Down that Little Lane $200 Christmas Giveaway!

Thanks to the lovely Tessa from Down that Little Lane I have a wonderful little Christmas treat for a lucky reader….a giveaway worth $200! Now I don’t know about you, but if I have to think about one more school lunch, one more note, one more present to buy for someone EVERYONE OTHER THAN ME I might just explode. So make this all about YOU. A Christmas present for you!


And boy are there some nice things on there…I had a very quick look around and found 4 things in under 2 minutes that I would be adding to cart for myself this Christmas.

PicMonkey Collage

1. GE Black School Clock $75
2. Chinglish translation sigh $15
3. Velvet dot cushion  $95
4. Bright pink kitchen scales $89

Together in a cross promotion with Tessa from Down that Little Lane , we have a $200 Voucher up for grabs just in time for Christmas.

All you need to do to enter is tell us in 25 words or less;

What would you spend your $200 on?

Then follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter widget link below to be in with a chance to win.

Competition is open now and closes Sunday 21/12/14 at 11.59pm AEST

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  1. Louise Taylor says

    Win win win, something just for me. Something pretty that will make me smile. Something summery, shiny or bright. Happy days.

  2. $200! Amazing! I would love a spineless classic, but which one!!!

  3. Oh! Too many things- a spineless classic for my 2015 classroom in my new job. A sunshine yellow pouffe for the loungeroom, a cement & neon “hold all” bowl for the husband’s wallet contents…the list goes on

  4. I would be investing in some beautiful bamboo pieces just for me!

  5. ALL OF THE JOOOOOOLS! So many nice necklaces.

    That is what I would buy. ALL FOR MEEEEEEE!

    I might also buy a little something for my girls. maybe.

  6. Ooh definitely the love shack cabo rug by eb & I’ve. I would just love it!

  7. I would go wild with the cushions, all the cushions.

  8. Beverley O'Brien says

    I would really have to put some thought into it as I love everything! The “Follow me” thongs would be a must though!

  9. There’s to much to choose from where would I start!! I think some new cushions or maybe some linen.

  10. I would buy the red Harrow bag, because it’s shiny, red and beautiful :).

  11. Bronwyn Beazley says

    Ceramic jelly mould planters and a bunny lamp because they are super cute.

  12. For all of us, then the Sunny Jim sunshade. But if I’m being selfish, then the turquoise and tan strap sandals are just the beginning!!

  13. I would put the voucher towards an Uberkate living ring !!

  14. So many lovely items to buy! I would start with the Wallpaper Stripe Crashmat – perfect for the lounge room.

  15. Bam, I spent my dosh all in one go. I absolutely heart the circular shadow box. Something for me instead of for the cherubs for a change. Oh but there are so many other nice things to choose from though.

  16. I’d love the green bonbon rug for sons room. We are moving to bunks and starting school so time for a big kid room.

  17. oh wow, adoring the ceramic jelly moulds and the glorious linen!

  18. I’m loving that hot pink kitchen scale…so cute.

  19. The ‘love you like summer’ print and Yamba Yellow Sunshade – yes there’s a theme here – bring on summer!

  20. Once this season is done being merry
    I’ll be putting my feet up for a little sleepy
    Hopefully resting on the Moroccon foot pouffe

  21. Kelly Hibbs says

    I would start with the wonder map for my littles room. I am turning his room from baby to toddler.

  22. michelle Dods says

    So need some new artwork, Im in love with Georgina Vinsun’s Art x

  23. A present for me!
    The best kind of present!
    We have linen sheets and I love them so I think I would go for a linen duvet cover to match.
    And since I would still have some moola left over I would probably throw in a crazy cushion that my husband would say is cluttering up the bed…but too bad…it is a present for me!

  24. Oh, what a delightful shop! Can I take one of everything…… I would love the faerie garden for my cousin who has just bought her first home.

  25. Not sure if it’s me or the widget isn’t working properly..? I can’t seem to leave a comment. (Computer skills-a-rama here)

    Anyway, gorgeous shop! I’ve liked it on Facey to get updates. I can see next year’s Chrissy shopping getting sorted right there.

  26. Richelle Harman says

    Have a corner, looks quite drab
    These boxes would make it fab
    Finish off with pom-pom string
    A bit of colour’s just the thing

  27. I would definitely treat myself to some wall art – SO much choice and fabulous quality, too!!

  28. We lived in Hong Kong for a while – that sign is so sweet and funny and would bring back great memories for me and my family.

  29. I would love the Wallace Black Medium dog bed by Oscar and Lulu for my little senior Westie – Billy. Thank you…..


    I would love to get three of these, one for me and one each for my two girls. Merry Christmas x

  31. Artwork! Something beautiful and colourful and painted! The cost always gets me so winning it would be wonderful!

  32. So many amazing things to choose from, but my 1st purchase would be a luxury handmade hammock to relax in over my Xmas holidays followed by a world map to hang it my little boys room…..I could go on and on!

  33. I’d pick a couple of wall hangings, maybe one of the gorgeous textile ones, and a cute one for each of my kids rooms.
    Fingers and toes!!!!

  34. That gorgeous Moroccan pouffe that I’ve have my eye on for about a year!

  35. Wall art to add a fourth dimension to my rooms. There are some amazing designs that would compliment the entire decor in my home.

  36. So sick of feeling like a frump every time I go to the beach or pool. So would love something to help this. Dreaming of a kaftan.

  37. i would buy Unicorn necklace , and wooden kitchen things for my two girls as extra christmas presents in their new cubby house 😀

  38. Loren Quarrie says

    If I won the voucher I would definitely buy some things for the home, one of them being the old school General Eclectic Clock

  39. I’d love the beautiful hanging world map.
    As a reminder.
    Of our place in the world,
    Of where we’ve been,
    Of the adventures of tomorrow.

  40. Kathy Clark says

    By , signs of words of encouragement for my kids to inspire too

  41. Kristy Booth says

    If I won I’d love to get some wooden toys for my little man and some new stationary for me!

  42. Wall Art would be my pick. I’ve been asking hubby to paint for ages. Maybe I’ll just cover up the walls instead…

  43. I love the quirky sand imprints and the Jade Green leather tote bag.

  44. Kieren Miller says

    Just in time to grant some special Christmas wishes xxx

  45. Amelia Howells says

    Ooo things just for me! Drop crotch pants, a Coco vase, scalloped kitchen tea towel and an oversized tunic mini dress. Was so hard picking, so many lovely things.

  46. Being a new mum who cant use perfume,
    The $200 would be spent on Candles,
    To put new smells in the room.

    A touch of pear, vanilla or mango,
    I will buy all these candles,
    From Black Arrow or Upcycle Studio.

  47. I would love a Vintage Hot Air Balloon – Rainbow! It’s so dreamy!

  48. Joanne Cardamone says

    The red glitter crown because my daughter says she is the queen because the queen is the boss

  49. Marie Stocker says

    My house is so bland – I need a plant pot and stand! Art prints galore – blank walls no more!

  50. Mary Preston says

    The Fig Tree Tote Bag has my name on it – you just need to squint.

  51. It’s my daughter’s 40th shortly and I’ll give her a $200 GIFT CERTIFICATE for a DTLL something ‘that will make her heart beat faster’

  52. I would spoil my little girl. Tea parties, Dollies and Dinosaurs. Let them be little. Sometimes, this needs to apply to mum too!

  53. Becky Downey says

    I WOOD buy the blue gum serving board set. That’s an easy way to get a smile on our CHOPS!

  54. So many things! I’ve got a shopping cart on the go at the moment, ready to order Christmas gifts. Pineapple socks for DH (inside joke), Nespresso pod vase for Mother in Law- so many options!

  55. Funky Junky Laundry Basket, Big Hex ‘Day’ – Timber Serving Board, BrewSmith Aussie Wattle Pale Ale Beer Brewing Kit has definitely caught my eye.

  56. Moisturiser offering peace and solitude, lipstick creating many memories, “foundation” of good intentions, chocolate for love and contentment and perfume, a breath of fresh air!

  57. The World Map Wall Hanging and Sunshine Jute Rug would be perfect for the new home we’re about to move into! xx

  58. Bamboo Luna short dress (which I’ve been lusting over for ages), pink Havanna sandals and wild flowers necklace. A brand new outfit just for me!

  59. I wouldn’t need any time to choose from any of your amazing collection. linen. clothes. homewares. The tricky bit is deciding.. K

  60. Once the decorations go down some gorgeous cushions, beautiful woven storage baskets, prints for walls the list goes on….oh wouldn’t that be nice!

  61. The giant map floor cushion is fantastic. Learning AND comfort! And speaking of comfort, maybe a lightweight cover up – zig zag – for the pool.

  62. Anything to do with sprucing up our shabby garden. A must for my two girls would be the faerie garden kit – adorable 🙂

  63. Destiny Ngaronga says

    If I have any chance at winning this amazing prize, this is how I’d spend $200 at Down That Little Lane:

    1. Timber Eco-friendly Earphones in Daintree Green
    2. Jackson Wallet
    3. Loves you times infinity Print
    4. New Arrivals Burp Cloth Sets in Urban Zoo
    5. Little Pilgrim – Tropical Onesie
    6. Little Pilgrim – Wolf Onesie

    Commented & Entered <3

  64. Definately some Super hero decor for my little mans room. There are some super cute prints for the wall as well as a gorgeous landing pad!

  65. definitely this gorgeous Blue Retro Dresser:


  66. Sarah Farrer says

    I wouldn’t know where to start from DTLL! I would just adore anything and be so grateful to have a little something special from DTLL!

  67. With a $200 DTLL voucher I could go CRAZY. A scented candle from scented tonics and I love the photos blocks from Susannah Tucker Photography.

  68. Jill Walton says

    Starting with the Malena Shu – Designer Lounge Shoes & Anokhi Cotton Suzani Patterned Robe in Green but gosh now I’ve started looking………

  69. The Dancing Night Heels. Everyone should experience the great feeling when you are dancing the night away

  70. Stacey Williamson says

    A gorgeous and practical Megan bag from Luna Blu and a pair of quirky flats from Pimpos Australia.

  71. Have had my eye on a few things for some time on DTLL, this $200 will go far!

  72. At the moment I would not dream of spending $200 on myself, if i did have the money..I would purchase for our home. However as a girl can dream, I would take the money my mum gifted me for Christmas and the voucher and ‘invest” (Word I will use when telly hubby) in the black leather messenger bag..Stunning

  73. I would spend every, single cent of that $200 on me. I’ve got 2 kids, one husband, 2 in-laws living here whilst I wait for back surgery. I WANT SPOILING – NOW! Sorry!! 😉

  74. Marika Oost says

    I would definitely by something grown up and bespoke for myself and husband to admire… Begone children’s clutter! Something bright and whimsical

  75. caroline avard says

    Little tan teddy clutch purse is adorably cute
    The daisy chain blue necklace
    a natural soy candle
    the just hatched christmas rubber duckies
    and an organic onesie for grandson master 1.
    Good luck everybody soo exciting….

  76. Oh, to have the world on my wall, a hanging, in small and I hear that ‘real men drink tea’, could this be for me?!

  77. So you even have pink pegs hey!

  78. Would spend it on anything for a baby girls bedroom!

  79. I would spend the $200 on beach gear. An umbrella, towels, beach bag so that our summer holidays are decked out with all the lovely accessories ☺

  80. Noelene Lyon says

    Too many choices upon which to decide for me. Decided we have enough already, but so many families going without or doing it tough. Would donate the money to Scope!

  81. leanne jennings says

    25 words or less; sorry but not enough words for all the things I would buy from Down that Little Lane $200 voucher woohoo

  82. I love all the whimsical children’s deco and toys at Oliver’s Twisty Tales; especially this gorgeous unicorn necklace my soon to be six year old would just love!

  83. Oh my gosh something totally frivolous and non essential – a leather pouffe or bright scatter cushions – oh the possibilities

  84. A deer wall decal, for the kids bedroom wall
    And a rainbow vintage hot air balloon
    My little ones would be over the moon!

  85. Something, anything pretty – just for me! What a nice change that makes!

  86. I would put it towards the round outdoor ottoman that i have been lusting after! Perfect for summer afternoons outside, watching the kids play!

  87. This is one of my fav online stores! I would be splurging on a beautiful handbag for myself and perhaps some funky earrings too!! Fingers crossed and Merry Christmas!!

  88. Some Turkish Towels, a Wooden Geometric Necklace
    anything at all from DTLL – would be completely Ace

  89. Sallyann Silver says

    $200, all for me?? No way! Can’t believe it. Cushions to make my couch pop, a print to make smile and something frivolous!

  90. A bunch of (beautiful) necklaces. I’ve decided that redefining my style should come through the accessories I wear. Good theory?

  91. The ‘shorty’ reclaimed stool would be perfect for this little lady – no more standing on the bench to reach those high up cupboards!

  92. I’d beautify my little bubba’s nursery with lovely handmade-ness!

  93. Charmaine Campbell says

    Making my decision will take a while, but guaranteed to make me smile, maybe “The step up footstool”, it’s practical but oh so cool!

  94. Who knows what I would spend the $200 voucher on but half the fun is the choosing especially when it is buying not dreaming!!!

  95. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I’m not sure what I would buy but it would probably be something for my sanctuary my bedroom!

  96. Something for me as don’t often get to do that. I would wrap it and put it under the Christmas tree from Santa! Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  97. On Frocks for little ladies, that will be all of my granddaughters, that would make be the best poppy

  98. laura powers says

    Love the World Map Wall Hanging been looking out for something like this for years.

  99. I would be frivolous, indulgent and not at all practical, I would buy a jacket just for me, and this one is lovely

  100. My favourite cake-stand (wedding gift) met an untimely demise when it collided with the kitchen tiles…i saw this and fell in love!

  101. Last minute Xmas shopping…. I’m over budget so winning this would totally help me out! 🙂

  102. Alex Eleftheriou says

    Just something spur of the moment

  103. The Multicolour Luxury Handmade Hammock- simply stunning!

  104. I really want a world map to show the places I’ve been, the places I’m going and the places I love.

  105. Lauren Broadbent says

    Some pretty prints to decorate our walls of our new home! Lovely giveaways – DTLL has gorgeous items.

  106. Seeing as I have not found, bought, paid for nor wrapped my own Christmas present this year (woe is me!!!!!!!!) how perfect is this giveaway?!? I would choose the gorgeous stacking set of pebble rings from monkeys always look.

  107. Susannah Trigg says

    All the pretty things!! Definitely after some funking prints for our bare walls…

  108. How delightful to win something special as ive just moved to a new house and MY CHRIST I can’t afford to buy toliet paper after all the costs that come along with buying a house! White walls, White tiles……… need some colour stat or im rocking Hospital chic for a while. x

    • Just quietly how good would those pink scales look in my white kitchen…. I mentioned everything is white didn’t I!

  109. I love the bamboo stuff on their site also I would get mom something for her birthday.

  110. Would love the Coco Lou Queen size quilt set for my new bed.

  111. You know all those things that you wanted for Christmas but Santa (husband) actually forgot about? That’s what I would get 🙂

  112. I’d spend the voucher on a sign from Sign Fail – Tiny grass is dreaming is too cute! And a new handbag just for me 🙂

  113. Roslyn Jonsson says

    Kitchen scales black 5kg $69 – Broad Bamboo Square Placemats Red $54.95 – Trio concrete bowl succulent planter plus two tealight candle holders marble mix & matt black $44 – Ceramic hanging pod $34.95 and im done 🙂

  114. I would finally adorn my bare fingers and neck with those beautiful sea inspired silver jewellery I yearn for here.

  115. Too many things to choose from…but I need to decorate the kids’ bedrooms. Long overdue, blank white walls to cover!

  116. Maybe something nice for the new baby about to arrive in one month! Then surely something for myself if anything left over – perhaps a nice piece of jewellery.


  117. I would put the $200 towards a Dougs Word Clock. Doug’s clocks are unique & a stylish must have for my wall!!

  118. I’d love to start the new year with a new rug!

  119. Something for the nursery, sooooomany nice things. Thanks for the chance!

  120. Janine Gardiner says

    Definitely the Rustic Industrial Wire pendant, it would sooooo go perfectly in my dining area, with all the other industrial or junky stuff I already got going on.

  121. Jeanette Latter says

    Wave One on Pink cushion cover 50cm x 50cm x4

  122. A new set of active workout clothing for the new year as I’m determined to start moving more in 2015!

  123. I would buy the instant herb garden in a box for my hubby, he’d love to have his own herb garden xxxooo

  124. the folk art cushion, the colourful giraffe print and the city blocks for my baby girl Macy Lane, who lives down that little lane

  125. Love the Moucharabieh blue tray set, would feel like I was taking tea in Marrakesh, simply gorgeous even if it is out of stock!

  126. 3/4 Stripe Leggings and Bamboo Yoga Pants as I’ve just started getting back into Yoga at the new classes by the river

  127. My wishlist’s full of crazy cool stuff.
    Christmas funds? There’s never enough!
    jewellery, prints, decals, & more
    I’d put it to use – that’s for sure.

  128. Penny George says


  129. Ploise ploise ploise!!

  130. I would buy something special for my partner – my true love!

  131. Custom World To Wander map, perfect for baby’s room as she begins to find her feet (and for me to dream of far off holidays in foreign lands as we rock together into the night)

  132. I’d spend my $200 and then some to buy the peacock cabinet in white. You might then just see my plumage in all its glory!

  133. andreea nicolescu says

    Oh dear..hard to chose, would love some new stationary to help me along with uni and also love the cushions( all of them), and I love the wooden toys, my son would love them all….and than there is the pink kitch scales..and…would like it all really

  134. Me likey those kaftans – wafty, soft cotton on a beach with a good book x

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