wagon than a fall really! Ah well, shall try again for febulous this weekend…

  2. In year 6 my son would happily go to school with a baguette sticking out of his bag and a wheel of Brie with an ice brick and a plastic knife, not good to encourage expensive tastes at such a young age ? He’s 16 now and wonders why he can’t have chorizo or giant pieces of Brie every afternoon! I’m keen to try your ideas to fill him up.

  3. thanks beth! … i especially love those mini quiches!
    can do those!
    but mostly I find carbs cause the bloat!
    whatever floats ya boat hey!;))
    love m:)X

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