BabyMac Book club: Big Little Lies

You know what I’m sick of? Being a lazy reader! I used to read ALL THE TIME – on the bus on the way to work, at night and now all I seem to do is read when I am on holidays where I devour books at a rapid rate. There is NOTHING better than getting swept up in a good book!

For a while now I have had the idea of starting an online book club type discussion thingy. This way I would forced to read something, we could have an online natter about it and then choose another one and every month or so we would be reading again. So who’s in?

How it works

We chose a book (you can send me suggestions at any time so I will go to you guys with a short list and we can vote…or maybe I will just choose!). We have a month to read the book (I was going to make it 3 weeks but we all know that’s not going to work). Then we come on and have a chat about it, I’ll ask some questions and we can comment on here as well as on Facebook (I think it’s an easy platform for throwing around quick ideas/conversations) which we can do over a glass of wine on our couches. We can all pretend we are sitting around my fire if we close our eyes…

#Babymacbookclub Round one

I have chosen (as suggested by a reader of mine on Facebook Melanie) Liane Moriarty’s BIG LITTLE LIES. I read her book The Husband’s Secret over the Christmas holidays and loved it. Easy to read, hard to put down once you started and fab because it was set in Sydney and felt VERY familiar. It’s not going to hurt our brains!

IMG_2300 IMG_2302
Next steps

Buy the book (for real or on your e-reader device) and get reading! There will be a post book wrap up virtual book club here on the blog on Tuesday 2nd September. You can leave your comments on the post and we will aim to have a Facebook chat that night from 8pm (AEST) so pour your wine and get ready for a natter. Send me through any suggestions for books in the meantime and we can work out what the next one will be. I can’t promise Proust but I hope we can get through some good reads that will get us back into books instead of being lazy (like me) and spending all my time online at night.

Hope you can join in! Any questions, just let me know…oh and use the hashtag #babymacbookclub if you’re that way inclined. Happy Reading!


  1. Oh my giddy aunt. Such a great idea Beth. I am also a lapsed lazy reader and the battle is finding something to read. Put it in front of me and I’ll read it but it’s finding the book that I’m lazy about.
    Done. Going out at lunchtime to get this and will start reading again. I used to read on the tram, walking down the street bumping into light poles etc!

  2. I’m in! I have a IRL book club once a month at a fancy French wine bar in Newcastle but am an obsessive reader so would love to talk more books!

  3. I am IN! I heard that book is terrific x

  4. I’m in too! Sounds fantastic

  5. Me too!

  6. I am so, so, so, so in.

  7. Kate Chamberlain says

    I’m in! I was just talking to a friend the other day about joining a book club πŸ™‚

  8. I’ve just starting reading again, love it! Right now I’m reading Bonkers: My Life Story by Jennifer Saunders. I’m a sucker for non-fiction. If I get through this I’ll attempt to join in for your virtual book club…

  9. LOVE this!!! I’ve also returned to reading in the past year or so after many years off while my girls were little, and I am loving it! I read the husbands secret recently too, and also ‘what Alice forgot’ which I think I loved even more. I am definitely in, I’ll look forward to it πŸ™‚

  10. I’m in!

  11. I’ve always wanted to join a book club!
    I don’t have the money to buy books at the moment (so horrible) but have put a hold on it at my library. Hopefully it comes up quick!

  12. Count me in. I keep a list of book suggestions in my iphone notes and this one is on it. Yah!

  13. It just so happens that I bought this book yesterday so I’m in! I’m a few chapters along and am enjoying it so far….

  14. Great! I’m in too – just the inspiration I needed to get me back reading again instead of browsing the internet in bed! So much wasted time. Thanks Beth, look forward X

  15. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Love this idea Beth I also loved the husbands secret as well so I’m sure this will be a good read,thank you x

  16. Priscilla says

    I’m in! To The flying drunken monkey, I would be happy to mail to you once I am finished. Email me [email protected] x x

  17. Love this idea! I’d love to join you – I’ve wanted to join a book club for a while now but three small kids means a chat from the couch, wine in hand is much more realistic, thank you! I have also head a lot of good things about that writer. Now to get to the bookshop…

  18. I’ll give it a go. πŸ™‚

  19. Just got it on Kindle from Amazon. I liked ‘The Husband’s Secret’ until the ending which I thought let the rest of the book down so I am looking forward to how Moriarty handles this story.

  20. Yep I’m in , funnily enough just brought this a few days ago but hadn’t done anything about opening it. Just the hurry along I need !

  21. What a neat idea! I can’t join in for this book, but let’s see what you come up with for the next ‘meeting’!

    I’ve just finished The Household Guide to Dying, maybe that can go on the list at some time.

  22. yep. in.
    I go to a monthly book club at our indy bookshop, but lately some of the books have not been to my sensibilities. Love to be part of this too.

  23. Fab. I’m in

  24. LOVE this idea! I’m always looking around for good books to read:)

  25. Love to read – have never joined a bookclub before – I’m in – Great Idea!!!
    Modern Technology Hey….

  26. How exciting, I’m in.

  27. I’m in.
    Read her other stuff and love them for a light and easy read .
    Nearly done with Tara Moss’s new book, interesting, will finish that and start this.
    Is there any way to gift an ebook bought from iTunes or Amazon to someone? Or is that not legal?

  28. Such a great idea! I used to be in a book club but then I had my first baby and never got back there. I read the Game of Thrones series and now I’m at a bit of a loose end, so good timing!

  29. Perfect! I love book clubs, I love Liane Moriarty and I love your blog!

  30. I’d love to join but fiction holds absolutely no interest for me.

    Can we jump in and out depending on the book?

    I’ll also be spending the next 6 months studying/preparing for the GAMSTAT, so that also means I’ll not have every month free for reading.

    I’m in for any non-fiction book.

  31. I’m so excited to read this one! What a great excuse to order it sooner rather than later πŸ˜‰

  32. I love this idea but I am the laziest reader out there!
    And I used to always have my nose buried in a book!
    If this book club is still going in say three years, I will join in…I figure that will be when I will find a few moments to read regularly again!

  33. Narelle A says

    I’m in too. Chuffed to be a part of it all.

  34. And before she knew it BabyMac had herself a wee little book club!!! πŸ˜‰ I’m in too!!!!

  35. Count me in! Awesome idea! πŸ™‚

  36. I wrote about just that today on my blog. I used to be an avid reader, now it just seems to be only on hols. I still ready- blogs, social media, fb, blah blah blah
    Maybe this will put some sense back into me!

  37. Im in. Thanks Beth have been wanting to join a bookclub but just haven’t found the time. This is a great excuse to enjoy the things I love. Recommendations for new reads are Tiddas by Anita Heiss. ( I love Australian Authors) also Family Secrets by Liz Byrski.

  38. I’m in too !!!

  39. I actually just bought that very book today. Freaky. Anyway, so I am all set to join in.

  40. I’m in. I will definitely read the book, but if I’m giving birth, I may not be at the first chat! Downloading book now!

  41. I’d love to be involved. I’ve just started reading again and am loving it. Although if a book doesn’t grab me I do struggle to plough on through – there may be months when I drop out through pig headed intolerance.

  42. Oh definitely in. Love talking about books. I’ll buy it tomorrow. I need a real life copy, I’m that kinda girl πŸ™‚

  43. Thanks Beth! I inhaled this book last week, it’s great! Look forward to seeing where the discussion goes.

  44. Trishsymons says

    An amazing idea Beth -is there room for those who count decades as their collected works!

  45. Me too! Love to be part of this! Just downloaded the first three chapters to read online free. Finished them in a flash. Not the same as having a hard copy “real book and pages” but will do. There are no libraries around here..

  46. πŸ™ I’ve got too much study to do, maybe I’ll join soon.

  47. I’m in. Book ordered through Booktopia. Wine poured… oh wait… too early for the wine?

  48. Count me in!! Yay!!

  49. Oh yay! Yay! YAY! Count me in! I’ve rediscovered my reading mojo after I went to my first ever book club meeting a couple of months ago. I’ve tried to stay off social media at night and instead get back into reading. Lately I’ve read The Goldfinch, The Fault in our Stars, The Tournament and tonight started The Secret River by Kate Grenville. I have a huge list of books I want to read so keen to start crossing them off that list. Thanks Beth!

  50. Down loading now! Can’t wait, just the incentive I need to read more x

  51. I think I might dip my toe in here and give it a go. Sounds fun and motivating… I think about “not reading” all the time and beat myself up about it. Let’s change that up shall we? Jolly good show Beth!

  52. I’ve just started reading again too! I had my head so far up my phones jaxxy I couldn’t remember the last time I read and now I’m hooked again. Hoo to the ray. Nice one on the book club, macca. Can I remind all y’all to visit your friendly library too? Usually if they don’t have a book they will happily get it in at lightning speed. I’m obsessed with my library at the mo. I think security might actually be following me around I’m there so much. I’m throwing in anything by Donna Tartt as my suggestion. She’s my hero and possibly the only woman on earth I’d turn for.

  53. Great idea! Would love to join in.
    Love, love, love all of the Moriarty sisters’ books. What Alice Forgot is one of my top 5 books ever. Am currently in a book club where we have recently read Gone Girl, The Signature of All Things and Barracuda. I wouldn’t have picked any of them up of my own accord but really enjoyed all three.

  54. I’m in! I had my first every girls weekend away since children (my eldest is 13!) on the weekend to the Byron Bay Writers Festival. Have totally renewed my love of books and reading. Will head out to purchase this one asap. M

  55. You know just after you announced this book, Reece Witherspoon posted a photo of it on her IG saying how great it is. Thought you would like that πŸ™‚

  56. In and purchased! Looking forward to getting stuck into a good read. It’s been a while x

  57. I’m in… bought this book on my kindle the day I read this post and started it last weekend and finished it literally just minutes ago… can’t wait for 2nd Sept to discuss πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Thanks for suggesting such an enjoyable read πŸ™‚

  58. Purchased the ebook recently, planning to savour it (being the first book I’ve read in years), but devoured it in 24 hrs. So happy to be reading again! Thanks for the inspiration Beth πŸ™‚

  59. Just finished the book!!So excited – virgin book club participant right here!!

  60. I just happened to have read this book last week, and I loved it πŸ™‚ Look forward to hearing what everyone else thought about it πŸ™‚

  61. I missed this one but I will be in for the next book. V x

  62. I am so in! i just read this book last week. In one night. Loved it.

  63. I missed your original post about this so won’t get the book read in time…I’ll be a fly on the wall this round and will join in for the next one.

  64. Brilliant idea Beth – can’t wait for this. Am buying it tomorrow

  65. I have missed this one also but would love to join in on the next one.

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