Christmas delights: Lauren Merrick illustration

Do you know the work of the lovely illustrator Lauren Merrick? You should! She was the one that created the logo for my blog up there and you can see some of her other stuff on her website here.

She has just created a range of Christmas delights: thick papers filled with beautiful designs and colours, lovely gift tags and cute Christmas cards and I was lucky enough to get sent some in the mail last week. You can imagine my delight as I opened up these pretties…the smell! The pretty!

IMG_4495 IMG_4496 IMG_4497 IMG_4498 IMG_4500

I am so going to be Pinterest worthy this Christmas with these pretties wrapped around my presents. And because I am a little bit organised (well for me anyway) I was able to start my wrapping! And because this is the Christmas of the book, I had beautiful books to wrap (totally appeals to my OCD wrapping tendencies…there’s nothing better than a book!)

IMG_4501 IMG_4502 IMG_4503 IMG_4505 IMG_4506

Papers are $5 a sheet, tags $2 and cards $6. All from a local lass (well NSW Central Coast at least which is semi local to me) celebrating the work of an upcoming artist…what’s not to feel good about? The quality of this stuff is truly beautiful too…thick, lovely paper and gorgeous colours and designs.

You can see the whole range here.


You can find Lauren on Facebook here, Pinterest here and Instagram here.

Are you a lover of wrapping Christmas presents?
Go for a colour range or theme?
Started wrapping yet?
Got any tips where I can put all mine away from chewing puppies?


  1. The best part of present giving is the wrapping! These are gorgeous, very Kikki K like.

  2. Love Lauren’s work, she’s amazing.

  3. I love Lauren’s work! I’ve got her booked in to do a logo for me next year. Your pressies look great too.

  4. Ugh I LOVE Lauren Merrick – I have her whale print to hang in our baby’s room. Beautiful wrapping papers too, although this year I’m planning to make reusable fabric bags to wrap gifts in – no waste!

  5. What divine looking paper. Off to check out her range now. LOVE IT!

  6. Oooo that paper IS beautiful … & used to wrap up some wonderful books? Perfect combo!!

  7. beautiful papers and cards beth! thankyou for sharing! love m:)X

  8. gorgeous. Books. Sigh. SO MUCH CHEAPER in Australia than in New Zealand. I just carted back 15 kg worth for a school library 2 weekends ago (2nd book buying trip this year…). Eg – Wimpy Kid book is $8 in Big W/ Target; here it is $18 or $15 on special! So, so , so jealous of even Target and the variety. Next year I have a $10K budget, so it might be more trips to help the Aussie economy! Your publishing industry is astonishing! The variety and quality is amazing. (NZ is good, but you guys win hands down to me.)

  9. I love the confetti wrap! Swoon, so pretty x

  10. Lisa Oliver says

    Isn’t she clever! I love Lauren’s work and have been lucky enough to work with her on several projects:) such a lovely person too! Love this wrapping range xo

  11. I am a huge fan of Lauren’s work and was so excited to see her Christmas range. Its just divine. One of my favourite things about Christmas is the wrapping of the presents- choosing which paper, ribbons and tags- which colours and style this year???? Its so much fun and the tree looks gorgeous surrounded by beautifully wrapped pressies. Plus I love watching people open their gifs- Im lucky both sides of my family appreciate nice wrapping! It is a labour of love! Gorgeous post and have fun with wrapping at your end. Im guessing the token bottle of champas whilst wrapping might be out or restricted at least this year for you x hope travelling well with pregnancy- love your blog! xx

  12. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love wrapping presents and books are the best to wrap xx


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