The prettiest sight you’ll see…

It’s a warm, dark and stormy afternoon here at home. Our visitors left late morning and then the girls and I set ourselves the task of getting the Christmas decorations out. We usually start it all off by going to the Christmas tree farm (you can see how we did it in 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013) but Rob has been away all weekend and I didn’t think that we could do it without him nor did I think I could chop down a tree and drag it into the car by myself in my current state…so we just did the decorations and we’ll get the tree sometime soon. I know it’s still November (for a few more hours at least) but we are almost in December and we are almost at Christmas.

I think decorating for Christmas just might be my most favourite thing to do. We had Bing Crosby on, the girls were singing and dancing about. You can feel the magic of Christmas all around and are transported back to when I was little girl doing the same thing at home…some of my favourite memories of when I was a kid (with 6 white boomers on in the background…not so good now!)

The advent calendar is filled with chocolates, the wreaths on every bloody door in the house, lights on and candles ready to be lit. Christmas is here!

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Have you got the decorating done at your place yet?
Got your tree up? Real or fake at yours?


  1. We’re coming back to Australia in 2 weeks time, but the kids are eager to decorate the house before we go. We also have a few days off this week to celebrate National Day (and I have a husband who’ll be in Lebanon) so it will help fill in some hours of the day.
    We don’t have a huge amount of decorations but we picked up a few lovely pieces in Germany last year and Austria the year before, so the house will look festive.

  2. This afternoon I am busy “”receiving “” messages from Santa to put in advent calendar .That I take to preschool and read to the children at circle time .i have to wait for tomorrow to put up decorations .(daughter adheres to dec 1st rule ) I do look back on decorations children have given me ,ones my children made and the ones I have crafted with much love and nostalgia when decorating the house.

  3. Beth, your reindeer is beauty !

  4. We just put the tree up this morning – got a bit sentimental because it was the first time my Little Mister (just turned 3) could actually help decorate. So lovely.

  5. Very beautiful & festive Beth! We did ours today too… I LOVE the house being decorated for Christmas.

  6. Awww Beth your house looks so magical…..I absolutely love it!
    We always go together and cut down our tree but this year we are going away on 21st December…so torn between decorating here and then when we return mid January being faced with ‘un-decorating’….
    I think I will pack as many decorations into the car as I can to decorate the holiday rental !!

  7. Beth, your reindeer is a beauty !

  8. We have just put ours up and you have reminded me that I haven’t put up my favourite thing – my door wreathe!

  9. We are starting tomorrow!
    This year C is so excited about Christmas…he got the Santa part last year but this year he seems to get everything else too.
    It will be such a special holiday!

  10. So magical … thanks for a fabulous weekend. See you on the flipside of Christmas xx

  11. Lisa mckenzie says

    Your decorations look beautiful Beth ,fake tree here waiting for hubs to get the tree and the decorations out of the roof!!!

  12. I love your decorations! I am in Sweden for work and Christmas is huge here. Decorations are definitely in my shopping hit list, thanks for the extra inspiration as usual 🙂

  13. We just put up ours today! This year we made the epic decision to get a fake tree rather than a real tree, for some reason they just don’t do real trees in Brisbane. We’ve persevered but every year it is an expensive drama to find one, and some years we’ve had to go without. So, I’ve decorated the fake one to within an inch of it’s plastic life and it still doesn’t feel like Christmas, I’ll need to go and buy some pine scented candles I think.

  14. It’s fake for us. We have done the odd real tree in the past, Zadada’s chopped one down from our property, they are lovely.
    Today was D day for us, all 3 kidlets and Zadada helped. I had our 3 year old carefully loading 3 decorations per branch, it’s a wonder the tree didn’t start to fall, I was on the other side carefully spacing and placing…. her creativeness did make me giggle. What’s really bugging me is that I have some silver branches I spray painted a few years ago. I usually pop them in a vase and hang some decs from them… you think I can find them, we are branchless as I type.
    Your house looks amazing Beth, so warm and cheery for the festive season, love that there are wreaths everywhere!
    Enjoy getting the tree when Rob comes home.
    Have a great week!

  15. Marian Wiltshire says

    Yep up! We made our Christmas tree a few years ago from wire, LED lights and white electrical tape, the girls loved helping today- and their excitement was infectious- they’re about to turn 2, and kept saying Santa, ohhhhh, stars!

  16. Marian Wiltshire says

    Ps your house looks fab- can’t wait to see the tree!

  17. Oh Beth your house looks wonderful. I’ve lost the Christmas spirit. Somewhere, at some point in time. I still love the concept but I can’t get past my mental block. I’m not sure whether it’s our overcrowded house, the stinking heat at this time of year, or the endless commercialism surrounding us. I want to feel Christmassy, I really want to. Maybe I’ll just drape the house in thousands of fairy lights and pretend I’m a thousand miles away? xx

  18. Your decorations are magical! Just the right amount.

    While babysitting the puppy for the last ten days, we dragged our decs down from the garage attic and… left them in the garage! Not fair to entice a 70-lb puppy who loves to jump.

    But now that the cutie is reunited with his owners, it’s the next thing on the list. We’re ready to go!

  19. Hi Beth!
    Where did you find the fabulous quote from Clark W Griswold?! Every year we laugh our heads off watching this movie. Besides the squirrel on Clark’s back moment, this quote when he looses his shit is my favourite part 🙂 P.S how adorable are those babushka Santas!!
    Cheers Liz

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