Miscellaneous 64 {The holiday edition}

We arrived at the beach Friday night to a very sea-misty and dreary evening. The state of the windows got me in a red hot panic as you can imagine (matters like this concern me very much) but Rob said I was not to do anything until the morning. How DO you sea siders COPE?!

The morning came. And of course saw me out on the deck scrubbing those windows with dishy liquid and water and throwing buckets of fresh water over them (not a hose in sight). Of course the splash back came back entirely on me in my pi’s and there was basically a very wet pj pregnant woman scrubbing away. You can visualise the complete opposite of cute women in denim cut offs at a soapy car wash. If you are after a visual that is.

This is much better. Because: CLEAN WINDOWS.


I even took to Instagram to ask my style icon (who I bow down at her altar of superior wall papers of) for her beachside window washing techniques. You should TOTALLY follow @jennyroseinnes for THE most beautiful instagram feed ever. Only follow if you like vignettes, good gardening, cooking and amazing soft furnishings, but if you do like those things Jenny is for you! And she’s currently at her beach house down at the south coast.

Eat your heart out Hamptons!


Threw myself in the sea Saturday afternoon for the first time when our guests arrived. That first dive under the wave that takes your breath away, makes the salt sting your eyes and water dribble out of your nose. The watching of the waves as they come in, under, over.

Sunday morning Daisy went for her first proper swim “out the back” holding tightly to hands I watched her eyes open wide as she worked out what to go under, over. The joy of truly experiencing the sea for the first time.

There’s just nothing like salt water is there?


Nikki and I went for a walk yesterday morning with Frank thinking it would be a lovely meander down the coast line. It was NOT. We left it too late so it was HOT and the sand? Well it was soft and kind of slope-y. We got back in a red hot, sweaty mess. Nikkers complaining of her hip and me of my achilles and right calf. Rob got back from his run and immediately took an anti-inflammatory. We’re not the young things we used to be.

I am most certainly not. I am truly struggling to embrace this preggo body at the beach. Get over yourself Bev.


Plenty of platters being trotted out.

Did I tell you how I went online from the farm and had Woolies deliver me a literal truckload of food on Friday night? Best thing I have EVER done. No driving to the shops, finding where the shops even ARE, lugging stuff in the trolley and back home. Best thing EVER.


One very good thing about having Nikki stay here is her inevitable overpacking and being able to tap into the supplies. She even gave me a stack of old kaftans (OLD as in last season) that I can tap into. What a friend! And yesterday I got to wear the Bohemian Traders Dreamer dress that I was very keen to try out. I’d seen plenty of peeps wearing it and I was concerned about the length given my height. I had on a black slip underneath and it was FAB. Great fit, great fabric and fit and very good for a preggo gut AND a very big lunch.


We enjoyed the Sunday family feast at Bells at Killcare absolutely DELICIOUS feast that just kept coming and coming! Antipasto, pasta, meat and veg and dessert. Amazing value for $70 an adult and $30 for kids. Highly recommend if you are ever in the area.

Finished this the other day. Man I LOVED this book. Every single, confronting, full on at times, word of it. I know that The Slap divided the masses – Rob HATED it and I adored it – and I imagine that this would do the same. It’s confronting, no doubts about it. But what an insight into human nature! To men, to teenage boys, to shame, to our classes. I just plain loved it and would recommend it. Just know that it’s not the faint hearted…full of passion and life and story and GUTS. There’s nothing better than getting totally immersed into a character and as much as Danny was not likeable at times, I think his own self hatred makes up more than enough without anyone else adding to it.


So we’re going to spend the next few days taking it easy. Reading. Hanging out. Perhaps a few little trips here and there (I do know that Nikki has booked us into a massage later in the week OF COURSE SHE HAS) I have Mum coming to stay tomorrow night, then some visitors popping in and out and I think we are off to visit Mrs Woog this arvo.


Loving each and every minute of a good beachside holiday….such an iconic Australian thing to be fortunate enough to have enjoyed as a kid…and now for my own kids.

Are you still on holidays?
Back to work today? Good luck!


  1. This year I have vowed to read more so will be adding that one to the list for sure.. have a great hol hun x

  2. Hi Beth, what a lovely holiday! Mine are currently spent at home as I can’t drag hubby away from his shed with two BIG projects on out there. Heads up, I grabbed this book off Amazon last night for my Kindle for $3.30. Their sale ends today I think. Enjoy the waves!

  3. That sounds tremendously fabulous. Have read barracuda – awesome book. Am giving the much acclaimed Big Little Lies a crack at present. Am enjoying. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  4. I have just come back from my own beach holiday for the summer and feel like I am on holidays again reading this
    Whoah, what a trio of bloggers, you, Nikki and Mrs Woog, am loving your insights and tips and well am loving this summer, despite leaving my friggin credit card back at the beach house…and I NEVER used it!?
    Hey, you look fabulous.
    I took Nurofen 3/8 mornings for a headache on awakening and I only had teensy amounts of prosecco OR G and T’s the night before, WTF? Not fare.
    Enjoy and keep writing…

  5. Always love your photos. I tell you what, though, the Australian summer is not nearly so fabulous when you’re stuck in the suburbs of Melb. I have so many good beach memories from childhood and beyond, but haven’t been able to do much more than day trips with my own kids. There is something so magical about the beach.
    Also loving the look of that platter with bits and pieces of good things on there. I’ve been trying to use up just about everything in the fridge and pantry because every time I go near a supermarket to grab ‘a few things’ at least $70 jumps out of my wallet. If I don’t go to the shops tomorrow though, I swear i will be carried out to the car and pushed down the street. Everyone seems to think that when their favourite thing runs out it must be automatically replenished.

  6. Looks like bliss! There is nothing better than the beach – brings back all those childhood holiday memories. How special to now be able to share it with your children 🙂

  7. Bliss!
    And I’d be the same – with the windows 🙂
    Happy Holidaying.
    C x

  8. Living my dream. Beach house. Enough said x

  9. Jenny Rose -Innes is my idol. She keeps a stunning garden in France that survives on no, yes that’s right, NO water. What a talent. Luff her style to bits and want her to action a coffee table book for us all.

  10. I used to live in Killcare as a little tacker. I started school in Killcare Primary, had our school photo taken along the beach. It’s one of the prettiest places on the coast don’t you reckon?

  11. I read your first paragraph and actually doubled over laughing until I could read again. Because I would not notice dirty windows. I AM dirty windows. Maybe on the last day as I gave the room a last scan-around I MIGHT think “Oh, those windows needed a bit of a clean.”

    #differences #lovethem

    Now I would like to see a beautiful bounteous, curvy, stunning full body front shot of you one of these days, Beth Macdonald. In ALL of your wondrous glory. Don’t hide Marshall he’s gotsta be SEEN. You are beautiful and perfect.


  12. Just back from my holiday and already suffering post-holiday blues, silly really but I miss our beachside apartment complete with EVERYTHING a girl could want including massive spa bath. You look glowing! As for windows, my mum would have done them also but at night and much to my dad’s disgust! Rest up and enjoy your catch ups x

  13. Headed home from noosa tomorrow. Devastated. If only it was possible to take just a little bit of the holiday with you!

  14. I’m living vicariously through your beachy snaps, as I’m currently back at my desk after 2 glorious weeks of eating, drinking and swimming (at home). Beating the back to work blues with some retail therapy and blog reading. Enjoy, loves. x

  15. it’s looking all good girls! … g ma looks gorgeous!
    enjoy! … still a bit too much boy energy here!
    any day now! … trying to enjoy though! … off to the beach soon!
    love m:)X

  16. Looks like an awesome holiday. I am so jealous! I can’t reach the front windows on the outside of our house and I have been begging my husband to clean them for 2 years now. So tempted to just figure out a way to bloody do them myself.

  17. Love that dress on you Beth, looks like a great spot x

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