Local Spotlight: Tulip Time 2016

No prettier time of year down here than when it’s Tulip Time. I popped in there this morning with Mum and Luce on a bleak and cold Monday morning but all that colour instantly lifted our moods. Everywhere you turned it was more blooms. I think tulips are right up there for me as my favourites.

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As are a cup of mini cinnamon donuts fresh out of the fryer. They are definitely my favourites.


Tulip Time runs until this coming Sunday 25th September 2016. You can find out more about Tulip Time here.

Been along to Tulip Time or Floriade?


  1. Gorgeous! Love tulips.

  2. I discovered my love for tulips on the weekend. Went to Canberra to watch a cycling race and popped in to Floriade for a couple of hours. Late afternoon sunshine made it all look amazing. I waved to you as we drove up the highway last night. ?

  3. How divine. I wish I could grow cold climate bulbs here. You are lucky.

  4. how gorgeous are those tulips beth!
    I thought you were overseas!
    wondering! … has harps got my drill hun?;))
    an adorable photo of her!
    lol m:)X

  5. Tulips are my absolute favourite. They were the first bunch of flowers my husband gave me when we were dating. Unfortunately I can’t grow them up here.

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