Daisy has been running “Japanese Club” for her cousins this week. Each day there are strict lessons by the Sensei teaching the very limited amounts that she knows from school. Namely learning Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes over and over again. I also think she may know how to write the letter A, which has been flogged. She’s pretty tough, only giving F+ to her older cousin.

I found one of our walls in the living room has been adorned with some of the learnings.

J3 J2 J1

I love stumbling across creations from the girls. You never know what you are going to find.

What have your kids been up to these holidays?
Trains and cars? Or dolls and pretend cooking? Lego? Puzzles?


  1. learning to routines from dance academy…and then I have to pay to see the show

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Classic! I’ve had to see a few shows myself but they haven’t caught onto to an admission fee….yet!

  2. Whitney Sigler says

    To funny. Love her. Well Alizah our 5 1/2 yr old granddaughter had strict rules also. Lol. Lately though she loves me to “introduce” her coming down the staircas, I have to say her name what she’s wearing how her hair is down and then she will dance the. We have to clap and then she’ll do it five or six times. Love them. Her two yr old sister,discovered that she can remove her diaper and potty on the floor like the puppy. Lol

  3. MotherDownUnder says

    Too funny! And sweet. I love the F+.
    It isn’t really school holidays here but we have been up to trains, trains and more trains. The coffee table can only be described as a rail yard and my shoulder is sore from toting 20 cast iron trains everywhere we go!
    I now have that “Turning Japanese” song in my head.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I take my hat off to you. I am terrible, absolutely TERRIBLE at making train tracks. They never connect. My brain just can’t work it out.

  4. I love the F+. I am sure that is what my daughter would give me for any kind of attempt at school.
    At the moment my little miss loves to play schools. Teaching her dolls this and that.

  5. That is awesome – Our holidays have been Lego, Swimming, Lego, DVD’s, food, Lego, Swimming, playdates, Lego board games and some more food.
    The kids have had a ball and my 6 year old pretends she can speak Spanish which is just gibberish to which the 11 year old says – thats not Spanish is just rubbish.
    Enjoy whats left of the holidays.

  6. daddownunder says

    Trains and diggers and cars and trucks and bulldozers and cranes and lorries and garbage trucks, sigh, I want a little Japanese sensai child.

  7. It’s all about the wrestling at ours…so i just tend to lock myself in the kitchen and leave them to it!

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    How Cute Daisy may be destined to become a teacher! Maybe? At least the girls are having fun.

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