Australia Day

We had a lovely Australia Day. Very relaxed and not to mention a wee bit chilly. Our RFS had a cricket match against the neighbouring town’s RFS. It was a ragamuffin team filled with kids older and younger, some Dad’s (young and older) who all came together to bring the victory cup home to us for the first time in a while!

We packed some picnics…I had visions of making terrines and chicken sambo’s which in reality translated to a packet of CC’s and guacamole dip, some supermarket lamingtons and Anzac biscuits. My friend Mrs Munro showed us all up with trays of amazing home-made delights…including those chicken sandwiches that I meant to make. After the match it was up to the pub to celebrate the victory and then home with a few extra friends for some prawns, and some lamb on the BBQ. We flicked between the cricket and the tennis then collapsed into bed.

A perfect Australia Day.

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What did you get up to?


  1. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    Breakfast out. Australia day celebrations in the mainstreet. Giant Inflatable at the pool in the afternoon. Dinner at the pub. Did I say that it was also our wedding anniversary? Busy but good

  2. Hayley Hutton says

    Finished 2 assignments for Uni. Then jumped in the kiddie pool (with the kiddies), BBQ for dinner…lots of wine, some hottest 100 action and some tennis. Im tired just writing this! Was a big day!

  3. Emma Steendam says

    With obligatory golden retriever to complete the picture. Looks like the perfect Aussie day.

  4. Cecily Maher says

    good to see you had the little man in the hat XXXX ! oh and love those short shorts on the batsman !!! Happy Aussie day Baby Mac

  5. Serious business, when the cricket whites come out, rather than wearing any old shorts in the cupboard 🙂 We had lunch at Mum’s (she has the pool), whole lamb in a spit with an assortment of salads and we celebrated 5 birthdays, mine included, which is tomorrow.

  6. Chrisy Clay says

    Happy Australia Day Beth !!
    We joined in with our friend’s extended family and played barefoot bowls down the local bowling club 🙂 we all dressed up for the occasion, it was hilarious !!
    Roast lamb for dinner and beet root salad, through in a beer or two and l don’t think you can get more Aussie than that !!

  7. fauxfuschia says

    looks cosy.

  8. You know I almost forgot that it was even Australia day? I just treated it like a normal Sunday!

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Sounds like a good day Beth I had a bad sinus infection so I read snoozed and watched movies xx

  10. Those are some super looking chicken sandwiches – would Mrs Munro be keen to dish her secrets?

    • I am with Sonia, those chicken sambos look far superior to any of the many chicken sambos I have sampled. Please make Mrs Munro share her secrets!


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