Break: Fast

The girls always wait until I’m ready for breakfast before eating. Because I’m a little lazy and I most definitely need coffee in my system before food. Most days it’s porridge. Some days toast. Some days chocolate biscuits and some days, nothing at all. Harper has cereal. Daisy toast. A yoghurt chaser for both. And always mess.

How does breakfast look at your place?


  1. Yum, that looks so warm and comforting!
    Our breakfast usually entails weetbix, toast and also a lot of mess. The 18 month old has been insisting on feeding herself, and no matter how much coverage I use, there is always weetbix on the floor, sleeves, hair, pants, you name it!

  2. In our house it starts with my boys (2 and 4) demanding MILO! This is usually around 6am and pretending to still be asleep doesn’t cut it.
    They are also very particular and prefer it cold with the milo on top and unstirred. God forbid if you stir it in! Imagine running and screaming through the house as hubby discovered after 2 weeks away.
    Then it’s weetbix and rice bubbles mixed together, sometime with a hint of hubby’s home made muesli. But the 4 yr old will line up the sultanas on the table next to his bowl as he refuses to eat them.
    For me it’s toast and peanut butter if I’m in a hurry, otherwise porridge with a blob of honey and milk. Your’s looks so much more appetising though!

  3. Breakfast is done in shifts at our place… Little boys (3 & 1) eat together (while i do the up-down dance catering to their whims & mess), i gobble what i can when i can & husband eats when he gets up – 2 hours after the rest of us. It seems like breakfast goes until lunch sometimes…!

    Your breakfast looks so lovely!

  4. Cereal, toast or spagasaurus ( it’s tin spagetti shaped like dinosaurs, apparently it tastes better!) on school days. My boys are big enough to get their own, which is nice.
    Come the weekend it’s always French toast or big brekky. Isaac is OBSESSED with bacon, especially the fat, & gets very upset if I forget to buy it.
    I love breakfast because its the only meal I can please everyone

  5. A hodge podge of oatmeal, smoothies, toast or waffles or english muffins or a hard boiled egg and fruit or leftover crumble or sometimes nothing….they run out the door and forget to eat it or take it with them…..

    Then me left standing in the chaos wondering how the kitchen could look like it does when it was spotless last night…wasn’t it?

    I always start with tea though. Before they’re all up I sneak myself and my husband a cup in bed before the buzz of the day begins. It could be my favourite thing in the world…that morning cup of tea. If I’m lucky, my husband brings it to me.

  6. I am worried, I have chocolate milk and Milo cereal for breakfast, how am I going to get my son to eat something healthy when I don’t? Hmm note to self, must grow up.

  7. That breakfast looks GOOD. At the moment I am into cutting up a few strawberries and a banana, just feels slightly fancier than inhaling a banana and some strawbs. Today though I was up and out early so I had cafe style sour cherry sourdough toast. Mmm…

  8. That looks very healthy. It’s Weetbix or All Bran with fruit here. and DEFN coffee!! before, during and after eating! my little man is not feeding himself yet but once he is I know there is MESS in my future! Jx

  9. Yum!
    That porridge looks amazing!

    I too need coffee before I can face any food.
    Toddler C crams 90 percent of his daily food intake into the first two hours of the day…porridge, a banana, some of whatever Daddy eats, most of whatever I eat, then some sultanas and perhaps a puree sachet.
    And of course the mess stretches from the kitchen to the living room to his bedroom and back again.

  10. Breakfast isn’t great here 🙂

    Max insists on sitting on my head, & picking at most of my breakfast before I get to eat it.

    I try to get him off my head, but then we have the bottom lip/full blown tanty situation. And I can deal with that, but it doesn’t make breaskfast as tasty.

    … sooooo. He sits on my flipping head. Most days.

    He needs a sibling. BAD.

  11. I started making my own muesli which I eat with yogurt. It is great, finally a cereal that ticks all the boxes. Only thing I find is there is a lot of chewing involved with muesli – weet bix are far quicker on a rush morning.

  12. Your breakfast looks so much more cilvilised than our house! Ours generally consists of lots of noise, lots of toast and weetbix and the ocassionally boiled egg and me eating last as I’m busy making lunches and packing eskies.
    I much prefer yours.

  13. crumpets and tea. always, always, crumpets and tea, with honey from new zealand no less. coffee comes much later for me.

  14. Husband: 5 weetbix with bran & sugar, Boy 4yr: 2 weetbix – little milk, Boy 2yr: 3 weetbix – soft with milk, Me: homemade muesli & fruit.
    All at 6am if not before. Plus lots of coffee. That’s 10 weetbix per day. Imagine how many they’ll consume when they’re teenagers?!

  15. My son is 15 now and still wants me to make his breakfast for him every morning….he only has toast, but he says that no one spreads it like Mum 🙂

  16. I have one on the boob, one that hates cereal and one that loves cereal! Oh and a hubby that doesn’t function before coffee!! = chaos most mornings :))

  17. EVERY meal is a mess around here lady, I am always dumbfounded at how much of the meal Felix leaves on his chair, crazy! But the boys do fruit for breakky…and of course the yoghurt chaser & obligatory cup of milk. I’m a muesli, banana & yoghurt kinda girl xo

  18. Cereal and juice during the week as they can sort that themselves. Toast, eggs and whatever special stuff their Dad makes for the weekend.

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