The Final Countdown

Last night as the temperature dropped, the mists rolled into town and the rain started to fall, we all rugged up and bundled the kids up to the pub for the Final of the Battle of the Banger. BIG stuff round these parts – for the Butcher’s son Matt was taking on my mate Symmo.

It coincided with locals night which is pizza night, which meant that someone else cooked for my family, while I drank wine. That’s a winning combination in my books. My girls are the only kids I know who refuse ham & pineapple pizza – I have to ask that the pineapple is changed to olives – every time the cook at the pub shakes his head at me.

It was cold outside during cooking, which meant that the beer stayed cold.

And thankfully the BBQ provided some warmth.

This week the sausage’s almost looked the same. Which was good for the blind testing. Symmo had made his a little tidier this week too which I was pleased to see.

While the cooking went down, things were heating up inside. People arriving, grabbing a drink, a spot by the fire, something to eat.

I think they lost the B sign from last week, it was no where to be seen. It was hard to grab a piece with so many people there.

While votes were being counted the girls had their picture taken with the celebrity cook. They were too busy eating to smile.

This is what being part of a community looks like, and I love it.

The boys were getting nervous – calming their nerves – with more beer.

Then it was time! Ed rang the bell to announce the winner. Important business was at hand.

Can you FEEL THE TENSION? Symmo just looked tipsy, but Matt! The seriousness!

And the winner? B! Matt the Butcher’s son won! Symmo went down in a pork, pistachio and sherry blaze of glory!

He was fierce competition though. Matt now has to go to the REGIONALS. It’s quite the competition.

And the winner? Well, that was one Daisy Macdonald. Who had her colouring in she did for Ed put up on the noticeboard. She was quite pleased with herself.

Next year I sense a need for myself to enter. Don’t you? I am no sausage maker, but with a year to hone my skills, I just think I could be.


  1. Go the sausage champ! I can feel a competition coming on here…….

  2. Go Beth…can’t wait to read about your experimenting with flavors! Keep us posted maybe a trip to a country pub for the final might be in order heh heh!! Happy sausages Annie M

  3. Do it Beth!!! Just imagine the show pony factor !!!!!

  4. You should totes give it a go! And pineapple has NO place on a pizza, ever!

  5. My kids also pick off the pineapple from their Hawaiian pizzas! Thanks for the tip. They eat olives so i shall try this & annoy the crap out of our future pizza makers aswell;) Kelly Walters

  6. You’ll kick their sausage making butts I’m sure of it Beth.
    Good efforts Symmo!!
    And….my 4 yr old refuses ham & pineapple pizza too. Yeah, she’s weird like that :)))

  7. Do it!
    I am sure you could give that butcher’s son a run for his money!
    I see a new series…Just Call Me Bev: The Sausage Queen.

  8. I did feel the tension – kept scrolling down the post only a little bit so I didn’t ruin the surprise for myself:) Too bad for Symmo though, I was in his corner.

    You so need to give the competition a go – although I think I’m going to be torn between you and Symmo….

  9. Symo has such a kind face, like the Rural Grandfather from Central Casting.

    Love it that your kids insist on olives.

    Maybe they’re Italian?

  10. That’s a packed pub!! Bad luck Symo but he put up a good fight. Hard to beat the Butchers Son!

    Would love to see you become the Sausage Queen of the Southern Highlands Beth!

    Have a great weekend – Jx

  11. Yay, we make our own sausages, they are brilliant, all the attachments came with the KitchenAid (10 years ago) & it’s so much fun. Lots of condom giggles from the children, but they taste amazing!!
    Love your community!! Love Posie

  12. Oh what a shame Symmo didn’t win. But well done to Matt of course. Loved this post lady, can feel the warmth & sense of community radiating from it. Great pics too, you did a top job of covering the whole competition xo

  13. Oh dang it! I had so hoped Symmo would win. Bet his sausages were amazing. And the other guy had an unfair advantage – butcher’s son, pffft!

  14. Onya Symo.

  15. I think you would be a serious contender in this, if your pork belly and roast chook are anything to go by. Go for it!

  16. love your community! Bet you could beat them Bev! xx

  17. My kids love olives too – and think pineapple on pizza is weird 🙂

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