9 things I do every day

I’m a bit of a homebody. And a control freak. So my daily habits are very predictable. There’s something about daily routine though isn’ there? We’re all creatures of habit…I just wish that my daily list included things like meditation, drink 3 litres of water and go for a walk. Alas they just get saved for their 3-6 monthly fits and starts. I’m even predictable in what I don’t do!

But without fail, these get done, every. Single. Day.

1. Drink a coffee


Preferably before 7.30am because otherwise I get a little cranky. And then I like another mid morning coffee. In a take away cup. Hot flat white thanks for asking. And Rob makes it for me. Every. Single. Day. Whenever I do it, it never tastes as good.

2. Make my bed


This is a non negotiable. And yes, every day. Every day. Even if I am sick and in said bed until the afternoon I will get up and make that bed so that when I hope back into bed, it’s made. If you make your bed first thing in the day, you just get shit done. I don’t know why or how, I didn’t make up the rules, I just live by them.

3. Put on perfume


I don’t care if I haven’t washed my hair in a week or had a shower for 2 days (I know right? Gross), or wear the same outfit 3 days in a ย row, I will always pop some perfume on. Elie Saab is my go to and at the moment I am popping on some Paris, because I like to smell like 1987. It’s comforting.

4. Do a load of washing


If this doesn’t get done, it gets out of control. Pure and simple. It might not get on the line outside, could be a quick chuck into the dryer or on a clothes horse but this happens pretty much every day. If only I could remember back to a time when someone else did this for me. Thank you Mum, sure it’s about 39 years too late, but thank you.

5. Do a quick vaccuum


In the morning I run around like the road runner getting beds made, breakfast cleaned up and getting everyone out the door and that includes using by beloved Dyson stick vac to do a quick run around. Every day. I swear it makes me feel in control of things…get that done before 9am and I am GOOD TO GO.

6. Cook something


Some days I love this, some days I hate it, but every single day I will throw something in a pan or the oven for someone that I love (myself included).

7. Draw a bath


Yep. Every day. For the girls. Even if someone skips it, one of the three will have one. It’s like a big G&T for us all. A circuit breaker. A sign that shows that the day is done and it’s time to unwind. When I hear that bath filling I know the end of near….a spring will get in my step as I hear the excited giggles from Maggie. This is her favourite time of day without a doubt.

8. Light a candle


The amount of tea lights I go through cannot be sane. Love candle light. Love the ritual of lighting them and then blowing them out at night.

9. Fluff up a cushion


Yes I am that weirdo that sets them straight before I go to bed at night. Actually, come to think of it, I have stopped that habit now BUT I will do a cushion re-align in my morning road runner routine. Fluffed and ready for the day ahead, it may last for 34 seconds, but it was done. They were straight at some stage of the day, every day.

How about you?
Creature of habit?
What’s one thing you do every day?


  1. Oh Beth I feel all cosy just reading that! I do most of those things also. Well except the cooking and washing, I do that every second day. Not the cooking, I usually leave that until the last minute unless it’s a roast which is the EASIEST meal on the planet for this former country gal to whip up! Wish I had someone to make me a coffee. And you have just got me excited for tonight’s bath as it also signals that it’s nearly lights out around here also. x

  2. I feel sane! I’m not the only one doing all of this. Thank you!

  3. I’m a little freaked out! Apart from the coffee..I’m a tea addict…I do practically everything on this list every day…who knew! Am wearing Paris perfume atm that I was given for my 40th and thought I better use it, even though I’m STILL in my pjs recovering from surgery and look like crap on a cracker! And I’m sure I should get shares in a candle company…love them! You’re a good egg Beth xx

  4. My day is ruled by the ringing of the alarm on my phone to remind me to take my medicine …… 7, 8, 12, 2, 8, 9:30. Everything else I do is fitted in around them. Other than that I don’t have much of a routine, I just make it up as I go along

  5. I really think I need to either a) retire early or b) work from home so I can be that lovely, routine-driven homebody! It would suit me! As it is, a cup of tea in the morning…that’s about it for my routine! And I’m not happy about it.

  6. Josephine says

    Yes, definitely a creature of habit! Coffee? Yes! Washing? Yes! Cooking? Never a day off! Perfume every day is new to me this year since I got one for christmas that isn’t too overwhelming (Philosykos by Diptyque) โ€“ I feel a little more ready for the world if I spritz some on!
    I fear my vacuuming habits may upset you, so the less said, the better.
    Also, whenever I try to light a candle, both my sons practically fall over each other to be the first to blow it out! I’ll have to make it an after-kids-bedtime ritual.
    As for fluffing pillows, I’ve stopped bothering. My daily pillow ritual involves picking them up off the floor umpteen times following pillow fights. Speaking of fluffing pillows, this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBwELzvnrQg

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    He’s all of these except the bath ,I cannot go to bed without having a tidy lounge,I also have an electric Scentsy wax burner that I have on all day.
    I COULD NOT live without perfume in my life!

  8. Oh my goodness I am so the same! And with all the well meaning comments I get from friends who say “when you have children you won’t be able to do xyz home jujing” I feel inspired that you have kept the home jujing with THREE babes. Nicely done, Mrs M! x

  9. Yes to making the bed & straightening the throw/cushions before bed, I have no idea how you have time to tidy/clean before school run ? I only have black tea first thing but later in the morning…drop off done, maybe a walk & 2 littlies playing in the yard I always have an English breakfast tea w milk. Always pop a bit of makeup on even if it’s tinted moisturiser & eyeliner but it makes me feel fresher & alive. Also I always find time to stretch mostly when watching to at night but it’s prob from years of yoga but now not finding the time to get to a class since baby no 3 ?. Like the sound of Ellie Saab, I need a new perfume in my life old SJP lovely is getting boring!

  10. I do 5 of those things everything day too. Plus I have a couple of different ones that I do everyday as well and boy do I have a crappy day when something happens and I don’t get to do my “daily” things.
    I’m a creature of habit and I cope best with routine and order.

    cheers Kate

  11. Jane Hely says

    I’m 56 and we’re now empty nesters but I still do every one of those things every day. ? Can’t function without a freshly ground coffee at 6:30am and I’d feel odd leaving the house without a made bed behind me. The only extra thing I do is never go to bed with a dirty dish still on or in the sink. Those little suckers are tucked away tightly in their dishwasher spot merrily getting themselves clean overnight in readiness for unpacking in the morning. (That happens after the 6:30am coffee of course!?) Routines help the world go round.

  12. I hardly do anything on your list, but I’m trying to reform my slobby ways, which is why I’m reading your lovely blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do meditate every day, but that’s only because I turn into a complete nutter otherwise (and not vacuuming doesn’t have the same effect).

  13. Cheekiechops says

    You should have been a nurse in the early 20th century, I was taught by these said 20th century nurses and order and getting shit done (with not a whisper of complaint) and a neat, tidy and hygienic environment is central to both my professional and personal wellbeing to this day! Routine is king!!!
    I have no scary stories from those years in the trenches as a student nurse only respect and gratitude. My oldest kid is going out with someone whose mother underwent the same professional training and they feel like kindred spirits for both their mothers obsession with a orderly hygienic upbringing and zero tolerance for anything less than a major bleeding or an inability to breathe. And we laugh at people’s miseries and really inappropriate things and don’t blink if you fart/wet yourself/vomit…

  14. Oh yes- this sounds like me! A great routine makes everything feel better! My question is- when you do the washing how do you go with the folding and putting away because that is my great downfall! I do at least 1 (generally 2) loads of washing and I have no problem getting it dry, but it will easiely sit in my washing basket or on my spare bed for a week (we call it Mt Washmore) ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I love routine like this — it is so soothing. One of the greatest comforts that I can remember from childhood was that my mother made us juice and a biscuit at 4.00 every afternoon.

    My day starts with tea always (also made by a lovely husband) and also includes always, always making the bed. I wish that it also included vacuuming — I have my eye on one of those Dyson thingys.

  16. I am absolutely the same….and on the VERY odd occasion when hubby doesn’t have to get up before me, I feel anxious that my bed won’t be made until I get home from the school run!
    I absolutely have to have a tidy kitchen and lounge before I go to bed too.
    Yep….routine, gotta love it ?

  17. I do a lot of these things everyday too, not because I am big into routine, it actually sort of does my head in. But everything gets soooo out of control if I don’t. Especially the laundry and the dishes. So so so much laundry. Also I am the same way with cooking I love and hate it equally! And always a little perfume ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Oh dear Beth, you are that person… the cushion fluffer…. I thought only my Mum did that??!!!! Shock horror!!!! She does it every night before she goes to bed, she must have nightmares if she doesn’t do it??? She also fluffs up the leather lounge. I guess you also squeegee the shower? DD (my Mum) even has a chamois in there – give me strength. No judgement…none.

  19. Snap! My gosh, this is so me!! I do these exact things, especially the Dyson and the made beds. There is something soothing about seeing all the beds in the house made first thing in the morning. The other thing I would add is turning lamps on first thing in the morning, and off again last thing at night. I just love the cosiness of soft lamp lights rather than using the main ones.

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