Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

You know what I’ve just gone and done? Booked our apartment for NYC that’s what!

When I say our, I mean mine and Mrs Woog. We will be shacking up together for a good week before we move to the hotel for BlogHer. And check out our own little space!

It’s in Midtown which I have decided is convenient. I suspect we won’t be spending much time at all there – I plan on walking that city from daybreak to sunset taking in every site, smell and taste and drink that it has on offer! When I started looking at accommodation for us I had my heart set on some fabulous show pony hotel. I looked at:

Smyth Tribeca
Hotel on Rivington
Ace Hotel
Hotel Americano

The cost was just too much. Way too much. And for the size of the room that we had too? You couldn’t swing a cat in there when two double beds went in and where on EARTH would I put all my shopping from Anthropologie and ABC Carpet and Home? I’m thinking a strategy for shopping could be to just arrange a container to be sent home? Seems sensible to me. So now we have an apartment, to make a cuppa in, and spread out in and for about half the cost of a hotel room. See? More money for shopping!

So this is going to be home for Mrs Woog and I from the 25th July. Now tell me, where do I HAVE to go when we are in NY? I want hidden galleries, tourist spots, libraries, shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. Thank you to all of you who have already been so kind to send me recommendations via emails etc – you all rock! I cannot believe that I will have days and days and DAYS to myself to walk, and discover and just be in NEW YORK. By myself. Mrs W is going to be pretty sick of me and my squealing is all I’m saying…

Oh and also? What shoes do I need? All that walking means I should probably have a sensible shoe but what shoe IS that? A summery, sensible, stylish shoe? Does it even exist? Go!


  1. Converse. Walk in converse. My hips and knees almost needed replacing after my trip. Hard concrete all day is rough on the body. Use the subway for long trips. So easy and fast.

    I have not been to NY for 11 years so don’t know the cool spots anymore.
    The shopping – TO DIE FOR. Enjoy

  2. Sketchers! Comfy and still funky.

  3. All sounds and looks wonderful. Especially the days to yourself part! I don’t know what the weather is typically like then but we were there at a similar time of year and it was absolutely stinking hot. Like 40 degree hot. In amongst concrete and buildings that is not fun. I would have a few indoor ideas lined up like free entry galleries and museums in case of need to escape weather. Or perhaps just move your wandering to central park if hot. We were only there for a couple of days and just did the big tourist things (I could look at the flatiron and chrysler buildings from the top of the empire state all day). So I look forward to hearing about your explorations.

  4. Love, love, love that apartment! So beautiful. Can’t help you with the shoes sorry. I only wear rossi boots in winter, and teva sandals in summer. I know, very daggy.

    You are going to have an amazing time. Very excited for you. x

  5. Anonymous says

    This is the place to go for shopping:

    You have to hire a car ( easy to get one with a GPS) but is more than worthwhile. Very cheap and amazing brands.

  6. There is a restaurant called Buddhakan (?sp). Would need to book before you go but just amazing food plus people watching. It is in the Meatpackers District. One of the best meals I have ever had and in a very funky setting.

    My brother-in-law and his wife have lived in Manhattan for 5 years – we visited a few years ago and the whole damn place is amazing. I adored every minute. You will love 5th Avenue. I felt like I was in a movie!

    Will be interested to hear what your apartment is like. We are taking our kids back for a visit in January and are looking for a midtown apartment as my brother and sister-in-law live in a teeny, tiny place in Midtown and I don’t think we would all fit!

    As for shoes – take Sketchers or something similar. And then just buy some as the range is huge and very reasonable….

    You and Mrs Woog will love it.

    PS – I think you need to have a heated argument with at least one taxi driver for the full NY experience.

    • Sounds great – will check it out x

    • I second Buddakan. From memory it features in the SATC movie, possible Carrie and Big’s rehearsal dinner or engagement party or something? It’s AMAZING. Anything in the Meatpacking is pretty good tho – Spice Market and Perry St are also fabulous. And have a rooftop cocktail at the Gansevoort. Swoon.

  7. You have to go to Zabar’s deli.
    It was part of my morning routine in NYC. Vox and philly bagel with a coffee. Absolutely devine. Their deli goods are amazing.

  8. Restaurant is Buddakan and they have a website if you google Buddakan NYC. Enjoy!

  9. That apartment looks perfect! I’m do excited for all of you heading over – you’ll have a blast. See if you can take in a show while you’re there, spend some time in Crntral Park and spend hours upon hours walking the blocks and blocks of fabulous shops!

  10. Anonymous says

    Ok, I went for Christmas and two things, MOMA and a walk through Central Park, shopping you will suss out yourself…ok one more thing a walk at night across the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn to the city, beautiful.

    • Had that walk planned!

    • Anonymous says

      Your camera will do over time esp when you spy the Empire State and Chrysler building amazing art deco spires at night
      Sadly you can only go in the foyer of the Chrysler, Grand Central terminus is disorientating amazing, esp roof and people going about their normal daily business
      Best of all, enjoy!

  11. You will have a fantastic time. Such a great idea to stay in an apartment for the space.I went to New York last year and roughly followed tips from Sybella Courts “Stylists Guide to New York”. Thank god we did so much walking, it burned off all the food we ate! You can read my blog post about New York here –

  12. I am so green with envy I can’t stand it!!!

    I’ll come back later (when I have composed my jealous self) with some suggestions.

  13. Loving that apartment !
    Magnolia Square Bakery (individual cheesecakes are orgasmic!) yes, that good…
    Greys Papaya for hot dogs
    Cowgirl Hall of Fame for margaritas in jam jars
    people watching at Grand Central Station
    Going to look thru my photos and travel scrapbook for more……

  14. I did NYC last year in their summer. And even at 30weeks pregnant…I walked & walked & walked. That city truly is friggen amazing! I lived in my Havaiana Thongs. Probably not the most stylish of New York wear….but so comfy & versatile 🙂
    And you must check out the West Side….gorgeous….and the Magnolia Bakery….best tootin’ cupcakes I’ve ever had.
    You will have the best time!!!!

  15. Lucky lucky you! And lucky us because you’re going to tell us all the lovely details right? As for shoes, maybe some cute Bensimons? Check out cup of jo’s recommendations, she has listed some great bars and shops

  16. so jealous!!! looove the apartment!! i wish my place looked like that!!

    i love my slip-on keds, i have about 5 pairs in different colours/patterns.

    oh, did i mention how jealous i am of your NY trip??!!!

  17. Sounds fantastic! Have to share with you one of the best nights in my life. My husband , sister in law and her boyfriend were in New york a few years ago and were told by friends to go to Lucky Chengs restuarant. What a night , great food and drinks AND the funniest entertainment. I have a photo of my husband laughing so hard he couldnt breathe. Heres the website

    Check it out and if you like it, you should book. Hope you have as much fun as we did. xx
    love jane

  18. The apartment looks beautiful. The kids & I paid an absolute fortune to stay in a dog box – can I ask who you have booked apartment through for next time I go?

    You’ve probably already sussed it out. Liberty island & Statue of Liberty can be done free by ferry from Battery Park. However…if you prebook now (today, as Americans are on summer hols too), they should hold tickets at Willcall for you. Otherwise you may miss out or have to hang around all day when you’re there. I hope you’ll visit the touching Ground Zero memorials too, they’re close by.

    • Same with Empire State. (Or Crysler building). Book before you go if you can. I have heard something about renovations to the lovely lady with the torch, but I don’t know how that affects visiting the Statue of Liberty.

    • I booked it through there were THOUSANDS on there! Thanks for the suggestions.

  19. it looks gorgeous! I especially love that blue sitting room!

  20. Wow – love the place – So beautiful and so comfy…

  21. Can highly reccommend walking the “highline” in Chelsea (elevated railway converted into a stunning walkway with art and gardens and views). Have fun! x

  22. Oh and shoes for walking – Bensimon sneakers. Can order from ShopBop, will deliver within days. Like converse for chic french folk. All the Brookylyn hip are wearing ’em (Kerri Russell, Liv Tyler etc). And me, trying to be cool. Mostly failing. At least my feet are hip.

  23. That looks horrible, just awful. I’m not jealous at all.
    *slowly turns a nice shade of pea green and nose grows about a foot*

    I haven’t been to NYC in many years, so don’t know the cool or funky places to go. But one of my fave things to do when I was there was to visit the John Lennon memorial in Central Park, the ‘Imagine’ tile thingy across the road from the Dakota building. And just sit in the shade away from the madness for a moment.

  24. PS – I’m sure Eleanor from Shopping the Closet will have some great idea re: places to go and shoes.

  25. Skinnyflatwhite says

    Walk the Highline, hail a cab, eat street bagels, see as much art as possible, see a show on Broadway, do Macy’s, Saks and Bloomingdales just for the consumer overload.

    Do a Thelma and Louse meal in a 50s diner. And a pastrami and rye deli lunch… I could go on all day.,,,

  26. It will be hot,that’s ok but lots of walking means sweaty betty and then every shop [sorry, store!], restaurant, gallery, museum will be arctically air conditioned. Don’t get a cold!! I lived in New York in the mid 2000s, it is the centre of the universe, there is no place like it, you will feel like you are in a movie everytime you step outside your apartment. I lived in midtown too, near the UN and the East River. A good way to get a grip on Manhattan is doing the boat trip around the island (called Centreline I think), I think it takes about 2 hours, biking in Central Park is also a good way to really check out that awesome heart/lungs/playground of the city. Look up the blog A Cup of Jo, she did several posts last year on the hidden secrets of NYC. Read a Zagats in a bookstore to check out the restaurants you want to visit. My husband is a chef so we ate ALOT of food over there but things move so fast all my favourites are probably out of date. Gabrielle Hamilton’s Prune in the East Village, Balthazar in SOHO is a very NYC experience, Willy Dufresne’s WD50, Mario Batali’s restauarants are always excellent, Per Se in the Lincoln Centre and a new fancypants one called Eleven Madison Park (I think). Alex Herbert, (Bird Cow Fish) just got back from there so tweet her and ask – I know food is important to tou that’s why I’m focusing on it! MOMA is mind-blowing, the Met needs about a year to get through, the Guggenheim is quintessential NYC and don’t forget to go over to Brooklyn – DUMBO, Prospect Park, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg. I could go on and on….I can’t wait to read about it on the blog. xx

  27. No suggestions, but INSANLY JEALOUS!!!!!
    Gong to be hard reading the NY posts without throwing the iPad across the room in a jealous rage. Have fun!

  28. every day husband and i daydream about moving to new york. a holiday is never enough time to explore..
    1st suggestion, best civilised meal, “Frankies Spuntino – Brooklyn” they don’t take reservations, but they will take your name and number and there are bars nearby. If you plan an earlier meal it’s less busy and you may get a table in their amazing garden.
    (2) best raucous meal with a million delicious tequilas on the menu, “la Esquina” – book well ahead and be ok with eating late. looks like a diner, but actual restaurant is underground, prohibition style.
    (3) Best naughty meal, “the meatball shop” williamsburg, brooklyn – there is also good shopping all up and down the street, (bedford ave) and surrounds namely “cat bird nyc” “artists & fleas” “brooklyn brewery” heaps of good vintage.
    I’ll stop now, you will be able to google all these places..
    last tip, def read this ..
    Have a GREAT time !!

  29. Midtown is the BEST place to stay in New York. Easy access to everything. I could write a whole essay for you on things to do in NYC but for your sake, I’ll stick to list form 🙂

    1. Magnolia Bakery! Beth, you HAVE to try the banana pudding.

    2. Top of the Rock for amazing views of the city.

    3. Ruby Foo’s on the corner of Broadway and 49th – the most amazing sushi and dumplings I’ve ever had.

    4. Take the Subway to downtown Manhattan and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

    5. Just wander in Central Park. The prettiest place in the world.

    6. Eat a huge fuck off slice of pizza. There’s a pizza place on W46th Street, just near Times Sq… I cannot for the life of me remember what it’s called but the name starts with P…. best pizza ever!

    7. SHAKE SHACK. Do we detect a food theme here? There’s a couple of Shake Shack locations but you *have* to try a shack burger with cheese fries and a caramel shake. It will change your life.

    When I went in February I literally made holes in two pairs of boots from all the walking. There were days when I’d just walk for seven hours straight. I’ll be there the same week as you, arriving on the 26th (I will definitely be keeping an eye out for you and Mrs Woog!) and plan to rock a pair of black Havaianas the entire time xxx

  30. Doc Martens. best walking shoes ever.

  31. I’ve never been to NYC (it’s on top of my list) but the one plce I am dying to go is the Serendipity Cafe across from the rockefeller centre.. BF & I favourite movie is Serendipity & ever since watching it I just want to go there and have one of their chocolatey treats and be all Kate Beckinsale (swoon) so if you went there and took a photo of it I would seriously bow down to you in all your glory!!!

  32. hmmm…thinking I’ll be getting some eating out tips here! midtown is perfect and the apartment is gorgeous. if you are going to go to premium outlets go to jersey rather than the one north of manhattan (something common?) the tax rate is lower and plus you get the extra fun of a road trip! soho is awesome for shopping, a mix of funky boutiques and chain fashion (that’s where I’m staying for the week before). go to the baseball and drink beer (or tall frozen cocktails), eat peanuts and soak up the atmosphere, the yankees are in town for 8 games before and after blogher…you will sleep little and walk lots, we barely saw our apartment last year when we were there and that was with 4 little in tow!

  33. Watch out NYC! Looks divine and I am sure you will both have a fabulous (and of course, informative, right?!) time x

  34. I have no idea. Im very envious that you are going. Have lots of fun with Mrs Woog. As for shows defiantly some sneakers for walking around in.

  35. I don’t have any advice for you about New York except DON’T USE IT ALL UP BEFORE I GET THERE!! A Cup of Jo has been posting on travel advice wrt clothes and shoes and packing. She makes it all look very very glamorous.

    I could so go you halfsies in a container. Have fun!

  36. Anonymous says

    After just returning last week…here is my tips.

    1. Comfy shoes..I was in so much agony I walked into a shop with watery eyes and pleaded with the guy to sell me something that would take the pain away. He sold me SKETCHERS WALKING SHOES amaze balls – the brooklyn bridget did the damage I would suggest just looking at it.

    2. Get a shopping map of SOHO and plan your route best way to do it in SOHO you must go to anthropolgie store, have lunch at Crosby Street hotel 77 Crosby street – totes amaze.

    3. I loved this place its open 24 hours…its call Veselka – good place to go for “brunch”

    4. Book in a have lunch at the “Lake House” in Central Park….book now to avoid missing out.

    5. Have a cocktail on the rooftop of 203 on 5th it has amazing view of the empire state building.

    6. Get your 10% off visitor pass for Macy’s (and then offer to pay $3 to save the forest in Brazil and you get 20%

    7. A good App for your iphone is NYCWAY its handy to tell you where you get anything from free wifi to a toilet when you need one.

    Go forth dress for comfort have fun


  37. Anonymous says

    I meant boat house on the lake ….Jeffo

  38. Check out the blog Nat the Fat Rat. She is a mamma blogger who lives in New York and she writes about lots of cool stuff do do in the city. Have fun- so jealous!

  39. GREEEEN with envy. International traveller has a feature on NY. It’s their launch issue and it was great to read – had some great ideas, blogs and websites to check – not run of the mill stuff either.

  40. Anonymous says

    Hi BabyMac, how excited are you? New York is AMAZING! But you probably already know that.

    Try Sushisamba for some pretty yummo sushi.
    Find a ‘Crumbs’ bake shop – the cupcakes are insane. Way better than Magnolia!
    Tiger (onitsuka) are trendy as far as ‘sensible’ shoes go.
    The view from The Empire State Building is spectacular!
    Taxi’s are everywhere. Honking. They are fairly cheap so when your feet are too sore or your shopping bags get too heavy, wave one over and jump in.

    Enjoy every second!
    Ella x

  41. Venieros. Heaven, and not as over commercialised as many other places.

  42. Def Veselka, top of the rock (at night), Anthro (but don’t post about it cos I’ll cry), Kate’s Paperie. Also go the Frick Museum (near Museum Mile) definitely cos the art there (Holbeins portrait of Thomas Cromwell – have you been reading Hilary Mantel’s series? Plus 3 Vermeers, Valasquez, Renoir etc etc) never travel apparently. Plus it’s small and doable in a couple of hours. Also El Museo del barrio opposite top of central park. I was there 6/7 years ago and they had an amazing retrospective of south American 20th century art including basquiat and Kahlo and lots of others. Enjoy but keep quiet about it! I missed it on a trip to the us last year so I’m pretty jealous – and yes it’s hot this of year but without the relief at night you get in Sydney.

  43. The Cloisters – worth the journey, still on the Island. Amazing medieval art, and building – see what millionaire americans used to do with their dosh. In fact marvel at all art everywhere. Catch the Staten Island ferry across and back and pretend you’re in Working Girl (showing my age). Just love it the whole time and keep pinching Mrs Woog because it will be really real and you will really be there!

  44. Anonymous says

    Go AirBNB! Looking at all their apartments for a trip we are planning coming up and they are soooooo much cheaper for a more homely experience! Enjoy and sounds like your list of things to do will be MILES long…. yippeeeee. Can’t wait to read all about it. x Jules

  45. Converse for shoes and get them now to wear them in a bit. May I suggest these gorgeous Marimekko inspired ones: I’m size 7.5 but I insist you do not buy me a pair, I insist.

    Also, GORGEOUS APARTMENT! How delightful, green with NY envy Beth. xo

  46. That apartment dee-lightful!
    So many suggestions already, you’re gonna be busy!
    Central Park is massive but a must visit, especially Strawberry Fields. You can hire a bike to cycle through it. If you’re gonna do Empire State, prebook tickets and get there first thing! The views are amazing.
    Meander your way through Soho. You can find really good coffee here. I found coffee to be average otherwise.
    As far as I remember shops open later on a Sunday, like Macys etc. Check times if you plan on shopping on a Sunday.
    A Broadway show is a must. There are places/booths where you can get cheaper tickets.
    If you dare go to Paris or London after this, I may just have to hate your guts!
    Enjoy! You totes deserve this!

  47. Have read all previous comments and sounds like some awesome suggestions for you to work with. My only advice is to head straight for Times Square as soon as you arrive and stand in the middle and feel the electricity of this amazing city prickle your skin. It’s an amazing sensation. We travelled there after 12 months of living in London and travelling Europe, and I was amazed by how NY affected me. Enjoy every moment!

  48. I love Rizzoli Books just near Bergdorfs- so lovely with all the panelling and I love Henri Bendels too- it is a little jewel box of a dept store. Century 21 is essential and if you like your cookware go to the Broadway pan handler. I bought copper saucepans home. I also like the Frick Collection and the Met. And the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park is the most crucial photo op. These aren’t really hiddeb things they are just things I liked x

  49. toesandbees says

    first time commenter here, but i strongly strongly recommend checking out the hotel chelsea. beautiful, AMAZING architecture and a lot of famous bands/musicians/artists/poets/writers spent a lot of time either visiting or living there in the 1970’s.
    lou reed, bob dylan, janis joplin, leonard cohen, iggy pop, mark twain, edie sedgewick, etc
    also, nancy as in sid vicious’ girlfriend died there.

    also recommend going to the guggenheim and MOMA.

  50. You need to go to Half Tix at Mid Town and get a ticket to a show, Birdie

  51. Wow. That view is amazing. Jealous? Yes.

    You must of course check out all the ‘touristy spots’ which I’m sure you have a list of as long as your arm. You will though find so meany hidden gems in NY walking around. The smaller diners and eateries are often the best and the people are mostly amazing. They love ‘ossies’.
    Check out one of my fav blogs Brian takes you to the heart of NY daily life and some of the undiscovered treasures of NY. Start making that list!
    Oh and of course Soho for shopping. Is there anywhere else?

  52. Oh you ladies are going to have a blast!! Look out NYC.
    Shoes, Birkenstocks, too easy!!
    I just read about Sibella Court’s Style Guide to NYC, that could be just the ticket, written by an Australian girl who would be interested in the same things as you two. Have a blast, love Posie

  53. Now reading everyone else’s tips (sorry, haven’t been to NY since i was a child) do you think one week is enough?? Love Posie

  54. I also booked through Air BNB in midtown. My apartment is also awesome! Agghhh can’t wait!!
    I have just stocked up on walking shoes – a pair of air flex and also some zensu

  55. Your apartment looks amazing! Definitely nicer than anywhere I ever lived in NYC!

    I know I have been bombarding you with suggestions, but here are some more.

    Sushi Samba is great for funky sushi…and their chocolate carmel banana cake is to die for.
    Nobu is always amazing sushi…it is on the expensive side though.
    You have to go to Balthazar…either for drinks or for a meal…good spot for celeb spotting too.
    Rosa Mexicana is the best for guacamole and margaritas…a great way to cool down on a hot day.
    I actually prefer the Top of the Rock to the Empire State Building…it is always less crowded and you can actually can see the Empire State from the Top of the Rock so it is a bit of a different perspective.
    As for footwear, just pick shoes that are comfortable and already worn in…don’t worry about standing out…you will see people wearing anything and everything in NYC.

    You are going to have the best time!
    I am seriously jealous.
    And I cannot wait to hear all about your adventures!

  56. See, this is great. I don’t arrive till the 1st. I’ll expect a full report emailed to me by the end of BlogHer of places I can’t miss 🙂

  57. Lucky I booked a room at the Ace Hotel!!! I arrive on the 2nd. Let’s meet somewhere fabulous that night for cocktails!! Xxxxxx

  58. Love it. Could you do a walk-through of MOMA for me??
    Have a beautiful time you two!

  59. Do you think you can fit Corinnedaze in your suitcase???? Please???

    I read all these comments then chuckled to myself because I am in and out of NYC so often that I have never been to half these touristy spots.It still is a magnificient city…I just take it for granted I guess! That being said, you must go to Little Italy and have pizza at Lombardi’s – delish! There is NOTHING like New York pizza….NOTHING! My relatives that have moved away require pizza multiple times on any visits home it is that good!
    Go to Greenwich Village and visit Trash and Vaudeville on St. Mark’s Place. A punk/rock and roll store that has been around since it all began back in the day. A true pop culture icon.
    Not to boast, but it is pretty gorgeous over here at the Jersey Shore too. Less than an hour out of the city but a world away. Especially now, this time of year. You and Mrs. Woog should take a trip to the beach while you’re here…you won’t regret it!
    And if you come down to the beach where I live you might even see the Jersey Shore crew…they’re here filming this summer. Some Aussie debauchery perhaps???? 😉

  60. It looks like a fabulous choice of apartment lady, you gals will have SO much fun. And the shopping will be amazing, so jealous! xo

  61. New York is one of the best places I have ever been. I am totally jealous. You are going to love it!! One place that I would have to visit is a bar called sweet revenge. They pair imported wine and beer with the most amazing looking cupcakes. I know! Cupcakes!! It looks amazing. Google it. Have a fabulous time!!!

  62. Magnolia Bakery and a pair of cons, classic, simple n easy x

  63. Peanut Butter & Co. Very cool little place that sells all kinds of PB sandwhiches.

  64. Oh you lucky ducks. SO very jealous. You’ll have a ball. x

  65. Balthazaar for Dinner. And breakfast. And maybe lunch as well. This is a MUST. Are you writing this all down? B-A-L-T-H-A-Z-A-A-R. In Soho. xxxx

  66. Anonymous says

    Yes….frites at Balthazar. But also, you must have a “ladies who lunch” lunch with Mrs. W at Bergdorf Goodman’s restaurant–BG. Bubbles with a view, and very cool decor. (If you don’t eat there, just go in to take a peek!)

  67. Wow so exciting. I have been to New york, back in 2001 a few weeks after September 11. I went for a conference in Montana but visited the American Museum of Natural History to look/research their specimens. Anyway all I can remember is the pizza, running around central park, the museum, I loved the museum but well I spent most of my time there.
    The city was glum back then and still in a state of shock. I am sure things have changed so much.
    If you want time out from shopping, eating and walking and you are into science and nature check out the American Museum of Natural History, The gift shop also has some cute gifts for kids.

  68. How lovely for you both. What a fabulous looking apartment. Hopefully I will go next year. I look forward to hearing all about it. V xo

  69. Brooklyn bridge walk is amazing. Either Sunday morning when all the early bird runners are out or at dusk and see the lights of manhattan coming on as you walk back from Brooklyn. Fun and free.

    Boathouse cafe in central park for a people watching and brunch. Make sure you wander around the upper east side entrance of the Park and watch the manhattan mummies/nannies going about their business.

    Balthazar- can’t go wrong there.

    Birkenstocks, converse (with a gel pad inserted in the heel for extra walking power), uggs (not the boots)
    leather sandals or trainers.


  70. … forgot about campers- super comfy and cool.

  71. Beth my only advice is to remember it will be hot, really effing hot. My last visit to NYC was almost the exact same time last year and it was as hot as a mofo. The highline is fab, eat at Sylvia’s in Harlem for amazing soul food, enjoy all the walking there is literally something to see everywhere. I was 25 weeks preggers and towing a 3 year old but we walked every inch of that city day and night.

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