Saturday arvo sesh: How to make a mojito

This post was originally posted on the blog in December last year

What’s better than one jug of mojito? TWO JUGS OF MOJITO. Simple really! Rob whipped us up a few last night as a pre dinner, pre fishing cocktail and I was reminded of how good they are. Mint, limes, white rum, sugar, ice and soda…summer in a glass!



Sugar syrup
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
Mint leaves

Soda water
Bunch of mint

The thing about cocktails is that you go my feel – rather than precise measurements. And the thing about THIS method is that you get to taste as you go along. Too sweet? Add some more lime juice and booze. Too limey? Add some more sugar syrup. And booze. Whatever the case, be liberal with the booze. It’s holiday time!

Similar to how I made the syrup for the Vodka rosemary cocktail here you can make a simple sugar syrup and replace the sprigs of rosemary with ripped mint leaves and leave them to steep. The flavour will infuse and add an even better element to the syrup.

Into a jug muddle a few limes cut in half with some mint leaves. Use the pestle from a mortar & pestle or a rolling pin…anything will do. Give them a good bash. Add some sugar syrup and stir. Check your balances by taste. Add in a heap of ice, then the white rum (bacardi) and more mint leaves. Give it a good stir, pour and demolish.

IMG_5079-1024x682 IMG_5081-1024x682 IMG_5082-1024x682 IMG_5086-1024x682

Remember in this hot summer weather it’s important to keep your fluids up. This helps. Enjoy!

Who’s going to a Christmas soiree tonight?
What will you be drinking? Tell me EVERYTHING.


  1. I’m dreaming up a Pimms Christmas cocktail. I’m sure there will be MUCH experimenting before we get it just right!

  2. these sound great beth!
    my sister and I have given up the booze and we don’t miss it!
    she only drinks mineral water with a slice of lime or lemon,
    but I like to make up something different and a bit special, where I think I’m still being a “grown up!” and being festive!
    I’ve been experimenting too and these would be good without the booze!
    harder at this time of the year … actually other people find it harder to deal with the non alcohol bit! … just telling you as I know you aren’t drinking because you are preggas!
    all good … sniff the lavender! might drop some into the drink! … lol m:)X

  3. Love them.. sharing on DTLL FB tonight as this should be a public service announcement.. 🙂

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for the great recipe! I was planning on making these for a large group of friends to share over the Australia Day weekend. Do you think it would work out if I doubled the sugar syrup recipe or should I make two seperate batches? Also, how much mint do you add when making the sugar syrup?

    Many thanks

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