BEVERLEY: A Very Beverley Christmas

When I was over in New York for Blogher this year I sat in on a Keynote Speech delivered by Martha Stewart and listened to her talking passionately about digital publishing. About how she is very focused now on producing content for iPads and in digital formats, because that is the direction and the future of publishing. I sat and listened and nodded, wondered how she looked good for 70, and made a flippant remark to Mrs Woog or whoever was next to me at the time that ‘I need to make an app.’ I think I then shoved another S’more down my throat and moved on to the next session.

When I got home I was sitting and talking to Rob about the trip and about the actual conference. About how Martha said app’s were the go and then didn’t think anything much more of it. Like the time when we were driving along a winding coastal road over 2 years ago when he turned to me and said “maybe we should just move to the country”, he waited about 10 minutes and then said “maybe we should make an iPad app.” Same moment of craziness. Same feeling of OHMYGOSH…YES!

I can sit around and wait for someone to give me a book deal, or I can just have a red hot go at this. Why the hell not?!

What was a flippant suggestion in August has since became months of hard work for Rob and I. Ever worked with your spouse? Hmmmm. We had NO idea how you even do this, Rob has spent hours and hours teaching himself how to put it all together. I spent weeks preparing, School holidays shooting and writing content and then we had a VERY long process of getting it approved all in between life and kids and well, stuff. It’s been bloody hard work, but worth every moment. I am so proud of this.

Like being in the first trimester of a pregnancy, it’s been really hard not to talk about this. But it’s ready. She’s ready. If there could be a soundtrack to this moment, it would be in Willy Wonka, when he is walking down the steps’…anything you want to, do it…’ I give you:


Beverley is a magazine app for iPad focusing on the parts of my life I love – entertaining in the home. Recipes, drinks, decorating, cooking tips with all my own photos and some video content as well, this first abridged edition focuses on Christmas 2012. We will publish Beverley quarterly and it is available initially for iPad only for download in the App store here.

I really hope you enjoy this – sharing with you a little of what we will be doing here for Christmas, some easy decorations and theme ideas for around the home, recipes for parties for little people and older people, some cocktails (of course) and our Christmas Day menu.

With a very big sigh of relief…Happy Christmas from the first ever edition of BEVERLEY.

Note: The app is free and the magazine then is available for purchase in the store similar to when buying magazines on your iPad like Donna Hay or Martha Stewart. If you have any problems with it, please do let me know – we are very much on our training wheels!


  1. Please, Please, Please get working on the Android version!!!!

  2. I’m so bloody excited for you and download this app for a very Beverley Christmas. LOVE YOUR WORK!

  3. Off to buy it now. Bloody Brilliant Beth. Well done.

  4. Congratulations!


    So excited for this, and happy for you. Well DONE, you creative geniuses. XXX

  6. Fantastic Beth! Well done to both of you πŸ™‚

  7. My galaxy tab needs this app!!

  8. I need an iPad!!!!!!

  9. Wah!!! I don’t have an iPad!!! But SO SO proud of you anyways. Go Bev!


  10. oh poo, i don’t have an ipad…

    but more importantly; congratulations!! not sure how you kept this from us though? i can’t keep anything under the lid πŸ˜‰

  11. Beth!! I am so bloody excited for you, what a sneaky little monkey you are!! Eeeeeeep!

  12. Traci Sparkle Devlin says

    Well done team……
    I don’t have an iPad

  13. Beth,
    Fantastic, you know I LOVE your work, love Beverley recipes!
    Off to get it right now!
    Congrats to both you & Rob on your ‘new’ baby.
    Lisa xxx

  14. Squee!!!! Congratulations. Off to download.

  15. wow! that is just all sorts of incredible Beth! I’m loving this idea and totally agree with Martha! – Digital is the way to go! I would love to make a ebook…one day…! I’m off to check it out x

  16. So exciting! go you! xo

  17. Congratulations on an amazing achievement! xxx

  18. I second the request for the Android version! well done.

  19. Wonderful!! I remember you letting a clue slip a few weeks ago, something about having a job to do – and here is your very own mag!

  20. wow, you two clever clogs! what a fab idea. will be dling when the hubs gets home with his ipad. :)sarah

  21. Dear Santa and Birthday Fairy,
    It’s my birthday on Monday and Christmas in a few weeks – I’ve been a very good girl this year… please may I have an iPad as to miss an edition of Beverly would be a disaster…Pretty please?
    Love Josy
    PS – Well done Beth – you don’t do things by halves do you?

  22. Now if only I had an Ipad! Congratulations you must be happy.

  23. Huge congrats !!! no i products here either πŸ™

    can’t wait for the android version


  24. dude, just bought it, and flipped through and it is soooooooooo professional and pretty and lovely! congratulations! x

  25. Now I need an IPad!

  26. You never fail to surprise us woman! How exciting, wish I had a apple device of some sort to check it out x

  27. Totally off to download and tell the world.. oh ok just my social media peeps but still πŸ™‚

  28. So sad no ipad!

  29. Congratulations CANNOT wait to read it but sadly NO ipad!

  30. Bought it, loved it! Well done. Sue N

  31. Good on you! I love the spirit behind this! (fingers crossed I am getting an iPad in the next week or two, so when I’ve got it I’ll come and check you out!)

    Well done both of you!

  32. Ooh wow that is so exciting! Now I want an ipad! We’ve been thinking of getting one – think this might nudge the decision. (Is that bad? Ha ha.)

  33. Love it. I have just downloaded it and flipped through a couple of pages. Really annoyed that the little one has woken up sothe rest will have to wait for bedtime xx

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  35. Congratulations to you AND to Rob!
    What an amazing achievement!

    If there is ever a reason for me to buy an iPad, this is it!

    I am so excited for you…first step iPad app, next step world domination!

  36. Wow congratulations! Have bought it looks good πŸ™‚ Have fun with the App Store it can be a fun and bumpy ride, been doing so for about four years now as my husband started up with own business with a friend developing apps. One is even quite popular in Australia. πŸ˜‰

  37. exciting! I don’t have an ipad but I am sure this will be lovely x

  38. Woohoo sounds fantastic! Now I need to go and hijack the ipad from the little people!

  39. Congratulations! That’s impressive. And well done on working with your spouse! It ain’t easy. x

  40. Well done! Where do you find the time?

  41. Inspirational is what you are and lovely x

  42. How freaking exciting! Will be downloading it onto the iPad when I get home. Congratulations Beth, Rob and of course BEVERLEY!

  43. Android version pretty please πŸ™‚

  44. Freaking amazing! Go girlfrieeeend x

  45. Congrats Beth, you should be SO proud. I don’t celebrate Xmas (being, you know, Jewish and that) but it’s a bloody brilliant achievement x

  46. Congratulations, how exciting! You and hubby are quite the dynamic duo. I LOVE your creative, I will damn well do it myself attitude. Awesome

  47. WOW – you inspire me to…. well just be better at doing stuff and finding time to do stuff and not hiding behind “I have kids” stuff. Amazing and wonderful, you deserve all the accolades – brilliant, simply brilliant – Go Bev!

  48. Just as many of the above – Android version please! I want it πŸ™

  49. One of the reasons I love you ( and I mean that in a totally platonic way) is that you’re a doer. Something I totally envy. Will download when I get home. Xxx

  50. Brilliant. What a great achievement Beth. Will be downloading.

  51. Amazing, Beth! Huge kudos to you for just getting up and doing it. I’m an Android person, so I won’t see it, but I know it will be fabulous!

  52. Wow congratulations!! You are such a clever lady!! Cannot wait to check out your decorating info and ideas, I love having a squizzy at the pics you always show on the blog xo

  53. Fan-bloody-tastic, Beth! Will D/L asap for a squizz. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  54. Congratulations! Have downloaded and cannot wait to make the raspberry prosecco – cheers!

  55. That is fantastic – all the best!

  56. Any chance of making it compatible with Iphone as well as Ipad?

  57. Congratulations! Looks fab. I wonder how I can convince someone to buy me an iPad for Christmas so I can read it??

  58. Beth – you are awesome. That is all (except another vote for an android version – pretty please).


  59. How freaking clever are you? I am totally off to buy this now. Love your work!

  60. Bought it. Love it. Congratulations!

  61. So exciting! Now I finally have a genuine reason to buy an iPad πŸ™‚

  62. So exciting! Thank you for finally giving me a genuine reason for needing to buy an iPad πŸ™‚

  63. huge congrats beth! and rob of course πŸ˜‰ another reason to finally buy an ipad.. you’re just so clever. I have been so intrigued as to how people just ‘make’ an app.. I am sure there is nothing easy about it! congrats again, I have no doubt it will be a huge success x

  64. Oh, congrats! It’s downloading as I type!

  65. Hello Beverley,

    What a massive smile and sigh in your journey
    I can only say a huge congratulations to you and your husband.
    Life has extraordinary twists and wonders – and this is one of those

    I love that this is happening for you.

    have a wonderful day

    x Loulou

  66. This is so exciting. Good on you! Thankfully I have an iPad to read it xx

  67. It’s exciting to see someone just go for it. Congratulations! Kate

  68. I’ve downloaded the app but not yet the magazine. Sme initial feedback from me would be to include more details about the magazine for potential customers – perhaps a sneak peak, a contents page or even how many pages there are! I know it’s only $2.99, but I don’t really feel like I know what I’m buying if hat makes sense? Is it 15 pages of mainly photos, 30 pages of mainly writing?

  69. Fantastic news Beth! Wish I had an ipad πŸ™ Maybe you could put a couple of cheeky peeks on the blog for those of us who can’t check it out yet? Pretty please?? I’d love to see what you’re planning for your Christmas menu xxx

  70. Well done you. But sadly no iPad here either. I need to get with the times, clearly (won’t work on an iphone I’m guessing?)
    Congrats again.

  71. Fantastic news Beth! Wish I had an ipad πŸ™ Maybe you could put a couple of cheeky peeks on the blog for those of us who can’t check it out yet? Pretty please?? I’d love to see what you’re planning for your Christmas menu. Larissa xxx

  72. as soon as my daughter gets her mini ipad on her birthday – next week – I’m buying it! Congratulations Beth!

  73. Oh Jeez I am late to the party today but Beth – AMAZING!

  74. Well done! Just wish I had an iPad to check it all out. Hope the launch has gone smoothly for you

  75. Am downloading right now – what an awesome App and an incredible effort to complete it with hubby!
    Will blog about Beverley this weekend!

  76. AMAZING Beth! You must be so excited. Will definitely be downloading this one. Brilliant! x

  77. AWESOME! Well done to you, Beth. x

  78. Congratulations Beth, you should be SO proud!

  79. Well done Beth, love the prosecco and rasberries πŸ™‚

  80. Congratulations, Beth and Rob! If only I had an iPad…

  81. Beth – leading from the front again?

    I love that you think you’ve stumbled upon this success ( you and Rob) but really, you’ve made it your own by being true to yourself.

    I truly believe if we trust our instincts and drown out the noise and share openly & wholeheartedly, this is the road that will lead you to happiness & success.

    You’re well down that path lady.

    Love your work.

    Gabs x

  82. Good for you Beth! What a lovely way to celebrate your creativity. No iPad here but wishing you the best with the launch x
    PS might have to get a copy for my Mum (Bev)!

  83. Congratulations to you both Beth and Rob. You’ve done such a fantastic job, it really is so well done. I, for one, will be trotting out a few of those on a few occasions this Christmas.
    Big Christmas love and thanks to you xo

  84. am sure is lovely – android version pls πŸ™‚

  85. Android version pretty please!!!! C’mon Rob, surely you can get your head around the logistics πŸ™‚

  86. Looking forward to the Android version.
    Congratulations on a job well done. πŸ™‚

  87. Thanks Beth for linking up today for the Mummymanifesto Online Market. It’s a great opportunity for other bloggers to take a look at what you’ve achieved. Enjoy the weekend

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