The other week I went to take a snap of something on the phone. It was late at night, but I thought that a well positioned shot of my nice linen with a book would be a nice closer for the day. So I got it out, went to take a shot and instead got this:


I know! Are you OK? If it wasn’t shocking enough that it’s Monday, now THIS.

You see, the last photo I took on my phone camera I had the capture mode flipped around. Probs another selfie. And then there it was, staring at me. THE TRUTH. This is what I look like. Well, this is probably how my family see me. It’s noice isn’t it?!

Have you ever done that before and scared the shit out of yourself?
Rob you are one lucky man!
Got an un-selfie you’d like to share?


  1. I can’t see how to post a photo as a comment (I’m a bit useless like that), so I’ll link to this blog post of mine where I included quite possibly the ugliest unselfie ever. Go here http://boobinabox.net/2014/09/26/taking-stock/ and scroll down – but don’t forget to brace yourself first.

  2. Haha I think you still look awesome! My big shock moments are when I have my iPad up on an angle and I look down at the reflection in it. It shows all my chins off nicely and then I have to sit down for a bit. My husband caught me the other day, because for a laugh I pushed my face back into my neck to double the chins. It’s OK, he already thought I was weird.

  3. carohutchison says

    I know exactly how you feel. I facetimed a friend last night and kept thinking how I have a ridiculous number of chins, and that I need to wash my hair, and do I really look like that? Awful.

  4. Any un-selfies get deleted IMMEDIATELY! The truth hurts.

  5. Ha ha. Early yesterday morning I took a selfie of me with my youngest child. After that I couldn’t get to the bathroom fast enough to have a shower and put make-up on.

  6. Oh yes I took one yesterday hoping for the lake view behind me and got whole lot of chins.

  7. I am not a fan of photos of me. I have a lazy eye which when caught in a photo is particularly unflattering. My mum loves to take photos. Unfortunately my sister showed her how to put them on facebook. She put one up of me the other day that I really hope dropped off of peoples news feeds quickly. My usual lazy eye was accompanied by an almost round puffy face as I have been on steroid medication & it makes you puff up. It is seriously not a good look. It also makes me wonder how dreadful I must usually look as since my face puffed I have had an unbelievable amount of people tell me how well I’m looking !

  8. I just think it is so funny that there is an option to pin this. I might after I figure out what board it should go on.

  9. As a relative newcomer to your blog, with perhaps a fresh perspective, may I humbly refer you to your “About” pic? It sets the bar. Nothing will surprise me! Lol. Keep on keeping it real!

  10. Haha…I did the exact same thing last week. I was going for a walk and stopped to take a photo of some orchards and somehow did what you did and took several selfies. I was horrified!! Triple chin, frown lines – horrendous. Immediately deleted from my phone – but sadly not from my memory lol!!

  11. Lisa Mckenzie says

    No thanks to the sharing I hate when that happens I always get a horrible scare!!

  12. I catch my reflection in the laptop and the angle shows a double chin….not a good look.

  13. Haha, all selfies are shithouse.
    But you look cool in this one:

    (Not sure if this will work. Luddite, me)

  14. I had to laugh, this happens to me so much, I almost drop my phone when I’m confronted with my own image when selfie mode is in place!

  15. That happens to me a lot when I am trying to get a cute photo of C sitting on my lap cuddling.
    He is all adorable.
    And I am all chins and wrinkles and pimple scars. And sometimes I have a wonky eye!
    Thank goodness for cropping!

  16. Yep, have you ever held your baby or young thing up to your face and looked in the mirror together? I am always appalled at how old and awful my skin looks compared to theirs! It really ruins the moment! As for the unselfie thing, I hate that camera looking at me, I always come up hideous! I spend lots more time deleting awful photos of me than I do enjoying them, that’s for sure.

    • And I bet they are NEVER that bad! Keep the precious photos of you together…I don’t have nearly enough photos of me and the girls!

    • Or the photo of you and your teenage daughter at the beach!! Ok I get it I am not 14 – I am 40 but sweet baby cheeses…. I do not need to see that shit! *Vomit* I am all looking at her thinking how gorgeous she is and have that image in my head – and then oh dear lordy me – Me? NO, NO, No!

  17. i do that all the time and scare the absolute crap out of myself! I swear I must spend most of my life frowning

  18. Oh god, I do this on a regular basis. It’s frightening when it happens and immediately I’m “Oh god that’s how I look?!” I always have an identical frown to the one you’ve got on in that pic.
    I’m afraid I NEVER take an actual photo so don’t have any to share.

  19. Ha ha

  20. I went straight from beach to renew license,a chip thing happening on licenses now,so a new photo needed.OMFG it’s the scariest photo,witch from hell and stuck with it.

  21. Making homemade face masks with my daughter last night and I took a photo of myself with my face covered in egg yolk (which we painted on with the pastry brush but don’t tell anyone!) – as it dried it it looked like I had bright yellow scales and cellulite on my face AND it highlighted the random bristles that have appeared out of nowhere on my chin – I wish there was a way to share photos in comments, seriously, you would feel SO much better about yours if you saw me!

  22. I don’t like to look. It’s so demoralising. It makes me love my husband even more. x

  23. Yes. So unfortunate.
    All the time and foolishly sometimes I share them with my lovely niece 19 & daughters 22 & 19 and they save them (all the frowny double chin shots) and send them back to me in a collage with music for birthdays, Mothers Day etc.
    Just loverley I tell you.

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