Battle o’ The Banger

It was a big night in town last night. Semi finals of Battle of the Banger. That’s right. A local home made sausage competition that has been going for months now. Last night my mate Symmo was up against one of the School Dad’s. We were there to support Symmo. We trotted in early, set up a table with enough pink lemonade and colouring in to sink a ship and as the sun set, the night was underway.

I gave myself a “press pass” which meant I could take photos of the behind the scene action while I left my kids colouring in. They just expect that from me now I’m sure…’that Beth with the blonde hair and a blog’. What’s a blog?

The cooking was a serious business. Beer was involved. OF COURSE.

Two finalists go head to head each week. I give you Exhibit A:

And in the foreground, Exhibit B: Very neat I thought.

This is my mate Symmo. I unashamedly adore him. He is a sweetheart and a gentleman and a marvellous cook. I have some of his Plum Chutney in the fridge that is AMAZING and he is also a winner at the local show for his Banana Cake with lemon icing. He is also a farmer. We LOVE Symmo OK?

Ed, who runs the Pub looked on during the cooking process. It was a VERY serious business.

Ten minutes later the snags were bought to the table for a blind testing by the entire pub. All were called to come and taste and tell Kylie who they thought (quietly of course) was the winner. Results were written down on the back of a coaster.

My girls were even asked to come to the over 18’s section for a taste and vote. They took the task on VERY seriously. Daisy went for A, and Harper for B. It was quite funny seeing a 2 year old trot in amongst all the men and make her choice. I too went for A. Well, DER.

The results speak for themselves right? As Daisy said to me, “I think B stands for BOUGHT Mum, and A stands for EXCELLENT”. I tend to agree with her. Ed almost fell over laughing when she told him what she thought. Harper was too busy rolling all of Sample B’s section to comment on the matter.

Votes were in and it was time for Kylie to ring the bell and announce the winners.

Exhibit A belonged to Symmo. Who had to explain a couple of his key ingredients. Pistachio, pork and sherry were mentioned.

And B to the School Dad. Beef and chardonnay were mentioned.

Gags were made by people over the bar. People laughed. Have I mentioned how much I love this place?

And victory? Went to Symmo! Of course! Bravo!

Grand Final next week. Tension is already mounting…


  1. Yay Symmo!! Beth, you clearly love and support your community. Well done!! Growing up in a small community I completely appreciate this. Thanks for starting my day with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Jx

  2. I voted for A too, using my mind powers just then.

    I love Symmo. XX

  3. perfect night.

    Everyone in that pub looks like they are from Central Casting.

  4. I loved this post betty. Made me miss the Wang and you guys!! Xx

  5. Who doesn’t love a good sausage?! Especially when Chardonnay is mentioned!

  6. What fun Beth and what a great little community you live in. I’m envious…it’s the sort of environment the world needs…good old fashioned neighborhood fun!! Great post Beth.

  7. That’s gold!!! I’m totally movingy family to your town. How do they feel about large, rambunctious golden retrievers? And what’s not to love about Symmo….. the man cooks and bakes!!!!

  8. I am hoping to meet Symmo and congratulate him. I’ll tell him Beth sent xx

  9. go symmo! I love your community posts beth x

  10. I love small town pubs. Ours is a haven for kids in summer playing chasey around the parents having a summer ale. We NEVER would have taken them to our local in the big smoke. Congrats to Symmo

  11. Is that the Burrawang? Used to be the parents local. Great spot. And great place to live. Go the bang-offs!

  12. I love that the girls voted. My Isaac would want to be involved to, he is a bit of meat man. If there is ever a bacon comp call me, Isaac will be there in a flash!

  13. I need a pub like that in my town!! Ours is just full of drunken boofheads. Go Symmo!! Good luck in the grand final.

  14. How awesome! I love hearing about community spirit being alive and well. Makes the heart sing, you know? Well done Symmo – those snags sounded delish!

  15. Yum, a bit of mash and gravy wouldn’t go astray! That’s one stylish country pub, no wonder you love your town.

  16. Sounds like fun! Here is a great DVD you can get on making your own sausages!!!

  17. Go Symmo! I feel a tiny bit sorry for School Dad though!

  18. Oh how cute is Symmo! Love lady, what a fabulous town to live in. Scott would be beside himself at a battle o’ the banger. Great photos, press chick xo

  19. Now I want a snag for lunch!

    Would love to know the secret ingredients!


  20. BRAVO Simmo. I need that recipe Beth. Can ya get it?

  21. Lovely post! The one food I miss the most living in the armpit of the earth is Aussie snags. And now after reading your post I am desperate for my little country town too. 3 months, 2 weeks ’til touchdown in Melbourne 🙂

  22. Now I feel like snags for tea. But only these gourmet ones! Beth, coming from a country town, nothing beats a night out at the pub with family and good friends. Amy x

  23. I LOVE snags and miss them very much, hubby can’t stand em, so they’re never on our dinner table. I have to wait for summer and BBQs to have an excuse to eat them. Symmo’s look delish.

  24. Not only do I now feel like sausages (the no pork thing ruins sausages in the middle east) but you have reminded me again why I love and miss my country upbringing. There is nothing like this sense of community here, it is a very divided culture and never shall the different groups mingle.

  25. Country pubs are the bomb! Go Symmo, good luck for the GF.

  26. Yum!! LoWe love a good snag at our place! Great post thanks. 🙂

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