Morning at the Fair

We had a big morning out at a local School fair doing all the things that you do.

Watching bigger kids go on rides and have fun.

Getting faces painted.

Looking at baby animals.

People watching.

These three were particularly cute.

Eating ice cream.

And playing with new Dolly Varden’s. Is that what they are called?

Actually, thanks to someone on Facebook I now know they are Kewpie dolls. OF COURSE THEY ARE. Thank you Gael!

Some things just never go out of style do they?


  1. What a lovely day! I want that ice cream!

    Sophie xo

  2. why arent there more dolly vardens in this world !!! i loved them as a kid , beats a bratz doll anyday x

  3. Beautiful morning. Love little Harpers top!

  4. Fun times!

  5. Looks like a great day – I remember those dolls from my childhood trips to the Easter show – 25 years (ish) ago.

  6. Beautiful photography! I want to be there!

  7. We were at the same fair today and I just noticed that Aurelia chose the same Kewpie doll! So glad it wasn’t rained out

  8. Gorgeous photos! I did to take my good camera out more often. The iPhone has made me lazy. Rachel x

  9. So cute! Look at those big red hearts. Such a great day out for everyone. Beautiful shots lady xo

  10. Definitely a kewpie doll. Dolly varden is the cake with half a barbie stuck in the top and the cake is her skirt. Bloody hard to bake as the skirt is huge!

  11. I love the look of your local fair. Oh and I want to know how to make the paper flowers in your first image!

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