Maggie is 2 months old!

It’s OK, I am shocked too. How can it be that a whole other month has passed by and my little squawky, brand new, chicken legged baby is 2 now months old? Sheesh.


But somehow she is! The little brand new baby is being replaced with a chubbier version, with a few more chins and rolls starting to appear and of course all those beautiful smiles!

IMG_3301 IMG_3029 IMG_2974

Her sister’s are becoming a little more interested and less afraid of this precious thing that they were once scared they might break giving cuddles and chats as often as they can.

IMG_2908 IMG_3343

And Frank too has finally resigned himself to the fact that this ‘thing’ is here to stay. And he’s almost OK with it.

IMG_3349 IMG_3260

Our days are still spent mostly at home (if we can) and she still has practically only worn wonder suits and the odd cardi over the top. It’s too cold for anything else. I’ve had friends concerned that I’m not out enough but I am absolutely FINE by the fire with my baby. THIS is what I hoped for when I pictured these early days and I am so glad that the pace is so slow…it’s very different from what I had with the other two. First time anxiety and second time with a demanding toddler in tow…it’s just the two of us most days and that suits us both just fine.


See? The fashion stakes are not high. Honestly, these socks and uggies are the sweetest things that ever there were!

IMG_2728 IMG_3081

All this relaxed pace and warmth by the fire has created a happy baby girl who sleeps well, eats well and seems very pleased with everything in between.

IMG_3145 IMG_3286

So here’s to month 3 little one, please try and slow down a little if you can. I hope you always stay as calm and happy as you are now. I swear you know the secrets of the world and were sent here to teach us all. What ever did we do without you? And as SO many of us in this family keep saying…thank GOODNESS for Maggie!


  1. So gorgeous Maggie!
    I love the photo with Daisy and Maggie, made me shed a little tear to see such sweetness!
    It’s wonderful you can enjoy her and stay at home by the fire and really take her in!
    Beautiful family!

  2. Oh this is so beautiful Beth. Maggie is such a little dolly. You are doing an amazing job! X

  3. yes, you have a little gem there beth! … adorable!
    very engaged and loving communicating! … what a beautiful start to life she is having! basically due to you! … well done hun! … love m:)X

  4. Oh Beth, she looks just like you. I am so glad you are enjoying being at home and taking each day as it comes. A calm mummy is the best thing for a calm baby.

    We have just had our 11 month old granddaughter in New York for 12 days. She was a delight. Handled the 14 hour flight to Dallas and then another 4 hours to NY just fine. Her mum took her home alone and they have arrived safely back in Sydney. We miss her already, we are in the US for another 4 weeks.

    Greetings from Boston, the weather is hot!

  5. Pleasing. On many levels.

  6. Those little uggs! I love baby shoes! Time goes so fast doesn’t it! My baby is 2 next month!

  7. Golly gosh she is gorgeous! I love how in some of the pics she has this look on her face as if to say ” Seriously Ma, you want me to pose for another photo” , but please keep the photos coming, she is just so darn cute!

  8. Oh, no wonder you don’t want to go out much! So much conversation to have with Miss Maggie. She is so cute!
    It’s very sensible to be staying in during winter, keeping her safe from all the winter lurgies that are about, plus its so cold where you are at the moment.

  9. keep the slow, at home pace up Beth because life is cosy & easy at home. I’ll admit to staying home as much as possible with my two even though they are 2 & 1 now. They prefer to be running wild outdoors or creating chaos inside & I prefer it too. Plus having two toddlers out in public can be NUTS sometimes!

  10. Catherine says

    So adorable

  11. Particularly cute baby girl. I only have a few more hours of tummy kicks left as mine is coming out tomorrow – pretty sure mine is a boy though

  12. Beth where are those baby uggies from?? I need something for my little bundle…

  13. Alimacmac says

    Perfection is staying home and just drinking your babe in! I loved being a home bod when my two were little, special times never to be repeated. And now that my two are nearly 11 and 6, I cherised those bonding times with my tiny babies.. We don’t all have to rush around.. Enjoy! xx

  14. such gorgeous photos, love the one of your two girls. So precious x

  15. oww my ovaries. so lovely.

  16. That video is just GORGEOUS!! It’s like she is just busting to talk your ear off

  17. those baby ugg boots are insanely cute!

  18. Poor Frank.
    Of course – his joy will come when Maggie starts on solids. You certainly won’t need to vacuum, sweep or mop 🙂

  19. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Beth you are doing a wonderful job ,it’s a truly special time and I love that you e spent a lot of time at home enjoy it ,time flies so fast and I remember talking to my babies like that Xx

  20. Hi Beth,

    So beautiful to see a little reflection of you !! Cannot believe she is 2 months, seems like only 2 months ago I seen that ultrasound pic of a new addition of baby Mac !! Keep up the good work and the amazing real life grounding life posts

  21. What a fantastic video, Maggie is beautiful.

  22. Debs Sutton says

    All those girls of yours are pretty scrumptious Beth. Enjoy every second of them because before you know it they’ll be 31 & 29, and you’ll be grandparents!!!! Xxx

  23. I am so over having kids since I am so old (45) and my girls are so old (15&13) but goddamit you are making me clucky with every Maggie post that I absolutely love. Maybe I should just find a friend nearby and get a gorgeous baby cuddle.

  24. What a beautiful and precious girl. I see so much of you in her Beth. So glad you are taking things slow, and enjoying this precious time, it’s over so quickly. <3

  25. Kim Abbate says

    Oh my stars! That little eyebrow raise as she’s ‘talking’ just adds to her wise look. She is positively edible Beth.

  26. Maggie is just a delight. Thank you for sharing her with us. Cluck, cluck, cluck…

  27. Holy hormonal tear up! Maggie you sweet, sweet girl…how on earth did you get to be 2 months old already?!

    Also, that raised eyebrow thing? I die.

  28. Oh my holy crap Beth! That video of Mags has just floored me. Far out she is dead set gorgeous!!!! These two months seem to have flown by. Slow down beautiful girl!!

  29. So precious! Enjoy every second

  30. My womb just exploded, Maggie is just superb!

  31. She is just BEAUTIFUL 🙂
    Enjoy that time by the fire xo

  32. Late to the party here but just wanted to say loved, loved, loved the video of Miss Maggie chatting away. I wouldn’t be leaving the house in a hurry either if I had such a lovely miss at home to be with x

  33. She is such a cutie!
    I love her lovely round belly! Full of the good stuff!
    I too am loving the slow days with my little lady…it feels like such a treat to have this time with her!

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