Best of BabyMac 2014: November & December

I’m wrapping up my favourite posts of 2014 this week in the lead up to the new year. Not the best, or most popular, but my favourites.


In what could be my very favourite (and biggest post) for the year I was FINALLY able to talk about the fact that I am pregnant! PREGGERS! Still haven’t got my head around that. Perhaps the growing body and endless kicking is enough to remind me most days…



And I still reckon that the idea of an un-selfie (the accidental photo of yourself when your camera is in the switched turn around mode) WILL take on. This still makes me laugh.




And here we are at the very end of the year and the end of almost 365 posts. True! I blogged pretty much every day WITHOUT going crackers! This post about impending babyhood and motherhood got some wonderful comments.

On being a Mum


And that? Is a wrap of my favourite posts for the year! Thanks so much for reading, commenting, sharing and laughing at all my bad jokes x


  1. Thanks for posting, I’m new to baby mac and enjoying reading, looking and laughing. I’m 19 weeks pregnant and looking forward to having something to read when I’m breastfeeding in the middle of the night and trying not to fall asleep. So no pressure but be sure to keep up the good work, he he. Geez I can’t wait to have a glass of wine at some point next year, oops it’s only 6.30am and I’m thinking about wine.
    Time to get up and feed the hungry toddler.

  2. love your stuff beth!
    and love those shots of the garden arbour and pool where you are staying! … just gorgeous!
    what a setting!
    and a good wrap for your year!
    cheers to you! … love m:)X

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