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Because I am sharingย some of the quirky things I like to do this week, I had another one I thought I would throw into the ring. It’s one I have been perfecting for some time now, one simple thing that seems a little bonkers, and yet I keep doing it. I seem particularly suspectible to it in the early morning when checking my emails.


I’m talking about the online shop. The “add to cart” the follow through right through to check out, to Paypal and then….


I just close down that browser. Never to be seen again. Just like that! See? Weirdo.

But I know that I am not alone. In fact, when I once mentioned it on Facebook there were loads of other people (OK, at least 3) who had done the same thing. A virtual shopping spree that can actually make you feel as satisfied as a regular one. Except, you know, you don’t get anything out of it.

It’s the time of year of shopping. I am trying to get as much online stuff as possible before I hit my local shops to finish everything off, so there has been a substantial amount of adding to cart of late.

Anyone else do this?
Is the thrill of shopping the actual shopping or end purchase?


  1. Yep – do it frequently! Feeling good now to know i’m not the only one who does it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That’s so funny- I thought I was the only one that does that, so glad I’m not alone!

  3. Oh god! This made my day – I was just thinking yesterday that I was SUCH a weirdo for doing this.
    I do it all the time, I think I only follow through with 1% of my online purchases, there is just some satisfaction in putting it in your cart without the guilt of an unnecessary impulse buy. Love it!

  4. i do this too!!

  5. I do this often, especially if it’s stuff for myself! I’ll get to the checkout and second-guess myself, thinking, I don’t really deserve this, or the money would be better spent elsewhere, etc.
    However, yesterday I had a bit of a panic about Christmas gift buying. I went online to check a few ideas, started by buying one t-shirt. This one purchase opened the flood-gates to a $500, one hour online shopping extravaganza! I feel better now…

  6. Well clearly I am NOT the only one who does this! Going all the way through to the PayPal screen Beth, you are one gutsy woman! I usually just get to the checkout and close down. Last week I went all the way through with a couple of I-can’t-sleep-so-I’ll-do-some-almost-online-shopping only to have ‘shopper’s remorse’ the next morning…

  7. Tara Mahoney says

    Oh, me! I do this! It is so very satisfying to do a virtual shop, planning what you would buy and piecing together outfits and new living room schemes. The virtual shop is so much nicer too because you don’t have the inevitable regret, and I find that if I keep things more expensive than I can afford, but not so expensive that it is unrealistic that is the sweet spot.

  8. I’ll put my hand up…I’m guilty of that

  9. I do it all the time.
    It’s about the POTENTIAL. All of those lovely things that I COULD have, but then CHOOSE not to (because I am sensible).
    It’s my fave way to shop.
    I even do it with my Coles order- put a whole lot of things in the shopping cart and then go back and delete all of those Mint Slices and Family Size blocks of Caramello, and just get the staples.
    So it makes me sensible, skinny AND rich.*

    *Well sensible anyway, and maybe a tiny bit mental.

  10. I can tell you from the retail side LOADS of people do it.. we can watch the googles analytics and see people pottering about adding to cart and then poof, like a cloud of smoke they are gone ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Yes I do it all the time,if I can’t stop thinking about it I might actually go back and buy it!

  12. I have just bought what I think is the last present I need to buy for Christmas this year, although the Teenager Grandson needs an Tunes voucher as well. All of it has been online. A very satisfied feeling.
    I remarked to his dad that groovy grannies did all the shopping online, even the groceries, meat and fruit and vegetables and now Christmas shopping.

  13. This is so funny – you need to be careful though with Metallicus as I get an email advising me that I haven’t finished my transaction and that my items are still in my basket!
    Cindy F

  14. Hahaha hilarious. I have done that so many times lately! Just to see…I don’t even know. Can’t justify it. Just glad I’m not the only one ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I also love creating MASSIVE wish lists – gosh I love the wish list option!

  15. Yes!

    Sometimes I do it because you can’t really sort out postage until you get through the checkout- I always chicken out when I see the extra $10-$15 for post.

    A few times I’ve had companies e-mail me with a ‘Hey, we saw you didn’t finish your shopping…here’s 10% off to come back!’. Win.

  16. Me too. Quite often with multiple shops at a time! I get to the end and realise I can’t afford any of it and either close them down and go about my day, or they will sit there for ages in my browser. My worst habit is doing the later then getting irritated that the things I have selected don’t stay in my cart. Quite often I’ll go through and add them all again only to do the exact same thing. Insanity.

  17. I do it mainly with shoes as I am addicted to them!
    I’ve got such a wardrobe in my head … oh to fantasize! … all good!
    we bought some new chairs a couple of weeks ago! always hesitant about the quality but we were very happy! … cheers! m:)X

  18. I do it all the time, kinda takes the edge off when you think you NEED something but deep down you know you don’t really.

  19. I do it all the time. But now it’s a bit of a dangerous past time. Like someone has mentioned above they are using it against me. Some companies now email me to tell me I didn’t complete my purchase. Also, I just get targeted with ads for the things I wanted but didn’t end up buying. It really tests my will power.

  20. Not going “all the way”‘ never “closing the deal” ha! This is how I know I really want something … Need to go back a second time before I commit to buy. Drags out the pleasure of online shopping. Highly recommend.

  21. I do it! In fact I did it today!! I’m always a little let down and sad after it though as I find myself getting attached to the items I’m ‘buying’ Jx

  22. Oh Beth, this is a daily activity in my household. I also get the emails reminding me I have things in my cart! If only I had the endless funds to be able to support my online habit, but alas I do not, so the sheer enjoyment of putting them into my virtual shopping cart is enough fun for this desperate housewife.

  23. Did it this morning, actually!

  24. I do this regularly, especially with clothing I can’t afford…

  25. Pretty sure I have 3 windows currently open on my computer, all with baskets/carts full of goodies. None if which will actually get purchased!

  26. I luv social media.Thought I was a weirdo doing the online, basket thing.Til I read this.I even wait til last day of free shipping,then pull out.Although I have purchased the odd thing.Anthropologie I really do like you.

  27. Haha I do this ALLLLL the time, I like to think of it as virtual window shopping. xx

  28. Oh yes! And especially with Anthro! Mostly due to the shipping costs.


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