Maggie is 16 months old!

So Maggie Macdonald is no longer a baby. It’s time to admit defeat and realise that she’s more toddler now than baby. That baby? She got big.


Maybe it’s the hair (one of the finest mullet’s this side of Australia I think you’ll find) or maybe it’s the running around EVERYWHERE, or the talking…so many words now…but that baby is now gone. What we are left with though is still pretty flipping cute.


It’s been a HUGE month on the developmental front. Weird high temps and red cheeks have seen some new teeth I am sure (if I could get my fingers in her mouth to check). But more than that, it’s the words, the understanding, the ability to concentrate on things, to communicate. There’s been a huge leap! It’s all been quite exhausting really.

img_6988 img_7027 img_7025

We spend a lot of time at home, which suits us all. I can get work done in between chores and time with her. She can roam around and play and just hang out with Frank and before we know it, the school day is done and the girls are back and it’s into the evening.

img_7151 img_7133 img_6947 img_7242

I can’t tell you how much I love these days. Sure, I don’t really see anyone to catch up with, I am chasing my tail most of the time, but for now the balance between me and her and us is perfect and these Spring days are some of the happiest I can ever remember.

She is still waking in the night (any time from 1am to 5am) where she gets a bottle (I ain’t got time for resettling or letting her cry it out so it works for us, now) but the morning starts around 5.30am pretty much every day. We potter and play once the bigs are at school, she’s down around 11am for a nap which I occasionally get 3 hours out of her (dead set this NEVER happened to me with the other two) then she is down for the night around 6.30pm. Simple days, but very happy and content ones for us both.


She’s still as good as ever on the tooth, eating whatever we have for dinner, something like this for lunch and for breakfast some weetbix, or toast or her favourite scrambled eggs with chives. 3 bottles a day (morning, before her middle sleep and before bed). And in between fruit or whatever she can get the girls to give her.

We’re about to have 2 weeks with the big two again which always takes a little adjusting for us all. She’ll love the attention, she’ll drive the big two bananas and I will spend a considerable amount of my time putting out fires.

16 months.

img_7268 img_7272

Just like that. 

Do you have a 16 month old or near that age?
What are they getting up to?


  1. Kellie Collett says

    Have Miss 9.5, Miss 8 and Miss 5 but am going back again and am 9 weeks pregnant with number 4.
    Some days I wonder what on earth I was thinking but your posts give me hope and I think about the busy but simple and happy days ahead, thank you x

  2. Hi Beth, aye I have a 17 month old terror who’s every bit as active as Mags it would seem. She’s been walking since 10 months, and can now pretty much do everything the bigs can do, running, jumping, stairs, climbing gah you name it. I let her drive my car to the shops most days. She’s much more focused than me so safe I figure 🙂

    Not much language yet, the obligatory mum, dad, bear, tiger, button, nana (what’s with the freaking banana obsessions?) kind of stuff, but occasionally pulls out what we swear is a whole sentence. I think she’s holding out on us cos she worries after the first proper conversation there’s no going back and she’s not sure she doesn’t want to be able to point and scream yet. It is so full on. Like you I work from home so try to do stuff during nappage times. Can be frustrating but man, this tiny human just blows my mind. Best. X Ally. PS. If you need to get something done, and she has no allergies, an empty peanut butter jar (just empty, not yet washed out) she could lick and finger and get into kept her busy for literally hours the other day. Like a dog. Brilliant.

  3. Carly valentine says

    My Millie. She’ was 16 months yesterday. Still not walking…. Which makes her feel still so little. Which I love. But talk!!! Chat chat chat.
    Looking forward to the holidays and having her two older siblings around. Millie also has a 2 yr old brother which she adores his wildness.. Fast bikes and whizzing past pretending to be flash.
    She just stares at him giggling and now joining in. It’s the best!

  4. she is too adorable for words! thanks for sharing beth!
    she will be a thinker and a doer I think!
    gorgeous photo memories for you!
    loving her gathered in jeans and those slipper/shoes! … want some too!
    lol m:)X

  5. That face! It’s ridiculously cute… I’ve been putting together a little post for the little dude’s second birthday {on Sunday} and looking through photos from 18 months to 2 years, you can see it’s really when they loose that ‘baby face’. Gosh, can’t believe I’ll be looking at another newborn face in a matter of days?

  6. I have loved watching Maggie grow up. My little man is one month younger and I am having an absolute ball with him.

    In the past month or two he has started bringing us a book and staring up at us expectantly when he want us to read to him. Oh, my heart!

    • The best! The singing along to everything at the moment is my favourite. I wasted an entire afternoon singing to her…actually not wasted…enjoyed!!

  7. Margaret Elvis says

    Time has flown so fast and you have one unbelievably cute little toddler there with you now.

  8. That would have to be one of the happiest little faces I have ever seen. My little man is nearly 15 months and I too can see that baby has gone. Third and final baby for us so I am smothering the poor little poppet in kisses and cuddles. Sure to be a Mummys boy!

  9. Oh my gaawd I just loves your no-longer-baby-girl!!
    And I have loved reading about your increased confidence and sense of yep, I’ve got this, I trust myself, this time around. The preggo files and the baby files have been some of my favourite blog reads in the past two and a bit years, across the board.
    I didn’t do the kids thing, I’m happy with that; life takes you the way it does, and you’re built for it or not I reckon, but geez Beth, you make it look good! Not perfect, but truly good on a soul level.
    Thank you for baring your mama’s heart so bravely, especially before Miss Maggie arrived, and for letting us glimpse the deep, deep JOY she’s brought to your world.


  10. 16 months on Sunday and soo cheeky… lots of words and yes, running everywhere. She’s giving so many hugs at the moment which her dad and I adore. Such a fun age.

  11. She is your little clone! I’ve almost got a 15 month old and it really is a lovely age although my little guy is quite a villain. He is into pulling everything out and off the table. Everything goes on the floor. Including the cutlery out of the draw. I can’t keep up. Our house looks like it’s been shaken up side down. Everything is for laughs of course. He has a delightful, if not slightly mischievous giggle x

  12. Congratulations! I love that age, what a cutie pie x

  13. Oh Beth I miss these years. My Instagram is full of gorgeous babies and toddlers taking me right back to when my boys were that little. It’s hard to believe that it’s all over x

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