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It’s Monday again. And the first of many Mondays with a full school week and extra circular activities ahead of us. I’m sure it’s not just me, but I feel very strongly the need to hop into bed and pull the covers over my head. I dropped little Harps off to School this morning and while she was good in the lead up to the morning, when it was time to line up the tears came. I knew they would come and I know that there are many more to come to this term. She is a sensitive little soul that takes me time to feel comfortable and confident. I know I have many mornings ahead of me with tears and anxiety (for both of us). It will get better, it always does, but right now all I can see ahead of me are a stack of mornings with angst. Bleurgh. The worst feeling ever.

You know what’s NOT the worst feeling ever?


Taking out two date loaves that you managed to whip together in under 10 mins that smell and taste delicious! Perfect for eating all the emotions away. Anything that requires an application of butter to add to its taste is fine by me. You can make them following this recipe here (tip: if you have a food processor just whack the dates in there on pulse to chop up even quicker!) I also feel like some kind of smug housewife with extras for the lunch boxes (my girls devour this).

Loved this post from The Plumbette last week on blogging and commenting and the like. Bec writes a great blog and is worth checking out….I’m always looking for new blogs to have a look at aren’t you?

Hold the phone…but I have watched TWO movies in the past week!

PicMonkey Collage

Birdman I watched with Rob last week when we totally wagged a few hours after we dropped Harper off to her first day of school. I ADORED this film. Everything about it. Completely bonkers and compelling – the acting was fantastic and I loved the story. 5 stars from me and well worth a look.

We watched Tracks on Apple TV on Australia Day night. I had been keen to see this as I think I had heard the woman interviewed by Richard Fidler and was intrigued about this journey that she undertook across there desert by herself with her dog and camels. Slow going, not much action, but plenty to feast on visually…I liked it. I think. I haven’t really thought about it much since (unlike Birdman) but it was good. Always good to support the Aussie film industry in any case.

So many films to see out there at the moment aren’t there? Gotta love Oscar season…I am totally going to keep wagging during the day and there is no one that can stop me.

So this happened to Frank last week:


Is it any wonder I’m a mess this week? Frank is now ‘Frank and no beans’ as some clever person put on Instagram. He is recovering well, but is very sad with that cone on. I will not be tempted to take it off with lots of stories of stitches being pulled out etc so bear with us Frank, just a week to go and then you can free again. I mean really, have you seen a sadder dog?!

I bet this would make him feel better though. How cute is it? And fancy…too fancy for my liking with that price tag but there are some seriously stylish dog things there (if you are that way inclined). Website is called Lavish Tales.


You know what’s on my to-do list this week? Making this Martha Stewart chocolate pudding that uses AVOCADOS for its creamy base. So we are talking gluten & dairy free. Why am I doing this you ask me? Well I want to see if it actually CAN be tasty or if there is a good reason why the woman making them only takes a very small amount on her spoon when she tastes it and tells us it’s delicious. Watch this space for “Are you talking bullshit Martha?”

I mentioned this on Facebook but had to share here as well…did you see what Gourmet Girlfriend is up to? Little cooking packs for little people…Gourmet Girlfriend Kool Kids Cooking Club. I love this idea so much…you can check out all the details of it here.


You know what I had added to cart last week but then shut down (what, you do that too?) this vase. It was on sale and everything but the shipping was more than the item so I shut down that browser toot sweet. Sometimes that imaginary shop is all it takes…


So anyone else got a sad Kinder out there? It SUCKS it really does and I feel your pain?
Seen any good movies lately? What’s on your list?
Got some good lunch box baking ideas for me?
Done some imaginary online shopping lately too?


  1. We have a few zucchini in our garden so I’m going to try zucchini chocolate brownies. Hubby and I saw American sniper last week. It was awesome and I sobbed at the end.

  2. Great post! Saw Wild at the movies – was probably a bit like Tracks – I enjoyed it but haven’t thought a lot about it either.
    As for cooking – have you tried any of David Frenkiel’s recipes?? Spent the weekend cooking food from his green kitchen stories site – soooo divine! Everything I cooked was delicious and even my non- vegetarian other half raved for hours!
    Adore reading your blog!

  3. Meant to ask if you have cooked Gourmet Girlfriend’s carrot and date cake with all the nuts etc in it? She posted it a week or so. Absolutely out of this world!

  4. Google “The Kissing Hand” there’s a great little youtube vid that I watched with my kinder babe last year and it kinda helped get through those first view heart breaking weeks.

  5. Oh Beth, I feel for Harper (and you)… Not sure how close you are to a cafe but I used to take mine out for breakfast once in a while to the local cafe around the corner, I know its a major treat on a school day trust me, mornings are crazy as it is. Other things I do is ‘mummy & me’ time… one on one… out for dessert, out for a movie, to see a show (this only worked until the little one was old enough to see a show) now I try to zone in on things that they like in particular. Balancing time with them is a job in itself.

  6. I don’t have kindy tears but I do have a 12 year old that has started year 7. She is nervous & slightly freaked out getting a handle on all the changes from primary school. Instead of turning into tears it translates to attitude ! Absolutely everything I say, anything I ask, is wrong & results in some form of grumpy or angry reply. She outdid herself at the end of last week by shouting “what the f” but stopping before the word came out & looking at me with a look of total shock as
    she realised what she was saying & who she was shouting it at. I think she was even more shocked than I was !

  7. No tears for my 2nd born daughter’s first year at school (last year) – but Friday & today there were! I think in my case it’s because she’s freaking out about our baby arriving mid year. I think she’s been thinking about having to share me more with a little defenseless baby rather than her 8 year old brother who only wants a quick kiss at night & won’t even hold my hand unless crossing the road

  8. Weetbix slice with real chocolate is a lunchbox hit here – Exclusively food version.
    I enjoyed Tracks , slow yes but so would have walking across Australia.
    I hope you sensitive soul finds her school spark soon.

  9. So funny, when you talked about Frank last week going in for the chop I thought you were talking about your husband! I wondered how he felt about you sharing this info! Relieved to see it was your dog.

  10. I always have tears at the start of the school year with my baby girl and this year was no exception (year 2!). She’s such a trooper and takes everything in her stride, except the start of the school year. Thankfully she loves school so settles pretty quickly. I’m sure harper will too. She sounds like quite an independent spirit 🙂 so nothing will hold her back for long.

  11. We recently saw Tracks too. I won it in a giveaway and finally watched it at Christmas. I agree it was slow but how amazing was she to do what she said she would do.
    Thank you for giving me and my little blog a shout out. You are so lovely. Hope you are keeping well too with bub? And poor Frank. He is so gorgeous! As for Harper, I have no advice as My Esther headed to Kindy last week for the first time with no sign of tears. I’m sure Harps will feel better once she’s in the routine of things. You are a great mum and you will know the right thing to ease her into this new change. Xx

  12. I saw an awesome Aussie movie on le Apple TV last night called the little death – I reckon you’d like – it’s sweet and hilarious and a rom com even a bloke will like 🙂
    Birdman was ammmmazing – agreed! May I also reccomend smitten kitchens jacked up banana bread for whipped together insta-happiness.

  13. Wow that dog bed is pricey!! Couldn’t you make your own? Looks simple enough…just straight seams.

  14. Ha ha I spotted the peeled banana vase on “The Block” last week but looks like you were onto it first. It’s pretty damn cool & cooky like your dogs head vase. I’ve had baby no. 1 off to big school & no. 2 off to preschool last week. They dealt with it all better than I did. Aaaaarghhhh to the packing of lunch boxes. At home with 9 month old bubba no. 3 now 2 days a week it’s just us. They grow up so quick. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Beautiful & wonderful times to come.

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