When Woogs come to town…

: The kids are happy. OK, my girls are beside themselves as Harry and JACK WOOG are here
: Jack Woog is very popular with my ladies

: Mrs Woog gets to squeeze little girls and do all sorts of girly things with them

: Food is eaten. Lots of food
: Lots of wine too

: And on a freezing day like today, plenty of sitting by the fire relaxing
: And just some sitting and nattering

: With an occasional walk outside

: I do like it when they come to visit


  1. Love this post, the pictures are gorgeous, especially of Daisy kissing Jack. And sitting in your pyjamas is lovely too.
    Most of all I love this friendship that has formed and strengthened because of blogging 🙂 Tell me – did you and Mrs Woog know eachother before blogging?
    Beautiful Beth xx

    • We didn’t! Only met for the first time at last years Digital Parents Conference. Seems SO strange to me that I’ve only known some of my closest mates for a year! Thank GOODNESS for blogging!

  2. Looks wonderful x

  3. I’m like mrs Woog- the mum of boys only- & when I get around my friends with little girls I just revel in all the pink, sparkles & girly-ness of them. Glad you ladies had a nice time xx

  4. Beautiful pics beautiful friendships beautiful day

  5. Gorgeous pics, and a beautiful friendship. What a perfect day xx

  6. Awesome pictures and loving the pictures on this freezing day Grr and it is so close to winter wah hate winter .
    Yes agree you do meet the best people from blogging! 🙂 x

  7. Thanks for sharing your fun times, love the pics of the Woogettes and the Mini Macs.

  8. Gorgeous photos and friends .
    It be cold in the Southern Highlands , freezing in the Central West too.

  9. Love it! I just posted the other day about how great it is that I have met some wonderful friends online…and am still yet to meet them in the flesh!

  10. Gorgeous photos! I love the fire! Could handle some couch/pj/wine time right about now 😉

  11. I miss you all. Is there room for me under that blanket by the fire? xx

  12. It looks like a truly fabulous time

  13. What a gorgeous break. Lovely friends and relaxation, perfect!

  14. Looks like such a wonderful time! x

  15. The friendships that the online world has brought me have been life-changing! Love that you & Mrs Woog are good mates from the simple pleasures of blogging! Looks like a lovely time together!

  16. I do luff to hang aboout with friends and natter away, drink booze and eat food. So cheering during these hard economic times.

    I’m worn out from crying at all the Anzac docos.


  17. Sounds so lovely lady. You are the most gracious of hostesses and look like you make your guests feel right at home. The first photo is just scrumptious, they are SO cute… and is Daisy like 15 now!? xo

  18. Naw, such cute photos!!

    If there’s any house that Sydney siders need to get away to, it would be yours for sure!!

    Lucky Woogs indeed!!


  19. Seriously Beth, you should open a retreat for Jaded City Slickers xx

  20. Oh lucky ladies. Are those children breaking into that car while you blissfully walk on & chatter?? Loving Jack’s bling, sparkling as always, love Posie

  21. Friends…gorgeous, all of you

  22. Flickster says

    Love it: Mrs Woog + Baby Mac = make my day! I’m loving living Vicariously through your friendship. Happy Days.

  23. Loving the silver tie on a gorgeous little man….and friends who are more than comfortable enough to wear pj’s around each other. The best kind of friends.

  24. Love all the PJ pics 🙂 Sounds like you all enjoy the Woog clan coming to visit x

  25. Gorgeous all round xx

  26. That walk outside looks like a little piece of heaven!! I need me som country friends and an escape to the fresh air ahhh!

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