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It’s been a shitty week hasn’t it? Hard to believe that the Sydney siege was on Monday, just days ago now. In between that, and end of school year stuff everyone is feeling a little frazzed, and rightly so. But look. I GIVE YOU HOPE:


Archie James Mitchell came into this world Wednesday afternoon 12.10pm in a rush after such a long wait. She was induced, and labouring away for some time but waters broke at 11am and 12.10 here he was, into this big world he came. I am yet to get my hands on him, which will be fixed this afternoon when I will inhale and hold him. New life, full of possibility, so much to learn and do. He will be loved this boy. I am so proud of my sister and brother in law and wish them so much happiness given the shitty road they have been on the last few years.

Hope. So much hope in those wrinkly hands.


You know what there’s a lot of around my house at the moment? Hydrangeas is what. In fact, every colour of the rainbow. Some from my garden, some from others in the village. ALL glorious and bringing me joy every single day. I adore these old flowers.

IMG_4765 IMG_4767 IMG_4769 IMG_4780 IMG_4784

Ah…makes you feel 13% better just looking at them don’t you think?

Now I need to talk about this. I watched the season, nay, SHOW final earlier this week.


And I was DISAPPOINTED. Yes, caps required. Too many loose ends that didn’t need tying up, tied up. Flashbacks that didn’t seem all that necessary flashed back to. I don’t know, I was just left feeling a little deflated. Did you watch it? After such an amazing series I thought that it deserved more, then again, what would I know. I still say thank you to Mr Sorkin for creating and writing something amazing. I loved every single ep, even if I did have to pause it and ask Rob to tell me exactly what was going on. What? They talk REALLY quickly.


You know this time next week it’s boxing day right? Christmas done and dusted. Sheesh. We will be waking at my Dad’s place at the beach and then driving up to Rob’s Dad’s farm for a while. I can’t wait to get on “proper” holidays…I hope all your Christmas plans are coming along OK. I have *almost* done my shopping….girls are sorted, just a few more little bits and pieces to get for nieces and nephews and NEW nephews! Did you see my Christmas Day lunch shortcut post? Some good ideas for those of you cooking on the big day.


Christmas presents are not under the tree this year because: FRANK but they are piling up on the old sideboard. The wrapping paper was all from Lauren Merrick…just gorgeous.

Did you see that Paul Kelly has a new album out? I say yes please to that! Details can be found here:


Speaking of yes please, I had the lovely Jeanette from Lionta sent me the most lovely package of goods from her shop. A great black dress, and a heap of delightful jewels to distract from the growing gut situation. Which is all very good and well for me but I have SOMETHING FOR YOU! A 40% discount code I do believe! Just enter the code BABYMAC  at check out. Thank you Jeanette! Check out all the details on her website here.


Did you also see the $200 giveaway from Down that Little Lane on the blog earlier in the week? Hop to it people…closes Sunday (21st Dec) afternoon. All details can be found on this post here.

So what’s on the agenda this weekend? We are up to Sydney this afternoon to watch a preview of Night at the Museum and of course: ARCHIE SQUEEZES. Then we have a pretty quiet one ahead. No Christmas catch up’s, lunches or dinners. Maybe another movie? Maybe that last minute shopping? Maybe a trip to the beach? Why yes that would be a fist pump you saw right there! I hope you have a good one!

Got some hydrangeas around your place too?
Watch Newsroom and get a little disappointed to? Or do I just expect too much?
What’s on the plans for YOU this weekend?
How did it get to the 19th December?


  1. we are tidying the house and garden to go away for a few weeks.. I paid $100 for my kids to go to a holiday program the other day and wrapped all the presents etc so now totally organised best $100 I have ever spent!.. ham is ready to be baked and swimmers are ready to be packed! Have a great weekend xx

  2. There is nothing more gorgeous than tiny squishy little newborns. I wonder if I can convince either of my sisters to have just one more ?…….I highly doubt it 🙂 I don’t know where the year has gone, how can it be nearly Christmas ? The other great mystery is how my “baby” suddenly turned 12 on Tuesday, she starts high school next year & I just can’t believe it. I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping & am starting to panic a bit. Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend filled with baby snuggles.

  3. Welcome to the world Archie James. You’re a good looking rooster! x

  4. You’re right about The Newsroom – and the shitty week.
    Hmm, let’s compare – characters that have had the unrequited love thing going on for the whole show finally get together, the giant behind the star dies, of a heart attack, a funeral, a speech at a funeral…. sigh, very West Wing wasn’t it?
    Hooray for the joy and possibility and hope of Archie Squeezes! Can that be his online nickname please??

  5. Thanks so much for this bright & bubbly post, yes this week has been tough, your perspective made me cry (in a good way!)
    Welcome to the world, little Archie! May his future be bright!
    Thanks Beth, for always knowing just what to say, and getting my day off on a better foot than yesterday!

  6. Oh Archie! Gorgeous boy!
    I hope your sister is doing well!

    I am only on season one of the Newsroom…and I definitely sometimes feel too dumb for it…or not political enough.
    But I am still enjoying it!
    I love the breastfeeding gives me an excuse to park myself on the couch and watch tv!

    And I have no idea what day it is!
    I am actually worried I will miss Christmas because the days just seem to be passing without me noticing…in a good way!

  7. Sorkin has apologised for The Newsroom, he realised it was ill conceived and didn’t work. The finale was so meh it’s like he wrote it on a plane. At least Maggie ended strongly.
    Lovely baby with a lovely name.

  8. Loved your post today! Archie is an angel – glad he arrived safe and sound … I read your blog and I often quote you to my husband who listens patiently but doesn’t really get why I’m following the blog of a woman who lives on the other side of the world … But tonight he gets it! Newsroom… Yes!!! You said exactly what we said! Tonight we watched “sonic highways” a documentary by Dave Grohl the New York episode – so good….

    • Hi Diana’s husband! Thanks for the tip on the dock – will check it out over the Christmas break. I’m glad you’re reading my blog from the other side of the world…thanks for doing so!

  9. Thanks Beth – I loved this post.
    Welcome to the world Archie – it’s seems you have brought a ray of sunshine into many peoples lives.

  10. Fiona Guglielmi says

    Morning Beth, ahh a new baby just in time for Christmas. Fantastic news for your family. Like you I just love hydrangeas in all their perfect colors. Enjoy your day… For us Its the first day of a long summer break.

  11. Oh that sweet little wrinkly bubba. How gorgeous.
    I love hydrangeas. I need them in my garden!

    Okay, to business now. The Newsroom. OMG. I am not prepared for this to be over. It needs to run for all time because of the awesomeness. (I had Tuesday off work because I was sick and binge watched all of Season 1 again.) I think the whole comment on women was very meta because Sorkin is a bit like Pruitt in his ‘women problem’. I cried a lot during the episode (could have been hormones) and I am so sad about what happened at the end of the penultimate episode (trying for spoiler free here) and more so because I had it spoiled by The Newsroom’s FB page just before I watched it.
    Too many Newsroom-y feelings, not enough words right now.

  12. A precious new life is certainly JOY amongst the sadness of the week. Blessing to Archie and all your family. Enjoy ever second of the festive season and your break away. We are travelling to Melbourne to be with my family and embracing the fun of being together and holidaying together on the Murray River. Happy Christmas to all. xoxo

  13. Today is my last day at work (which finishes at 1pm for our staff Christmas lunch) and then I have 2 WHOLE WEEKS OFF! *happy dance*

  14. Those little hands and fingernails – love. Welcome to the world Archie..

    Haven’t got into The Newsroom – loved The West Wing though – and totally get what you mean about the fast talking… walking and talking too!

    Nearly organised for Christmas – have to make the mince pies, chocolate crackle bikkies and sausage rolls on Monday.. My 12 year old keeps turning off my schmaltzy Christmas CDs and blowing out my Christmas candles…

  15. thanks beth! … the gorgeous archie is blissing! … special! … much love!
    hydragaes make me think of my mother! … good thoughts of Christmas!
    she grew beauties and always had them inside! you have lovely colours!
    I’ve got abundant agapanthas!
    that is one handy dress and love the wrapping paper!
    cheers! … love m:)X

  16. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Welcome little Archie you will bring a lot of love and hydrangeas yes lots of them,though I only have them in pots.
    I know the 19th of December 6 months today since we lost Mum and it’s been so hard.Enjoy your weekend Beth and squish Archie hard Xx

  17. I like endings that are tied up so I was ok with the Newsroom final. Is it the eternal optimist and romantic in me? I think, yes. This weekend is the first of our Christmas lunches at home … table-scaping prep has commenced with the star of show, miniature pineapples! Enjoy that squeeze x

  18. Welcome to the world Archie!! What a lovely new nephew you have there Beth!!
    We have a strange weekend ahead – kind of quiet and then, oh, just on a plane on Sunday to Bangkok for a one night stopover on our way to Finland for Christmas!! Helsinki for a night then up to Lapland and Santa’s home and Christmas and snow and the polar night and hopefully the northern lights. Then more of the world to explore. I haven’t packed anything yet – but the washing is done, that’s got to count for something!

  19. So I’m almost finished my paid work for the week and can’t wait to just chill with my babies. Swimming is on the cards and an early Xmas with my parents on their little ranch in the Sunshine Coast. I can’t wait because it means time with my sisters! Have a great weekend Aunty! He is picture perfect.

  20. Yes, agree. Shitty week.
    This weekend…seeing a shaman (true!), attending xmas carols at the Four Winds outdoor amphitheatre at Bermagui, bike riding, swimming with mermaids (well, swimming with girls wearing mermaid tails) and a xmas dinner with friends who I will extra cherish after this shitty week. I am making a trifle full of love for the xmas dinner, maybe also full of sherry too 🙂
    May all your weekends be merry and bright 🙂

  21. Love your hydrangeas! So many colours….just gorgeous. I have a few purple/blue ones fending for themselves at the side of the house where no one visits! Such a shame. Will have to inspect and see if they are vase-worthy. My hubby butchered….ah…I mean pruned them (hard) a few years ago. I cried. Not sure how they are going these days. Haven’t been able to face them. Poor hydrangeas 🙁 Congrats on the new arrival! Nothing like a new bub to bring joy to the family. Especially at Christmas. Enjoy x

  22. Gorgeous baby Archie!!! Love that card, made me laugh out loud. This year has gone soooooo quickly, it only feels like yesterday we were doing the christmas thing. Gift shopping done and wrapped. Food shopping tomorrow, dear lord, hold me.

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