Ladies who lunch

Yesterday I found myself in the fortunate position of driving up to Sydney for lunch with some old friends of mine from my days of finance. I had a great trip up on a picture perfect winters day. I was lucky enough to get an early check in to our room where I sat and soaked up the silence before the girls arrived and we headed off to lunch.

I had been wanting to try out Chiswick and had heard rave reviews about the food – a long lunch was just the thing for it! The place was a pretty as a picture. I felt a little like I was in a movie or something. And there were SO many good looking people there – great people watching!

The food is simple, home style stuff. Like being at a friends place for lunch – we opted for shared platters and dishes. Some scallops, chicken parfait and a simple salad to start. And a bottle of Prosecco of course!

And then the most delicious slow cooked lamb shoulder I have ever had the pleasure to eat. With some hand cut chips & garlic aioli and a simple ice berg salad and a few bottles of NZ Chenin Blanc.

Dessert was a chocolate mousse cake with mandarin sorbet, and apple tart and a rhubarb eclair and a glass of sticky to go with! I felt like Colombaris as I divided each plate into three servings – I was just as aggressive as I ate them all too.

Then we headed out into the late afternoon sunshine for a cocktail and a few more wines. GREAT people watching. Young pretty things, older, rich things and fabulous couples out to lunch as you do.

5 hours later we walked (not stumbled) out into the evening where we drank some more cocktails. Way too many cocktails. My liver will take a week or so to recover. A PERFECT Saturday in my mind – great friends, amazing food and surrounds and so many laughs.

Because I know someone might ask…
We stayed here.
You can read about the restaurant here.


  1. Divine. DE.VINE.

  2. I love your visual journeys… you have no idea x

  3. I miss those days!
    When my friends and I in NYC had an afternoon with nothing to do we would always go to Otto and lunch until early evening. We had a little drinking and eating routine…prosecco at the bar, a bottle of white wine with our salads, a bottle (or two) of red with our pizza and pasta course and then a bottle of dessert wine (usually Sangue di Guida) to accompany our gelato!
    So glad you had a lovely weekend of drinking and eating and laughing with your friends!

  4. Ooh I’ve been wanting to go there too. Looks like a damn fine way to spend a Saturday! Beautiful pix x

  5. Chiswick has been on my list for awhile. Was going to go there for my husband’s bday but decided it was too girly for such an occasion.

    Thanks for the review xx

  6. I luff nights like this.

    Well Done.

    Meanwhile we are celebrating belated Bastille Day at FF Central and loving it SICK.

  7. Anonymous says

    oh I love the pics and story

  8. Ahh, now that’s a post that made me smile. The old connection together again. I bet you gals had more than a ball. Looks like a divine arvo at Chiswick, how fancy. Love the photos and love the sound of those cocktails. Just all together Lovely! xo

  9. that food looks amazing… i am literally drooling over my mac *despite* just having dinner. yum yum yum.
    sounds like a fabulous weekend xx

  10. I was at that bar last night! Did you see the very cool champagne glasses they have?

  11. beautiful photos as always Beth. loved this post and am now inspired to organise something similar with some girlfriends. Thanks Fx

  12. I had that lamb at an event I went to. Could marry it x

  13. yum, looks like you had a great time.

  14. Food envy from here. I love your visual stories. X

  15. Must try this place to eat. Thanks for your life stories. Im enjoying your blog.

  16. Is this the perfect day or what?

  17. What a great way to spend an afternoon. I’m looking forward to getting to Chiswick.
    Thanks for sharing. Jx

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