Tim Coulson’s Nursery

I will happily tell anyone that I ONLY use my digital SLR on automatic. Actually, strike that, I use my digital SLR on auto, without the flash, because it makes me feel a little fancier and I am NOTHING if not a show pony. I can happily snap away, pretending all the while that I have a “good eye” and take better shots than the average Tania, Diane or Harriet.

Except that I don’t.

Today I attended Tim’s first ever Nursery Workshop. It was a one off chance for novice’s like myself to learn something from a true talent. He is someone special, and as much as he could give us advice, teach us steps and technical aspects, no one can teach that eye. That connection. The pure love and talent that the man has. I was honoured to be a part of it and what I learnt today is the start of a real love and appreciation for photography and F stops that I know will be with me for all my days.

I am starting from the very beginning. I have no idea. I have a whole lot more of an idea tonight, than I did this morning, but it’s just the very start. I can’t wait to really get going on this. And I hope you don’t mind the gazillion snaps imma share with you along the way.

And Tim and Kesh? Thank you. So much.

This is us. The first students. And yes, Tim did take this one. You can tell can’t you?


  1. check you out!! even fancier now with your prime lens!… I’m totally on Baby Mac’s Blog! woo!

  2. Share away! I’m really tempted to do one when he goes to Melbourne…….

    • Couldn’t recommend highly enough. He is an absolute shining star and what a COMPLETE revelation to actually USE your camera. Do it.

  3. Total pony factor! Timmy himself could have taken that photo of Kesh. What a stunner! You must be so happy, I know I would be and hope that The Nursery comes to play in Melbs soon.

  4. WOOOO amazing photos… love that one of Kesh… god she has a face doesn’t she! xxx

  5. OK so I know you’ve probs used different settings for each shot, but I’m busting to master the blurred background. Can you tell me roughly what setting you used to achieve such a great shot. Lense/apeture/shutter speed? I’m trying. That said it’s been at least 2 months since I got out and had some camera fun.

    • I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I DID THAT. Seriously. I changed the other number business as I went along but for all of these I was on F1.4 and ISO 100. I was shooting on Rob’s new 50ml Prime lens (I THINK).

      Does that mean ANYTHING to do? It still doesn’t to me! If I get a better answer as I go along I will be sure to let you know. Promise!

    • It’s shallow depth of field and you did it because you were shooting f1.4 – the people are in focus the background is not x

  6. I am genuinely so happy for you, Beth. I promise. This makes me feel so good. Thank you for coming and bringing pies and gifts. You are an amazing friend to Kesh and me.


    flip woman. you’ve got the goodies!!!

    SO glad you got to hang with Nat too! bet you had fun!

    xo em

  8. Well done! Love that photo of Kesh. I am only just a little bit jealous. Just a little bit.

  9. I think you havf a brilliant eye and I love the passion flowing through your words. How wonderfully enriching an experience it sounds x

  10. What beautiful shots. I would so love to do something like this in Melbourne. I have problems with sticking to Auto & no flash.

  11. I’m sure you see a whole new world opening up now!! I’m a sucker for beautiful backlighting myself. Great job xx

  12. Beth, you have already mastered composition so now you’re on first-name basis with aperture and ISO you’re going to capture some wonderful images. Can’t wait to see x

  13. I am such a terrible photographer. Really terrible. So I’m looking forward to you sharing Tim’s secrets! 😉 PS Love that spider web pic – awesome!

  14. Haha…talking F-stops and everything! Good on you…you’re on the beginning of an ever-growing every changing journey of ‘seeing’ – its changes your life, really. Good Luck. xx

  15. The photos look great. Looking forward to seeing your gazillian shots.

  16. awesome beth. I look forward to the bazillion snaps you’re going to share! I love that you wrote ‘first students’. I am not sure tim realises what he has got himself into..! I am hoping to be a student when brings the nursery to melb x

  17. You were an amazing student because you are so passionate about this. I actually loved seeing your face when you got your shots. It seriously made me so happy to see you running around in the bush, haha. Thank you for being there.

  18. Oh share away lady… I loved your shots before… GEEZ I can only imagine what you’re going to produce now you’re in training. Well done, these snaps are all gorgeous. Me thinks you have the eye xoxo

  19. I would give anything to do a workshop like this. I bought my DSLR in August 2011 and honestly, I feel like a fake. I get some positive feedback on my blog & my Facebook page but I almost always shoot on auto. I have managed the moon on full manual numerous times (with the help of a friend and now knowing the settings by heart) and I used P setting when I was given my 50mm lens for Christmas. Honestly manual scares the hell out of me!
    Awesome shots and I’m looking forward to following your blog 🙂

  20. I am so envious – I can only imagine how exciting and wonderful your time with Tim would have been. And seriously – how gorgeous is Kesh!

  21. Wow these photos are awesome and what an amazing day.

  22. These are amazing!! Go you!! x

  23. Hi Beth
    Great to meet you at The Nursery! These shots look even better on the big screen. You had us all on – you’ve done this before.
    Happy manualling.

  24. Now I guess you’re going to get all smartarse on us and take even fancier snaps than you did before. Geez, I’d better keep up with the Joneses. Or better yet, the Macdonalds! Nothing like learning from the best, eh?

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