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A winner has now been chosen for the Party pack from Kit Source and the giveaway has now closed. The winner was Kate with this comment: “I’d love to win a party pack! Living in a remote Aboriginal community, we try and throw parties and make a big deal of someone special, but the supplies here are few and far between…
Always enjoy reading your blog, and trying to follow your lead with #notafatmileforchristmas First morning walk done this morning, sore from gym yesterday ??”

Original post follows:

Whilst the sun wasn’t shining as brightly as yesterday, it was warm here today and I got LOTS of things ticked off my very big to-do list, so I’m feeling pretty good. Hungry, but good (my new normal)! Plenty of good things I thought I would round up for you…


A prolific waratah season here at the moment. Absolutely stunning. And while I am not one for a naive flower, these are my exception. Must be that all time wonderful colour combo of green and red! These were taken last week at a talk I went to. It was an afternoon tea and there was champers AND cakes/tarts/baked goods all of which I had NONE. Now that my friends, is dedication to #notafatmoleforchristmas.


Do you guys remember the lovely nighties from Nightie Night Lane that I featured on the blog last year? Well I was lucky enough to get my mitts on some new ones for the girls last week (thanks Natalie!). I really love this brand, they have been my go-to pressie for the nieces and my two love wearing them. Soft, organic cotton in the sweetest prints ever. I got these for Harper and this one for Daisy (perfect for horse lovers). AND! I have a reader discount for you guys if you are getting started on the Christmas shopping. Enter the code BABYMAC at checkout for a 10% discount.


This bike riding business is SUCH a good thing for the kids. They ride around the garden every morning and afternoon and we have been riding up to School too. What a game changer for the ladies! I’m so proud that we sorted it out!


Everything about this photo is good don’t you think? My front door as pretty as a picture this time of year! How lucky are we?!


Speaking of lucky! I have a cute little giveaway for you guys from The Kit Source. I hadn’t heard of them before but as soon as I did I was like, shut up and take my money! Such a clever idea! Need to get some party supplies together for a soiree or kids party but cannot be bovvered to make a board on Pinterest and then source all the bits? Well they do it for you! They have some really great party packs available that I would be adding to cart like it’s no ones business. Except it’s Harper’s birthday tomorrow and I think I left it a little late!

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You can check out their full range online here. But they want to giveaway a $60 voucher to a BabyMac reader. Just leave a comment below saying you’d like to win and I will choose someone by Sunday 30th October at 9pm AEST. Open to Australian residents only. You can check out the T&C’s here.


Our little school was asked to perform a pretty BIG task over the weekend and cater for 280 National Trust members who were on a Garden Tour of the area. This was a great chance for us to make some money and to flex the Country sambo skills that we have a duty to keep alive. I spent all Saturday morning with a group of mum’s making 420 sandwiches, then cutting them and plating them up with a slice and some fruit. HUGE effort but just so lovely to meet some lovely people and serve them up a hearty lunch. It really was such a fun experience, as I said, the village can rest easy knowing the younger ladies can make a mean egg or chicken sambo.


And last week it was really good to see Aunty June again. She was down staying with Mum for a few nights and we had a lovely pork lunch at Mum’s. Dead set, she makes 92 look sensational. Still lives by herself and gets her hair done every week, I think there’s something in that don’t you?

What’s something good happening around/to you?
Want one of those cute party packs? Just let me know!
Think you’ll get your hair done every week when you are 92? We can bloody only hope!


  1. That bike seat and handlebars need a good ratcheting up! Look at those long legs!

    This week’s good thing, getting PAID for my first ever freelance piece, published last week.

    Yeah baby!!

  2. Beth, I need to win that voucher! The superhero party kit is perfect for my son’s superhero 4th birthday party next month…I don’t know when I’m going to have time to blow up a balloon or string up some bunting, let alone buy it all first, so money towards this kit would be an absolute lifesaver.

  3. My dear old Gran got her hair done every Wednesday up until the week before she died earlier this year at the ripe old age of 99!

  4. OMG Beth, yes yes yes please! I would so so so love the Party voucher from The Kit Source. I love nothing more than hosting the imperfect party. This would go a long way to raising the bar !!

    PS – Sambos look awesome !!

  5. Daisy’s gonna need a bigger bike for Christmas!

  6. all good beth!
    happy birthday to harper! lovely birthday goodies!
    we have a lot of birthday celebrations this weekend!
    including my dad’s who will be 91!
    stunning waratahs! and your back door entrance is a picture for sure hun!
    all good in my garden too! things are starting to bloom and grow now! and strawberries! yes!!!
    have a good one!
    love m:)X

  7. I don’t mean to be unkind but “prolific warpath season” made me giggle. We’ve definitely been having one of those around these parts!

  8. Love the Fairy Ring nightie (I ‘m a big fan of poppies). Night Time Poem nightie is down to $38.00 but only available in size 2 & 4. Your front door area is the kind I would dream of having. <3

  9. I’d love to win a party pack! Living in a remote Aboriginal community, we try and throw parties and make a big deal of someone special, but the supplies here are few and far between…
    Always enjoy reading your blog, and trying to follow your lead with #notafatmileforchristmas First morning walk done this morning, sore from gym yesterday ??

  10. Oh man, those party packs are the bomb! All three of my kids were born in September so I am happy to report I don’t need them now, but I’m filing that away for next year’s chaos. And I am off right now to check out Nighty Night Lane. Every year we all wake up in fresh PJs on Christmas morning, and my two girls would love those.

    As for good things this week, my cleaner is in my house as I type, making it look like tidy people live there, and my husband is away for work. This means I’ll get to enjoy a clean and tidy house until the weekend, when he arrives home. There is gin in the freezer and leftover pasta in the fridge. My evening is set! xxx

  11. Yes please for a chance at the party pack, they look sensational!

    My word, that’s a lot of sambos! Well done ladies.

    I just received my order of ruby olive earrings from champagne cartel, that’s the best thing to happen to me this week! Oh, and I finally got around to digging out the grass that had gown around my apple trees and mulched them too, so that was pretty satisfying 🙂

  12. Michelle E says

    Nothing like a good curried egg sambo!!

    My good thing today was finding 4packs of Drumsticks on special for 3.99…..afternoon tea sorted on a super hot QLD day.

    Party packs ooh!! My 9 year old has a tropical pool party with the gals in a few weeks and we are just missing a few golden creations to add to the pineapple love.

    Oh and I love hearing about your Aunty June, she’s gorgeous. I’m missing my Aunty Bessie who made it to 93 and she always got her hair done beautifully xxx

  13. Ooh, I’d love to get my mitts on some cute party ware!

  14. Hey Beth,
    Just have to say how gorgeous are your Mum and Aunty June together?! I can see lots of you in both of them! Even thought I don’t know you, but you know what I mean 🙂
    You have such a lovely family Beth, soak it up and enjoy that you have them in your life. Big hugs to you!
    Liz XO

  15. Yes please I’d love to go in the draw for some party ware. 🙂

  16. I’d love to win that for my niece – her 21st is coming up and those pretties would be perfect for her party.

  17. Gibbergunyah says

    The sandwiches and baked goods were DELICIOUS Beth. I knew we were in safe hands at your school!

  18. There is definitely something about having your hair done weekly. My great aunty Roma is 96. She is now in a care home and nearly blind, bless her. But, insists on having her hair done weekly. She says, ‘I may not be able to see it but others can and I can feel it!’. Love it! Self-care is so important.

  19. Best thing is seeing Auntie June in her 90’s rocking on in her own home

    I’m hoping for that for all of us!

  20. Something good happening to me is I have realised working from home is benefiting my sanity and my children’s with an upcoming tropical pool party for Miss 10 its going to be handy to have a speckle of spare time. She is coeliac so not the easiest party to cater for .

    Yep and I’m going naturally curly and hope I can pop to the hairdressers at 92 , my gran lived to 99, still had the curl on the girl x

  21. Pick me, pick me, pick me! I like party things. I’ll be you’re best frieeeeend!

  22. oh yes please! my boys are always wanting fancy pants parties and this would rock

  23. Thank for the coupon code for Nightie Night Lane. Nighties just ordered for my 3 girls and one for a Christmas present – love them!! Love the Good Things posts, such a reminder of all the good things that are so easily overlooked when you’re overwhelmed with all the other stuff! x

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