Rabbit and Rosie

We move Rosie’s (our Guinea Pig) cage around the garden so she can chew the grass, enjoy some new surrounds before she moves on to the next green patch. Life is good for Rosie I’m sure – all this clean, fresh air, green, lush grass for her to munch on and two little girls who play with her when it suits them. Which I’m afraid is not as much as it probably should be. She loves it when Aunty Woog comes to stay – she squeaks with delight as she is stroked and loved, and then life goes back to normal. I’m sure she’s bored witless.

So from any given time you’ll find Rosie under the cherry tree, or over by the crab apple tree, or at the moment…over there wedged between the pine by the photinia hedge (which desperately needs to be trimmed, please excuse us). It’s pretty over there, good grass and smells like a Norsca commercial would.

The other day Rob was heading outside and he said he thought he saw a rabbit over by Rosie’s cage. We laughed it off – thinking how funny that it was. We know that Guinea Pigs should have mates because they get lonely, but that would mean that I would have another Guinea Pig to look after now wouldn’t it? Then I went out to hang out some washing and I saw them.

Rabbit and Rosie.

Chatting by the hedge. Her in her cage and he/she on the other side. I WISH I had my camera with me, but alas I did not.

I’ve known that a wee rabbit lives in that hedge for some time. It’s protected. There’s a crab apple tree near by that provides endless fruit in the summer and now? Well, now he/she has Rosie. Sometimes I go out there and see Rosie waiting for rabbit. And other times they are just out there, together. Rabbit always gets scared and runs away.

Rob thinks they are plotting her escape. I think we need to go to the pet shop on the weekend and get Rosie a mate. In the meantime, I’ll make sure her cage stays close by.Β 


  1. Maybe Rabbit runs away because Rosie whispers “quick run, before she puts you in here too!” I love Rosie and Rabbit. Very cute.

  2. That is so cute! They are obvs besties!!!

  3. Jane Frosh Stylist says

    so cute! We had ‘Abbit the Rabbit’ who very cleverly, dug a great big tunnel under her cage. she hid that tunnel until the day before she had broken through the surface on the other side,..and then there it was,. a GIANT tunnel a big ol’ cage and no ‘Abbit. crafty bugger.

  4. Such a cute story!! I imagine rabbit telling Rosie all about life on the outside whike Rosie tells rabbit all about the joys of being looked after in such lovely surrounds ….

  5. Sounds like a plot from a children’s story book, maybe you should write it?

  6. DUDE – getting Rosie a friend is not as straightforward as you think. Yes, they’re social little things but if she’s been on her own for a long time then she will be very territorial and could be VERY aggressive towards a new guinea. If you get a baby/smaller one she may indeed kill it. You need to “introduce” the new guinea pig slowly – so have a section of the cage cordoned off for the new one, then get them both out and have little introductory meetings with them both where you can save the little one if Rosie goes aggro. If she doesn’t then go for it – although watch the new one gets some food because that’s another area Rosie could dominate/bully.

    I know. I can’t believe I know this either.

    • Aaaaaaand it’s safe to say Rosie will be an only child. I did not know such matters nor do I think I can deal with such matters. Thanks for the heads up – not sure I could have explained to the girls that Rosie was in fact, a KILLER.

  7. Sparkle Devlin says

    Rosie definitely needs a friend. All animals do. Go on, do it!

  8. Awwwww, rabbit and rosie. I love this post

  9. Love this! Rosie and the rabbit chatting away over carrots! An animal version of Over The Back Fence.

    We had a bunny growing up…our yard was completely fenced and he would just hop around…we would put him in his cage at night…it was great fun trying to find him every evening…but during the day he had free reign.

  10. love it <3

  11. Would make a good children’s book, yes?!

  12. What is the beautiful pink plant in you garden?

  13. We used to have a guinea pig and a rabbit that lived in the same cage together. They just have to be the same gender πŸ™‚

  14. You realize that Hollywood execs are reading this and the plot of the next Pixar movie is starting to take shape.

  15. CUTE! We have a pet rabbit, in a cage, outside. A wild rabbit used to visit our house and spend all day with our rabbit, the kids named it (him? her?) Becky. We haven’t seen Becky for ages, maybe she has moved to your house.

  16. What a delightful story…thank you so much for sharing and yes it would make a great children’s story wouldn’t it> πŸ™‚

  17. I love this post. You should definitely turn it into a story. πŸ™‚ very cute.

  18. The adventures that these two would have. Running rampant at the next CWA cake decoration judging. I can see little tiny chocolate footprints across the table cloth, and then a few crumbs.

    With my background, I’ll manage your licensing rights and get you a good deal.


    Gabs x

  19. Awww how delightful! Love it!

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