One thing: The stopped clock

It’s been a productive week on the home front – namely because we have spent so much time there. Poor Rob was so sick in bed pretty much all week (today is the first time I can see an end in sight PRAISE BUDDHA) so I’ve been here too. I didn’t really have #onething that I wanted to tackle this week, well I did, but they were all yukky things that required far more energy than I had (see: cupboard of doom in hallway, ALL my kitchen cupboards etc) so I sat and there it was staring down at me!

For those of you not playing along, #onething is where I do just ONE THING from my to-do list, but not your every day to-do list. Oh no, this is the list of non essential items that sort of kind of need to get done but it’s no biggie if they don’t get done until next week, or next month, or um, next year. Those things. Just one. Every week.

And this #onething has been hanging around for oh, you know, just 4 AND A HALF YEARS. That would make it since we moved in here. I know! It’s the clock, that clock up there on that wall that is too high to get to and of course has been stuck on the wrong time for all that time. And I have been relevantly OK with that. See? I am a paradox wrapped in a conundrum (or something) so finicky about somethings, and obviously not about others.


So what better time to tackle that clock, all the way up there than when pregnant and alone with no help around me. Right?! I got on a ladder (it was safe ish I promise Rob) and I managed to get that clock down and then I managed to get a new one up (with actual numbers on it so I can keep hounding the girls on what the time is and the roman numerals were proving a little difficult) and get it repositioned a little lower and I tell you what, I breathed out a huge sigh of relief.

Done. After all that time. Took me about 10 minutes all together, 10 minutes after almost 5 years. Why did I let that take so long? This #onething business is changing lives, I tell you! Or clocks and batteries at least…


Does anyone else have something on their list that is this old I wonder?
What was your one thing this week?
Go choose something, right now, just have a look around and there will be something waiting…


  1. The Little Red Hen says

    I actually find myself quoting your “just one thing” mantra several times a week AND doing something about it. Life-changing-no exaggeration. And you might be interested to know that I’m managing to knock these things off my list even with my 3rd baby at 6 months old (& a 3 & 6 yo). It doesn’t take that long to get everything back to a state where you can get shiz done. Not a lot, mind you, and not all the time. But often. This time last year when I was pregnant (& sounds like the way you’ve been feeling, wondering how we would get ourselves all together again) I liked hearing about people with 3 who were surviving and thriving…

  2. Damn, daylight savings will have you up there again in a few weeks! Loving the #onething idea too, it’s helped me write a huge list and boy I felt better once I wasn’t carrying it around in my head all the time! Being pregnant it’s also helped with the nesting instincts too. This house should be tip top by the time bub comes, except then you get busy with bub and it all falls by the wayside again…

  3. I put some old footy photos of my husbands in a frame that we were given 5 years ago the other week! They look great and was so simple but FIVE YEARS! 🙂 I like seeing your #onething just to see more interior shots of your house. I love it, always looks so cosy.

  4. Good job – but no more ladders for you please lady.
    And by the way why hasn’t #babymacbump taken off like a rocket??

  5. I really need to adopt this just one thing movement coz I have a gazillion things that need doing and if I chip away one thing at a time well geez PROGRESS!! You – duffed and up a ladder makes me nervous. Please pick a safer ‘just one thing’ next time! Hope Rob is well again soon! 🙂 x


    I had the same damn clock and the thing stopped and sat there staring at me for MONTHS and I was all meh.

    Then a few weeks ago I get all domestic in that corner and fixed it up and replaced it with a clock ALMOST THE DAMN SAME.


  7. Jo Lloyd says

    We pulled down the last inside remnants of my hubbies single life….the pool table almost 2 years ago, however the pool stick thingy still hangs on the wall…..I’m going to get that shit down this week. Hubby hates painting so keeps putting off taking it down with the….”I’ll have to paint”…..I’m going to get some Ikea frames and cover the holes with the kids artwork…..

  8. Mine was an all day job today. We have had a set of ikea expedit shelves which have housed the kids toys since they were tiny. And lately they have only used some of them, and clearly grown out of most of the others (tea sets, train tracks, blocks and so on). I want to get rid of the shelves, and change the space. So it was the torturous negotiation with the kids of getting rid of the toys, and taking photos of the shelves to go on gumtree, and a purge of toys/assorted junk in the kids rooms in the process.
    Another half hour dismantling the shelves so they can go safely down the stairs and we’re done.

  9. Yep, love the one thing approach for those stupid lists, not the daily ones like hoovering etc but the take it or leave it ones..
    I did two today.. bug sprayed the whole house perimeter and ordered some draw dividers for my undies draw.. did hubbys 3 years ago and been meaning to do mine ever since!!

  10. My one thing this week was completing my tax! Sorry ATO… It had been sitting there on my computer ready to submit for AGES but because I was having so much trouble logging into myGov I just gave up after awhile. You would think a nice return would be enough motivation but that myGov was a real pain. Finally got it in yesterday, yay me!

    • Urgh…I need to get my tax done before the baby comes. I can’t say I am looking forward to it. But the feeling afterwards? THE BEST.

  11. love this one thing bizzo. I need to frame some photos too. Can’t wait to see what you do next x

  12. I love this series, it’s very inspirational. I have SO MANY things, and it’s nice to take a breath and say ‘You know what? They don’t all have to be done now, (and therefore nothing gets done as my head goes into paralyzing overdrive) I can just do ONE THING this week.’ Thanks xx

  13. I let the nesting take control this weekend – I hired a steam cleaner from Bunnings and went to town on every surface available! Couches, rugs, mattresses…you name it, it got steamed within an inch of its life. Then I moved a chest of drawers, rearranged wardrobes and clothing and storage and just plain went insane. The husband was constantly badgering me about silly things like drinking water and resting in between tasks but I was on a mission! Am totally paying for it today but holy shit do I feel smug about the steamy cleanliness of EVERYTHING. One more big tick off the list before bubba arrives 🙂

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