Maggie is 18 months old!

Let’s take a moment, shall we?


That baby that was JUST born is now just 6 months off being 2 years old. Make it slow down or stop or something, just for a moment or two. Somehow. Please.

img_9885 img_9889

It’s been a busy month for our little lady. This big, bad world is opening up around her and she is taking it in, but making sure that someone, anyone from her family is close by. “Cuggle Mummy” is the most common phrase I hear from her, which means that she needs a cuddle, needs to be close by and needs to feel safe. And I am happy to do that for her because, it really is quite the world out there.

img_0622 img_8373

There’s some serious new teeth – she is currently cutting four BIG molars and it ain’t pretty. There is running and lots of falls, more hits to the head than I can count in a day and lots of following her big sisters around who she IDOLISES. She is going to be so happy next month when school breaks up and she has them all the time. She’s happiest in the bath, playing in any kind of water, and of course with her beloved Frank. They share biscuits (oops, his sometimes too) and he has to be the most patient dog in the world.

img_8991 img_8871

But the biggest thing this month has been her ever growing friendship and mateship with Archie. Or as Mags likes to call him, HARCHIE. These two!

img_9236 img_8782 img_9929 img_9917

What a joy it is to have children with your sister so close in age. They know each of us as much as they do their own Mums and it makes looking after them a breeze. Sure, they fight like brother and sister at times, but it’s love. Plain and simple and it makes my heart soar.

They both equally agree I am completely bonkers.


So here we are, 18 whole months into this baby business, hurtling towards toddlerhood at a rate that has me equally frightened and reaching for the gin bottle and also delighted at what a funny age it is. They lose their minds over the smallest things, they start to understand more and can communicate more. There’s more words and you get a little more of an idea of the little person that they are. Adorable and frustrating all at once.

Oh Maggie Roslyn, slow down with the growing. We get it, you’re big. You can do stuff. But just slow down a little, for all our sakes OK?



  1. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Beautiful post Beth they grow so fast,she is a cutie and I love your photos and Maggie and Archie are adorable together ❤️️❤️️

  2. My sister & i have kids 5months apart.(boy & girl) They are each other’s best friend. They can play all day & never fight. They hardly talk sometimes they just know what each other wants to do. They are at school now & hardly acknowledge each other there (even when they were in the same class) but come the end of the day, it’s all back on. I can’t wait to see how their friendship grows as they do. Cousins are the best xx

  3. unbelievable cute beth!
    she is such a character!
    loving the trimmed hair!
    OMG! how is it at school!
    you should send that ma and pa kettle photo to ellen!
    they are priceless as a team! they do look like wise old people! … so good for them to grow up together!
    enjoy lovelies! love m:)X

  4. Lisa Aherne says

    Great post and wonderful photos. Loved sharing this. ❤️️❤️️

  5. Gosh she’s lovely – and so’s Harchie. Bless them. 18 months old is such a brilliant age. I have such a vivid memory of being sat on the kitchen floor with my little guy at that age and just being completely overwhelmed at how awesome he was and how great it was to be a mum.

  6. I believe it as I have enjoyed every single post about this little TREASURE!
    Maggie will love the School Hols with her adored Sisters and the thrice daily fruit platters that come with it! X

  7. Maggie ❤️ Harchie. BLESS!!

    I am always so happy to read a Mags update.

    She’s really changing at the moment – I see a little GIRL emerging from that sweet, giggly, side eye giving baby, she’s growing so beautifully Beth.

    That photo of Mags standing with Harchie like they’re hanging at the schoolhouse waiting to be ferried to swimming lessons…. ALL THE CUTE AND OH SO TALL.

    Long may they grow and love and learn all the words and give side eye like bosses.

  8. So beautiful! I agree that having babies with your sister is awesome. My sister and I had babies 3 months apart, and now that I am back in Sydney, Maxim and Zarli do swimming lessons together. Ollie actually also swims with them – but isn’t the biggest fan of being separated from Mummy at the moment. He considers any time that Zachary is in the pram as his time for cuddles.

  9. Ohhh beautiful Beth! And I hear you… horrible molars, trying so hard to communicate, frantic baths and GIN. I wish I could turn off those hormones but jeepers I can see my little bebe dissappearing and I want it to stop!! Love seeing Maggie grow and such a beautiful little face she has!

  10. Susan, Mum to Molly says

    Oh Beth, this one got me right in the heart.

    Thank you again for sharing her with us all…

    That photo of her with the big kids, in just the right colours to look like their uniforms. Bet she would have followed them right into that classroom!

    My baby, also a third girl, is about to turn eight. Like Maggie, school has been part of her life for all of her life.

    She asked me at two and a half, “when I start big school mumma?” – idolising and desperate to be with her sisters.

    All I could think was: Don’t wish those years away kid, they’re bloody good years. <3

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