Maggie is 20 months old!

Seeing that there? Well it means that Maggie will be TWO in a few short months. Ok 4, but still, tell me. Where does the time go? Where?! Someone is #notbovvered

What a month is has been…cousins and people GALORE. Mags has been in her element soaking up each and every bit of attention she has been getting. It’s been a joy to watch her interact with older cousins, uncles and aunties and friends. So social and SO lovely.

But did I mention exhausting?

For all of us. Dead set, that Christmas/New years family time almost broke my spirit. So many late nights, so many people, so little routine and all of us sleeping together. It’s taken some time to get back to a new kind of normal.

I tell you what though, Maggie is going to be depressed when the girls are back to school in a few weeks time. Daisy has been an absolute Godsend these holidays…she plays with Maggie in the morning, it’s been a joy to watch them and their closeness. Maggie adores her, I truly hope that their friendship endures the years.

As for our holiday? Well Maggie (despite all the tiredness etc) LOVED it. She’s officially obsessed with swimming and showed zero fear of water…she’d just jump right in and sink and not be concerned at all. heaven help us.

She did get a nasty cold that lasted about 2 weeks…a lingering cough that had me with PTSD to this time last year when they all had whooping cough. It’s all come rushing back and it’s been so awful to remember just had bad that time was. I get an eye twitch and a shudder every time I hear her coughing.

And then there’s just the general frustrations at not being able to do all the things her older sisters can do. Being 20 months can be HARD. For all of us!

But here we are, well into toddler hood, our little girl, no longer a baby, bringing us unbridled joy and love every single day.

Thank goodness she’s here. Thanks goodness we had her. Happy 20 months lady cakes x


  1. Robyn Jokic says

    She is so cute and looks so much like you.

  2. She is so gorgeous. And those swan bathers are BEYOND!! xx

  3. 20 months….you know what this means….it’s time for another baby Mac! What?! C’mon! You guys make such beautiful babies and you’ve done so well on this one. Let’s do it!!! 😉

  4. Oh man, if I could just wave a magic wand and get me one of these beautiful little lady toddler beings in another year or two then I reckon I probably would… but just minus the pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding, newborn bit #neveragain ?

  5. Maggie seriously makes me want to go and pop a baby out pretty darn quick. My ovaries go into overdrive whenever I see this little button on my IG feed, total bliss! Happy 20 months fairy girl x

  6. Such a gorgeous girl! x

  7. I am a bonkers emo mess because my two biggest guys are almost 14 & almost 17, living these independent lives & moving further away from me by the second. I AM NOT COPING AT ALL! I said to my husband the other day “I know these little two are chaos incarnate but thank god we had them! I am not ready to be made redundant as a mum. If they weren’t here i would legit be having a nervous breakdown!” Thank god for little people!

  8. Simply beautiful

  9. Such a special age. She looks like a little cherub.

  10. she is soo gorgeous beth!
    she has such a cheeky look about her that is too adorable!
    how could one ever get cross with that!
    that photo of her asleep is prize worthy!
    thankyou for sharing cherub with us hun!
    much love m:)X

  11. “Thank goodness she’s here. Thanks goodness we had her.”
    I say the same thing about my number 3 every day. Bless.

  12. So cute! My little guy is 2 today, my 3rd my baby boy is 2, seriously too quick. Somebody make it stop!!

  13. Thank GOODNESS she’s here.


    Thank goodness!!!

    She’s well adored, your Maggie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Oh hey Beth! Your girls are all so adorable and Maggie with her sweet impish grin – infectious! Funny you reminded me when talking about your water baby Maggie, of my little girl. At Maggie’s age my Steph also had no fear (and was reckless) in the pool. We had our own pool and I could not take my eyes off her, anyway one day she fell in and went right to the bottom looking up at me. I stayed calm and when she came up to me at the edge (with big eyes) she had a such a fright it did quell her fearlessness. A school girl now she’s still a massive fan of swimming and water, so even though she’s had swimming lessons and can swim, I’m still nervy about her in the water.
    Beautiful pics of your sweetie! Birthday Two is just around the corner and that little personality will have lots more words to share in her sweet voice, Love Liz XO

  15. She’s the cutest. And she looks SO much like a little copy of you!

  16. She is just gorgeous Beth! That pose in the swan swimmers melts my heart. ?

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