Over the Back Fence {S2 Episode 4}

This week Neighbour and I discuss sexy kids clothes, Puberty Blues, bra algorithms, genetic memory and weddings. A lot really!

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Over The Back Fence (mp3)


  1. kelwoodford says

    I love these podcasts. I’m also feeling a little bit famous as I got mentioned in the podcast about my comment re: Audrey’s Kitchen in last week’s podcast….

  2. Perfect timing…just listened while I folded a small mountain of laundry!

    I love the bit about the bras!
    I always get tempted by the matching bra and underwear sets…and then as you said always end up wearing the same comfy bra I always wear.

  3. Loved the podcasts. Sorry to say, I live in Sweden and there is a whole lot of Bobby Bedazzler children’s wear, must be a worldwide thing…

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