Mood lighting

You know what my favourite time of the day is? 6.30pm. Usually dinner is done and dusted and the washing up done. Baths have been bathed, there are clean children with clean bottoms and jammies on. It’s dark and the candles have been lit, the fire roaring, and the baby is usually not far off bed. Sweet Marie, the day is almost done and the chance for me to put my feet up for the first time is 12 hours is nigh, not to mention the chance for a cheeky G&T or wine that comes once Mags is down.


Can you feel it?




There is something though that I wanted to discuss in this final wind down for the day. It may not happen this early for many people (what happens when we all eat dinner at 5pm!) but you know when your jobs are done, washing up too, the final wipe down of the benches and sink….

Does anyone else tap into some mood lighting for the kitchen?


Or is that just me? I remember a few years ago now I wrote a post about washing up (yep, washing up) outlining my process for the job, revealing that the final masterstroke in a good post dinner wash up was some mood lighting. This could be a range hood, I always have a lamp on my kitchen sink (I do believe I was trying to recreate a Nancy Meyers set) but I also have some battery powered fairy lights around the sink at the moment that were put up for Christmas but I was too in love with them to take them down.

Once those are twinkling and the benches shining, I know my job is done. That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

Anyone else dabble in some post wash up mood lighting?
Candles galore at your place too?


  1. done and dusted! … good on you beth!
    I love to be finished with everything by then too!
    ok i’m getting old!;)) … but it is being proven that eating early is heaps better for us!
    and the candles look just beautiful! … certainly sets a mood, good for the wind down! … fantasy world!
    all good! love m:)X

  2. Um. Just you (and you other weird fuckers out there). I’m still cooking dinner, and then waiting (apparently all night and the next day too) for husband/kids to sort the kitchen out. I’m bloody not planning, shopping, prepping and cooking dinner AND doing the washing up too! Unless I am….

  3. Absolutely. We roll an early session here too and I always wrap up by knocking off all the lights, bar the one in the tea making area. A visual aid to all that the kitchen is closed for business for the day.

  4. Always.. Im in such a rush / mission to get those dishes done so i can dim the lights, light a candle and turn my copper string lights on. I change the batteries in these often, hubby is last to bed and forgets to turn them off. pretty to wake up to though when I walk down stairs (only upside to dark mornings). Mind you I’m usually doing dance pick ups at 8.30/9.00 so don’t get to enjoy them much. Cause its all turned back on again when my daughter walks in the door for dinner number 2 (toasted sandwiches, yes at 9pm!!!!!!) all that aside come weekends. I light up as many candles as I have…. LOVE

  5. You know what Beth I’ve never thought it as mood lighting but I do it too – dim the lights & rangehood light in the kitchen, lol! I also have mood music on the kitchen speaker. We’re late eaters with dishes/chat happening between me and my man while we wash/dry the dishes, so romantic, must be all that kitchen mood setting?XO

  6. I love mood lighting! Much prefer the lamps/ candles/ under bench lighting to the horrid bright/ show us your wrinkles lights. Just wish we could have it all done by 6.30pm but with a 12 and 14 year old and their after school shenanigans, that doesn’t happen very often x

  7. I remember that post about rangehood mood lighting…and have always left ours on since! We’ve only just started lighting candles again, and it’s so nice!

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Yes it’s the best and I love your pics mood lighting is beautiful especially in winter Beth!

  9. I sort of forget to do the mood lighting thing. Unless you count at the moment because we have a dead rat in an inaccessible part of the roof which is slowly decaying and sending lovely smells into the living room below. We have been all about scented candles in the past two weeks. Eeeeeew!

    I’m afraid that I am a hideously spoiled wife who’s husband does the dishes and cleans the kitchen every single night. So once we have eaten I swan off to read a book or cuddle with clean kidlets. Husband magically appears once he is done cleaning with a cup of tea for me. Lovely!

  10. I switch on the mood lighting as soon as the sun disappears … before the dinner prep and wash up!

  11. I love your kitchen. I am missing my lovely modern kitchen we had to leave behind in Brisbane ?. Now renting in Sydney we have a genuine 1986 wooden kitchen with no mood lighting at all and some beautiful creamy/brown vertical blinds to complete the look! But you have inspired me to try to change a few things around!

  12. I totally mood light! Currently my kitchen is entirely festooned with twinkle lights – a la Nigella’s Kitchen. It’s sparkly and pretty and whimsical and stops me losing my mind on the dark afternoons!

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