Monday meal ideas: Winter comfort food

Are we in the middle of winter yet? Certainly feels like it don’t you think? Cold days and freezing nights around these parts with endless cups of tea needed to warm me up during the day. It calls for comfort food at night. Things that will bubble on the stove top and fill the house with warming smells of deliciousness. These things won’t take hours to cook though…in under an hour all of these meals will be filling up tummies and comforting on a cold night like a warm hug from Mum.

PicMonkey Collage

Chicken cacciatore
Sausage pasta
Chicken pot pies
Oven baked spicy chorizo risotto

What’s on the cards for you guys this week? We are coming into week 2 of holidays – we have my sister and niece and nephews from Melbourne coming to stay tonight on their way through to Sydney and depending on how we feel we might try and get up to the farm later in the week. If not it will be more hanging out and being lazy while we can. Hope you all have a great week…stay warm!


  1. So nice to see some winter warmer ideas amid all the American Summer related posts (so jealous!). I’ve got to try making risotto … and that one looks delicious

  2. thanks beth! one needs hearty warming food when it’s freezing out there!
    they always look so good!
    and look at that cherub over there! blissed out hun!
    love m:)X

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