From the vault: how to fold a fitted sheet

I had a few people ask me this week about my fitted sheet video that I alluded to in a post earlier in the week and I (gasp) discovered that I don’t have the video on the blog. I know!


So here is the original video from a few years back. Now before you tell me that I am a FILTHY ANIMAL WHO FOLDS HER SHEETS ON THE FLOOR WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING DEAR LORD YOU FILTHY ANIMAL I will say this: My floors are clean. Really clean. All the time! It’s just the way that things roll around here. But if you are not me, you can use any large, flat surface to fold the sheets on. Like a dining table. Or a bed. Anywhere you choose! I choose the floor because my floor is clean, but yes, it might not be the best place for all of the people. You’re right.

Ahem. The video…

Do you fold your fitted sheets?
Or just roll them up and your eyes at such sorcery.
Happy weekend friends! Stay dry and warm x


  1. I fold mine the same way but manage to do so holding them mid air. I have long arms which helps. I have the exact same sheet set 🙂

  2. Terri-Anne says

    Thx Beth. I’ll have a go at that technique! I like today’s tip. I’m glad you brought up cleans floors. I’ve noticed how yours sparkle so brightly that sunglasses are recommended. How do you do it ? Do you clean them everyday ? What products do you use on your floorboards ?

  3. Sam Leader says

    Superior storage options is to put the folded sheets + pillowcase inside the second pillowcase ?

  4. What brand are the lovely colourful sheets please?

  5. I not only fold them, I IRON my sheets. Nuts, I know but I love an ironed sheet. And I hate that pillowcase idea. I put my pillow cases inside the top sheet last fold. (after I’ve ironed them).

  6. Susan, Mum to Molly says

    You absolutely need to continue folding your sheets on the floor.

    That way Mags can help… 🙂

  7. Mastering this skill has always been a life goal. I just feel like it will make me a better human being?

  8. I am so going to try this, sick of trying to find all my sets scattered throughout my cupboard.

  9. Brilliant! Does it work for the really nasty ones with elastic all the way around?


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