3 good gins

It’s true, I’m partial to the old G&T. I am! I often joke about it on Facebook, and snap the occasional shot on Instagram, heck I’ve even written a few blog posts on them and while I might appear as a desperate gin swilling housewife, I’m not drunk all of the time. Huh.


I often get asked what gin I like to drink and use so I thought I’d create a handy gin swilling blog post for you all which contains all my gin tips and tricks. I have 3 gins in my cupboard, yes 3! These all serve different purposes as they have different flavour profiles (apparently now I am an expert).

1. Bombay Sapphire

This is my to-go regular G&T gin. Doesn’t ask any questions, goes down a dream. I make it the same way (which you can read about in this post). Or you can have a look at a video demonstration that Mrs Woog took when she was visiting overnight during the summer holidays.


2. Gin Mare

My brother got me onto this one after he had a cocktail at some fancy restaurant in Melbourne. It has some great herb flavours (thyme, rosemary & basil) going on with it – best served up neat so you can taste them. I wrote a post about how I make them here.


3. Hendricks

Game changing gin people, let me tell you. Served up with a cucumber garnish (yes Cucumber) or with another personal favourite of mine thanks to my little sister – squashed kaffir lime leaves.  Other than getting an IV drip in your arm there is no quicker way to rehydrate. I have written a post about how I make them before here.


Do you enjoy a G&T?
What’s your variety of choice?


  1. Hendricks all the way but often Sapphire as cheaper.. pretty sure I looked up the other one and was even more exy so decided not to try for fear of liking it too much x

  2. Just discovered Prairie Organic. In love and practically a health food right?

  3. GourmetGirlfriend says

    Gin Mare. my fave.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Same! Do you still allow an occasional tipple? Miss you! x

      • GourmetGirlfriend says

        i miss you too!
        i don’t really drink at all anymore- maybe 3 drinks in the last 14 months!
        I KNOW RIGHT?!!!
        but a special occasion- like seeing you- may warrant a celebratory.

  4. Longtime reader delurking to discuss gin if all things! Have you tried Bombay Sapphire East West? It’s flavoured with coriander, kaffir lime & peppercorn. Very nice. Hendricks I have to say is my fave. Love the blog by the way. I promise to comment again. Lucy

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Hi Lucy! I do love that gin has bought you out of the lurking! I haven’t heard or seen that…will keep an eye out. Hope to see you out here again soon x

  5. We always have at least one bottle of Hendrick’s and one bottle of Bombay Sapphire in our cupboard (usually two of each if the truth be known). I haven’t seen Gin Mare although I do keep an eye out for it. As an expat wife, it’s my duty to swill gin. Have to keep the stereotype up! xx

  6. Lynne Grierson says

    As an expat who lived in the Middle East for 10 years, I work under the principal that it is always G&T time somewhere in the world! Loving this conversation, new gins to try!

  7. Margaret Elvis says

    Mmmm. Very interesting but my gin drinking days are long over…can’t remember the last time I had a gin squash, gin sling or even a gin and tonic. Enjoy one for me Beth. xx

  8. oh yes. love some gin.
    was out for dinner on saturday night and my brother in law made me a gin martini and it. was. excellent!
    will keep an eye out for gin mare as i have just run out of my gin stores (THE HORROR!)

  9. Sarah Derrig says

    Is it sad to say I’ve never had a G&T?! I’m a vodka girl and love a good glass of champs so I will make sure I try a G&T this weekend.

  10. Marian Wiltshire says

    Oh we are a Tanqueray house! The special no 10 Tanqueray for drinking straight – will have to try Hendricks. My husband once gave the makings of a G & T to a new mother in hospital – classic!

  11. Emma Steendam says

    I bought up big on the gin coming home from PNG at duty free last year, as you do. Then promptly fell pregnant, as you do. I just packed all the alcohol bottles safely into boxes ready for moving on the weekend. My pretty gin will wait for me.

  12. Good old Gordons gin, indian tonic water, lots of ice in a tall glass, cucumber and mint leaves, throw in a swizzle stick to mottle the mint leaves = the perfect ‘sun downer’

  13. I have friend who thinks gin is a sad drunks drinks. Breaks my heart. Gin is the nectar of the gods and the perfect entree to wine.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I know some people say it makes them cry…I think it’s other stuff that makes them cry and all alcohol will make it worse. Poor gin!

  14. i have become rather partial to the old G&T this Summer… it has even been outshining my regular vodka 😉 xx

  15. 1.oui
    3. tanqueray (nice green bottle)
    4. cheerio x

  16. If you can, you must try Old Youngs 1827 gin, brewewd here in the Swan Valley WA small batch distilled (even the labels are numbered, I know, cute hey) from 100% Australian sugar cane, botanicals are Tuscan juniper, coriander, angelica, aniseed, licorice citrus and lemon myrtle it is the smoothest most flavourfull gin. No I dont work for them ?? they do a pretty nifty voddie too the smoked makes a divine bloody mary

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