The Newborn Files #4

Kate headed out into the world this week and showed off her “post baby body” 6 weeks after giving birth. Which was just actually her body. No big deal. I think more attention should be paid  to George’s ADORABLE CARDIGAN.


I wonder how Kate’s boobs are doing, because I am a little obsessed with boobs at the moment given my current boobage dilemmas I am facing. See also: mastitis and nipple thrush.


I know Kate, NIPPLE THRUSH. What the?! I had no idea this was even a THING before this week when I started to get very sharp pains (as in bolts of electricity) out of my nipples post feed. And then a throbbing pain for 45-60 mins AFTER a feed. Any pain (besides during let down in the first few weeks of feeding) isn’t normal so I got googling. After extensive scouring of forums and the like I diagnosed myself with nipple thrush and packed up little Mags on a wet winters day to head to the Dr.

After waiting an HOUR after my appointment time I was taken in only to have the GP pretty much do everything I did (he had never even heard of it before) so I told him what was required which I then found out I could have got straight over the counter at the chemist (insert gun emoticon here) then we got to the chemist only to see that the thing he wanted me to get was now discontinued so we had to wait for the Dr to call the chemist but he was seeing patients and did I mention it was raining and I had a 4 week old with me?!!! Anyway, long story short, I’ve got drops for Mags, cream for me and hopefully in a few more days time I will be pain free again. Honestly, it’s a BUSINESS this breastfeeding thing…especially when I thought I was doing so well. I fear the antibiotics from the mastitis led to the thrush. I didn’t know that the pro-biotics I was taking to keep the bad stuff at bay was being counteracted because I was taking the antibiotics at the same time. It’s all SO CONFUSING and HARD. But I think the main thing to focus on when you’re in pain, feeling a little down and out about it all is to look at your baby. And my baby? Well, she’s doing JUST fine. And that’s all that matters.


But tantrums this week? Oh, I’ve had a few. I have blown up at my poor family poor times than I care to admit. Cried over silly things, screamed on the inside AND the outside and have tried to turn my attention to non sugary things (a side effect of this thrush business is to lay off sugar) which has been the hardest. Because if I don’t have my biscuits/baked goods/fruit and nut chocolate WHAT ELSE IS THERE FOR ME?  It’s not been pretty friends, not pretty at all.

Whilst I’ve been dealing with nipple thrush, Kate has had to make sure she had no visible bum hang out at all times. Imagine papps taking shots of your every move? There’d be so many shots of me eating custard tarts in my car. Oh George! That baby blue cardi! Oh Kate! That pert little bottom!


I bought this card for my sister’s birthday last week. A memo we could all use from time to time ESPECIALLY when dealing with newborns and babies. Actually toddlers too. And emotional 5 year olds. Actually, anyone with children. And those without. People, just people, we’re all doing a good job. We are!


I tell you what job I have been doing a lot of:


But we’ve been dealing with tricky circumstances this week: RAIN. And lots of it (yes it’s come to me talking about the weather and washing what of it?!). Perfect for not feeling guilty about watching Netflix in your pj’s all week but not so good for the washing pile. Don’t get mad at me environment, but I’ve been dabbling with the clothes dryer. I do believe the weather is clearing though so hold onto your hat Beth! There’ll be some action this weekend! Thank goodness the fun never stops!


Anyone would think I was sounding a little cranky. I’m not really…I am actually doing a WHOLE lot better than I was a few days ago and was crying in agony. I tell you what though, as much as this keeping a baby alive business is hard work, so is keeping YOUR mental head space cleared out and positive in these first 6 weeks. It takes just as much effort and self kindness.  IMG_2360

Ways I’ve found help me with my head space this week have been:

  • Having a shower and getting dressed every day (I know this sounds so ridiculously simple but in newborn fog this is a big deal
  • Getting outside for fresh air
  • Getting in the car and turning music up REALLY loudly
  • Doing anything by yourself
  • Getting my eyebrows waxed
  • Ticking just one thing off my to do list every day (that list could be: have a shower)
  • Making a hair appointment (just making the appointment has made me feel better)
  • Lots of water (tea is water just saying)
  • Having a chat with friends on the phone
  • Catching up with friends for an hour for coffee out in the real world
  • Planning an overseas holiday in a few months time
  • Wrapping freshly bathed babies in white towels


I’ve also been slowly getting back into cooking. Nothing very exciting, but slowly, slowly. Doing something that you used to do without a second thought and that now takes a WHOLE lot of thought can make you feel like you’ve still got it! For me that’s cooking, and the odd blog post. I’ve still got it!


And I’ve got butter on fresh white bread. And there’s nothing much more a breastfeeding woman could need.

So that’s where we’re at. Easing breast issues. Easing sugary conditions. Increasing washing piles. And a gorgeous, happy almost 5 week old. We’re doing OK.

If you have a newborn, try and treat yourself with as much kindness, patience and love as you have shown that little one. YOU DESERVE IT. You’re doing a REALLY good job. Nipple thrush and all.

Happy weekend friends, hope you have a good one planned x


  1. I’m glad you’re on the improve. Well done to you Mama!! You’re kicking goals and Maggie is just too gorgeous for words. Jx

  2. Fiona Guglielmi says

    You are doing an amazing job…

  3. Gosh the time just goes nowhere. Sorry to hear you’ve had all those boobs issues. Mastitis is one of my arch enemies from way back. Yummo, all that butter, that’s exactly how I like my buns! x

  4. SmittenKitten says

    I wouldn’t have thought you’d lost it, I’m only new to your blog and it is lovely!
    We hope to start trying for a baby in a few months, once my husband has calmed down and all that…so this blog is a joy to me. I had no idea nipple thrush was even a thing so it is educational too!

  5. I’m so pleased you’re doing better. The newborn phase is hard. Beautiful, but hard. I’m the first of my friends to have a baby and I remember making a mental note to tell them that for the first 6 weeks your only daily goal should be to have a shower (and keep the baby fed and clean obviously). Only after 6 weeks should you worry about having a second task on your to-do list. One day it might be shower and a load of washing or shower and prep dinner but don’t expect more than two tasks off your to do list for a while. With a 12 week old I was still flat chat getting showered, dressed and out the door by 10.30am! Heaven knows how mums of more than one cope. You should all get a live in nanny (funny and free of course) for 3 months minimum. You’re doing great Beth. Wonderful even!

  6. I hope all the breast issues sort themselves out soon. Over the years I have used drops for oral thrush on lots of our foster babies, the ones we had smelled like cherries & the babies loved them. The photo of Maggie asleep with her liitle arms in the air is gorgeous, I have a photo of my first baby asleep like that, he will be 18 in a couple of months……..where does the time go ?

  7. I have been eating all of the bread and all of the butter.
    I often make a cake so I can get both a quick batter fix and then the actual cake.
    So very hungry!
    And how good are freshly bathed babes. I always want to keep Lyddie nuddie for a little while so I can admire her adorable bum…and I often end up regretting that decision!

  8. From memory you should get some sun on your nipples, super appealing in this weather I know.
    Hope it all settles down for you, breastfeeding can just be such a pain!

  9. Oh the joys of early breastfeeding days. I remember getting roaring mastitis with Leo at about three weeks. Got on the ABs quick smart then a few days later found myself with a baby who did NOT stop screaming for 6 hours. Screaming like he was being hurt. Ended up in hospital where the lovely midwife told me ‘oh yeah, he has a really sore tummy it’s a common reaction to the ABs you’re taking’. Great, thanks for letting me know GP that prescribed them.

    I think your daily to-do list sounds perfect. Showering, getting dressed, feeding the baby and looking after two other kids is a FULL time job. Cooking – that’s just showing off Mrs Mac.

  10. I think you’re doing a bloody amazing job!

  11. I was watching “The Silent River’ on the ABC the other night – a mini-series based in Kate Grenville’s novel about our early settlers. The wife got mastitis after her 3rd child and nearly died but for the local aboriginals feeding her eels, of all things. I thought of you and how fortunate we are to have antibiotics these days – or else we would be eating eels too!!!!! I repeatedly had mastitis with my two boys. A couple of times I was bedridden but I eventually realised that I needed to have some antibiotics on hand and started taking them the second I felt even the slightest bit feverish. Never got to experience the joys of nipple thrush though. Sounds awful. What women have to endure! You well and truly deserve your bread and butter! You are doing an amazing job. I am besotted with your beautiful baby. (PS. If you are wanting Something to watch whilst feeding, I can highly recommend The Silent River. The second and final episode is on this Sunday and of course you can catch the first episode on iview.)

    • Oh I will have a look – loved that book! Man I would have died many times over with my dodgy breastfeeding boobs. How lucky we are!

  12. Cristina Pink says

    Hi! I’m an LC in melbourne. Here are two reputable sites with lots of info. Not Australian sorry but ABA will have some stuff too…

    Good luck!

  13. On Beth i feel your pain. I got thrush in the ducts with my son following mastitis and it was a pain like no other for up to 2 hours post feed. After a feed was worse. They told me putting lanolin and cream on the nipples kept the bug in. With the right meds it clears up quickly though. Maggie is just divine – you are doing an awesome job!

  14. I loved this post and loved your things to do for yourself list. Man did I feel accomplished if I was showered and out of my pj’s before hubby got home…keep going beautiful Beth. You and your family are doing more than ok and you deserve very moment of bliss coming your way. Bloody mastitis AND nipple thrush…bloody cruel world. Hugs and have a beautiful weekend xx

  15. hope you are on the mend soo beth! … not nice for you hun!
    mags is adorbs!
    she looks like she is doing ballet in her sleep!
    kate looks like she’s been at the gym!
    look after yourself! … much love m:)X

  16. Beth!
    Oh dear mastitis and nipple thrush sux big time. I had both too with my daughter and nipple thrush with my son. With my daughter the mastitis kept reoccurring. Anytime you begin to feel like the flu coming on but with such atrong head pain, then attack the mastitis head on with warm showers, massaging the area, rest, breastfeeding. I always was on the look out for red breasts. But like you said the thrush feels like electricity. So painful. The things we mamas do! Keep up the good job Maggie is so sweet and seems content and you are looking so fine! We also feel so down and out about John snow but I think there is always some sort of new life in that show! Have a great night out!

  17. YOU are doing a fucking great job Beth! The first six weeks are hard, the first year is hard, hell it’s all hard! But it’s all good too or else we ouldnt go back again & again & do it would we ?

    I hope hope the sun shines & boobs are pain free real soon Hun xx

  18. Amanda G says

    Oh that first picture of Maggie in this post is just beautiful. So peaceful.

  19. I had forgotten (almost!) how hard this newborn stuff can be. But, little Maggie is just SO adorable. As are Kate and George. Surely she must get sick of those cameras. Have a lovely weekend with your tribe and take care x

  20. I think you’re doing awesome. If you had a sticker chart, it would be chock FULL of gold stars. May the week ahead be full of sunshine and baked goods!

  21. Here’s hoping this is the end of your breastfeeding issues, and it’s plain sailing for you both from now on. Gosh, you’ve had a rough early run. But, look at you go – sorting it out and getting on with it. Go you!
    Now the sun’s back out- get out and photosynthesise for a bit. A bit of winter sun is good for your soul.

  22. Josie Mcbride says

    Oh dear…..nipple thrush. The. Worst. Pain. Ever. Watching me breast feed even reduced my husband to tears.
    Fucking great job Beth. If you are wearing matching shoes you are winning. Well done you. X

  23. Nipple thrush! I had it with my daughter a few months ago. Not fun. My husband and I still giggle every time we say the word “thrush” though. Probably about the worst word in the English language. That and “moist”. At least it makes me laugh at an unlaughable situation! Thank goodness for the creams and potions and lotions. I spent $90 at the chemist last week just for my baby girl’s eczema. $90! Ridiculous. Hope the boobs are much better in no time and the tantrums subside too. You are doing a great job!

  24. wish this post had a like button 🙂

  25. Sorry you have had such a tough time. All I can say is RESPECT, mumma.

  26. I am a new reader to your blog, and as a FTM to a 4 week old, you are really helping me. So thank you x

    • Oh thanks Jess…hope you are going OK…it’s VERY overwhelming when it’s your first. So much self doubt but I bet you are doing a great job!!

  27. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I hope you’re feeling a bit better Beth ,you’re doing a great job and don’t forget it Xx

  28. Oh lady, that’s a whole lot of STUFF to be going through. I hope you had a lovely relaxing weekend with the fam and are feeling a whole lot better this week. Smoosh Maggie for me, please. x

  29. Oh I can totally relate to the boob hell you had last month. I had both thrush and mastitis at once soon after my first daughter was born. Agony! Then issues with a tongue tie & cracked nipples this time. So much hurts! Glad your latest update has everything going pretty well. Maggie is adorable and not much older than my own new addition 🙂

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