Things that make me happy


I just sat down to some leftover birthday cake from my nieces 7th birthday yesterday, along with a piping hot cup of tea, all enjoyed at home, alone (well Mags was sleeping and Frank roaming outside). Given the rate I consume cake and tea, it was a very pleasant 47 seconds while it lasted. I had a chat with my friend Mrs Woog and she sat and listened to me bitch about this and that, complain about other things and lament about the mind fuck that can occur in the first 6 weeks of your newborn childs life. Oh it’s a WONDERFUL time, no doubts about it, but it can be exhausting and at times a little suffocating. The past few days saw me spiral into a world of newborn claustrophobia where I only felt useful for keeping humans alive and the washing pile down. Because that’s all I seem to be doing at the moment…washing, feeding, settling, unpacking the dishwasher, washing, putting washing away and then rinse, repeat. It’s a very important job right now, but given the amount of effort it takes to get this done and my lack of desire to do anything else, you can see that your self worth and importance can take a little dive during this time. Because really, no one gives a SHIT how well you fold washing and put it away and correctly stack a dishwasher to get maximum dishes in there for optimum clean now do they?

So instead of lamenting about all the things that I’m not at the moment, or all the things that I’m not doing and whilst I could remind myself that I’m doing ALL I need to be doing at the moment, and that’s the actual most important thing, my eyes would roll so far in the back of my head they have the potential to roll all the way around, so let’s just accept that I’m the way I am and that’s OK.

So as my friend Mrs Woog said to me, it’s time to focus on things that make me happy. So I thought I would write a list of things that make me happy. Things BESIDES cute baby smiles (that make me really happy).

So here goes. A happy list if you will, to look on at times when I’m not feeling so happy.

1. Lemon curd on tiny pikelets with strawberries and cream


2. Sleeping on a mattress topper with freshly washed flanno sheets. And not having to get up for anyone in the night
3. Eating pork crackle
4. Having a really good loud sing off in the car alone to bad 80’s music
5. Staying in hotels
6. Travelling on a plane in business class. Especially that glass of champagne you get BEFORE take off
7. Freshly mopped floors that you’ve done yourself
8. Getting a massage or pedicure or any kind of spa treatment


9. Being on the first day of a long summer holiday knowing you have so many good days ahead


10. A good custard tart
11. Fresh flowers dotted around my home
12. Lighting a fire and hearing it crackle as it starts up
13. A hot deep bath with no children interrupting you
14. Dinner outside on a warm summers night
15. Hot potato scallops enjoyed at the beach post swim as the salt dries on your skin
16. My two favourite P words…pork and prosecco


17. Freshly sharpened pencils
18. The feeling when ALL the girls home work is done for the week
19. A clean baby fresh out of the bath in a wondersuit
20. A well made HOT coffee

There’s so much stuff that’s good isn’t there? And this list could go on but there are kids about to walk in the door and a squarking baby needing my attention. Today I will take the supermarket shopping done solo which allowed me to sing loudly (and badly) in the car by myself AND the cake and tea. They made me happy.

How about you?
What’s some stuff that makes you happy?
What’s done the trick today?


  1. Your posts are keeping me sane! I feel exactly the same with my 4 week old! All the happy hormones have gone and now I feel like the world is a big bad place for my baby. I just have to focus on one day at a time and the thought of making an appointment and leaving the house is terrifying, ha ha. We are flying to Sydney next week with bubba and toddler in tow which is freaking me out!!!!
    I’m also busy working from home trying to squeeze that in between breast feeding and baby naps which is a tad challenging. This is what I am looking forward to in the hopefully near future!
    – a glass of champagne
    – sleeping for more than 6 hours straight at night or even 5 or 4
    – going to dinner with my husband without bubba or at least if she comes she sleeps the whole time, might even get that champagne
    – being able to read the entire Sunday papers on Sunday! Not finishing them on Thursday
    – some me time
    – being able to fit into my clothes!!!!
    – waiting for that first smile from bubba, awwwww

  2. Hugs sweet Beth. It’s hard, so hard sometimes. I snuck out for some solo grocery shopping yesterday morning & took a sly extra 20 minutes & had breakfast & a hot cuppa ON MY OWN! It was bliss. Hugs to you. It’ll be ok xxx

  3. Scrubbing the kitchen bin with bleach. That’s made me as happy as a pig in sh*t!!! I can’t stop looking at how clean my effing kitchen bin is and high-fiving myself mentally that I got that done today amongst the small children insanity. Bizarre the things that make me happy while I’m home with a baby and toddlers….. even I think (know?) I’m mental! ๐Ÿ™‚ ps. Great list! How good does hot tea and cake taste during those sleep windows?

  4. Ohhhhhhh, time by myself (three under three, nearly impossible) ~ pedi and mani ~ coffee and cake in a cafe with a good book ~ new home stuff ~ clean linen and shaved legs ~ Sunday session with live music with the girls ~ a good hair day ~ all three girls in bed without a tantrum ~ really nice hand cream

  5. The one thing I remember about those early weeks is feeling so lonely. Even if there’s a houseful of people, it’s a weird sense of isolation. I don’t think I’m explaining it properly. Anyhoo, my head is SO full of stuff at the moment, big stuff I need to tackle that just seems to big at the moment and it’s completely put me in a fog.

    Things that make me happy – lazy summer beach holidays, with a drink in my hand, kids freshly showered and glowing from a day of sun and salt. Being able to sit outside in the evenings and not melt (not possible here at the moment). A good old belly laugh with a friend that knows you well.


    • I know exactly that feeling Corinne. And then suddenly one day it lifts and you realise life is liveable again!

  6. I’m still having meltdowns & I’m 13 months post bloody post-partum!

    Things that are making me happy today-

    No washing!
    Seeing my best friend for an hour.
    A cold can of coke at lunch.
    Eating lunch that included sourdough & mayo made by me.
    Making mint jelly to go on a roast lamb.
    A new cookbook & magazine arriving in the post.
    No football training tonight.
    My periods finishing.

    Noting fancy but all smile inducing.
    Big love Beth xx

  7. I would never underestimate the excellence of a well stacked dishwasher. Daily I find myself pointing out improvements and tipping cups of icky water down the sink. If only all family members appreciated it *sigh

  8. Oh I’m hearing you loud and clear! I’m feeling the same with my 10-week-old baby girl. So. Much. Washing. You forget just how much washing these little people produce!
    I love your list of favourite things. I’m totally with you on the baby fresh from the bath in an ever so soft Wondersuit … and a custard tart. Yum. For me, it’s also a mocha with mud cake or even just a fresh cup of tea … one that I haven’t had to reheat 10 times before drinking ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Lamb shanks in the oven at 3.30pm!
    Lady, you are doing brilliantly. I considered a shower an achievement in the first six weeks. Actually, the first three months and probably longer!

  10. Your blog makes me happy Beth. Other things on the list:
    Going to the library does the trick. Even when I gave tubes to pay like I did today.
    Chocolate donuts.
    My bed. Oh my bed.
    Taking my bra off.
    Reading a book – that feeling of everything else receding. Bliss.

    Lots of stuff.

  11. Haha!! Gave tubes??? I had fines to pay at the library.

  12. I’ll tell you what’s making me happy this week: only having to go to work for 3 days and then having 3 very special visitors coming to stay. Happy days ahead! x

  13. Great list Beth, it’s definitely the simple pleasures…
    I’d like to add:
    – freshly mown lawns
    – clean windows
    – hot, buttery toast with jam
    – the smell of book shops
    – still days with no wind
    – discovering how wonderful ladies in your life are as you get older.
    – Your words. And you’re right, the newborn state if mind is a true fucked-in-the-head one. But I’m actually hoping desperately to join you there tomorrow. 5 days overcooked with no. 2 :/

  14. Awesome list… and now I’m craving pork! #19 oh my!
    I found this playlist on Spotify which has brightened my commute. Its called songs to sing in the car. Not appropriate to break out in song on the bus right now but you might like it for those solo car trips. Xx

  15. I am day 10 into a detox and you made me drool all over the screen with that piklet photo! Hmmm I would say;
    1. A day with no plans
    2. Being on the couch with hubby
    3. A snuggly cat
    4. A good book that you can’t put down
    5. The ocean
    6. Sticky date pudding
    7. A bath
    8. Piper Champagne
    9. Sushi
    10. New undies

  16. Gorgeous post. So funny. I wrote my own happy list yesterday too because like you I needed to! I must say, I don’t have a newborn though and I honestly think you’re amazing for doing what you can do in that crazy 4th trimester.

  17. I am a few weeks ahead of you with the new baby stuff. We are at 12 weeks now and it is slowly getting easier, although the toddler is being a menace these days. I know the feeling though and at the moment feel like my days are spent cleaning up the messes, laundry, organising cupboards that I cleaned up just yesterday. I wish things would stay done. The things that make me happy are:
    1. When my husband takes the 3 oldest kids to swimming and I am left at home alone with baby to vaccum and sweep and mop the floor. I actually enjoy it because at least I don’t have to talk to anyone.
    2. Freshly vacuumed carpet.
    3. Hot tea and a magazine
    4. Rain on a colour bond roof when I’m in bed.
    5. Fresh sheets and pjs.
    6. Watching the kids play nicely together and having fun.
    7. Being alone at an appointment where they are running late so There is nothing to do but have some guilt free solo time to browse on my iPhone.

  18. Lisa Mckenzie says

    All the Yeses Beth sometimes it’s the little things that make us happy….enjoy Xx

  19. Caroline says

    Hi Beth, reading your blog makes me happy!!

    Congrats on your gorgeous baby.

  20. Burying my head in my golden retriever’s neck and scrunching his ears and kissing his snout. And wishing he were 2 instead of 7.

    Traveling with our adult children (we’re now in France with two of them).
    Coming back home.
    Baking bread–any kind of bread.
    Reading your blog–makes me feel more in touch with our Australian kids. I know some Aussie slang now! And your stories make me happy.

  21. Doesn’t matter what you write about, you always put a smile on everyone’s face. Thank you. And I hope you enjoyed that cake xx

  22. Baking.
    And pork crackle.
    And any time spent at a spa.
    And reading a really good book.

  23. I ask you, how on earth do you wash your topper??? I tried it in the washing machine but no good, it is WAY too big.

  24. Bought some new sheets today. That’s pretty much all it takes!!

  25. I love your list! Here’s mine:
    – Finding happy mail in the postbox
    – Baking a cake (eating it comes a close second)
    – Patting random puppies
    – Sunshine
    – Dumplings
    – Running
    – Birthdays (anyone’s and everyone’s)
    – Bubbles (not troubles)
    – Blogging
    and of course, reading your post.
    PS I’m for all the P’s – Prosecco, pork crackling and pikelets!

  26. At the moment and In no particular order: clean sheets, season three of OITNB, early morning darkness cuddles and life observations from my seven year old, a red wine I bought for 10 bucks that is bloody good, school holidays in the near future, doing a wee without interruption, the first sip of morning coffee and the 2 bunches of Earlycheer that are living on my buffet. Last week, I did have the shits…and then my beautiful friend told me she has breast cancer. I’ve spent the weekend thinking about her and what she is/will have to go through and being bloody grateful for everything I have.

  27. Having a new Kardashian ep ready to watch!

  28. This is such a wonderful list and so many of these things make me happy as well. Can I confess that I’m almost ten years into this parenting gig and sometimes I *still* feel that all I’m good for is keeping people alive and keeping the laundry pile under control? I’m starting to think it will be like this til my dying day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. YES!! Clean floors. And the kids are out so they will stay that way for a while so I can enjoy them!!

  30. Beth you should be proud that you do the washing and dishwashing- when I had the twins ALL I did was breastfeed and change nappies for 6 months. I had to have a shower before Rob left for work otherwise it didn’t happen, and the only other task I set myself was eating lunch. The few times I tried cooking dinner ended in disaster (rice pudding overflowing the rice cooker and into 3 drawers before I realised, or dropping a corn dish just out of the oven- splattering my bare legs with boiling hot sweet corn)- so I was banned!
    Just read about the thrush – ahh – sounds terrible after you’ve already dealt with mastitis. Here’s hoping the next week is better. Xxx

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